How to Hard Rest Moto G – Reset Moto G.

Moto G Hard Reset: Motorola Moto g is a awesome android based phone which has some great features, specifications and performances to the users. Any phone after certain period of usage may Break down or your phone make hang for every small operation or If you start performing some unofficial things like Installing a Custom Recovery image, Gaining Root Access so on.. if any thing gets wrong while doing such things then your phone may get damaged. Well if that happens then we should do Factory Reset Motorola Moto G


We have two methods to do Hard Reset for Motorola Moto G. These methods are very clear with simple steps. The first method is Moto G Factory Reset and the second is Recovery Moto G. These are two great method to hard reset moto g. These steps are performed on Moto G phone. 

How to Reset Moto G:

As we mentioned that we have two methods to do hard reset. So here we will explain about the methods clearly with out any problems. 

Method 1: How to Factory Reset Moto G:

This Operation can be performed only of you can access your phone. If you don’t have any access to your phone then go check the method 2. The method 1 steps is as follows

  • Go to Menu icon from your Moto G mobile.
  • Now select “Settings“.
  • Click on “Backup and Reset” 
  • And then click on  “Factory Data Reset
  • Next select “Reset Phone” and wait until the phone complete hard reset Procedure.

So these is the procedure to Factory Reset your Motorola Moto G Mobile. With out wasting the time let’s move in to the 2nd method
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Method 2: Recovery Mode Moto G:

This method is applicable for both who have access to mobile and don’t have access. Here we will perform an external hard reset by using the Recovery Mode of mobile.

  • First turn off your Moto G mobile.
  • Now you should enter your Moto G into Recovery Mode 
  • From the Recovery Mode you should then select “Wipe Data Factory Reset”.
  • In order to enter into Recovery mode, Press the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.
  • Release all the buttons, then moto g boot menu will be displaying on your mobile screen.
  • For scrolling Up and Downs use the Volume Down button.
  • Go down until you reach “Recovery” and then press the Volume Up button once.



  • Now an Android Logo will be displayed on your Phone.
  •  Hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons for 5 sec and press power button once.
  • The Recovery Mode menu will be now displayed.
  •  So from the recovery menu select the “Reboot System Now”



  • Done that’s it!!!

 This is all about the 2nd method. So these are the simple steps to be performed while Hard Resetting Manually for Moto G.
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That’s it Guys. Well you all learned “How to Hard Reset Moto G Phone” and successfully did it. Feel free to comment your problems while hard resetting your phone. We will try to solve the issue caused. Sharing is like caring so share the post with your friends on social media platforms. 

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