Brief Look at The History of Online Casino Bonuses

Gambling can be traced back centuries and has been part of man’s life for a long time. Even though it has taken different forms over time, it has maintained the aspect of gamblers placing stakes on unpredictable outcomes. The gambling business grew over time and developed complex betting systems to become an industry. In the 1800s, many people invested in the development of brick and mortar establishments where various gambling indulgences were offered. During this time dragging on to the 1990s, the provision of bonuses and promotions was not widespread. Entities that offered rewards went as far as providing free food and drinks.

In 1994, the casino business took a revolutionary step that made it a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business. It was launched on the wide web just when the platform was in its infancy stages. This has allowed it to grow into a multibillion-dollar industry. During its invention, the online platform had no more than twenty gaming sites launched, which beat the need for the provision of casino bonuses. However, as people realized the potential in the business, they invested heavily in the launch of numerous other sites. Less than three years later in 1997, gamers were provided with well over two hundred gambling destinations to choose from.

History of Online Casino Bonuses

With such a high number of casinos that kept growing by the day, gaming site owners found it harder to depend on just the provision of casino games to attract a large crowd. The ‘Build It and They Will Come’ policy that worked with brick and mortar establishments could no longer be applied. Therefore, they resorted to the provision of bonuses and promotions. Some of the bonuses that were listed in most sites include:

History Of Online Casino Bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus:

This was the first incentive to be used to charm gamblers into trying out one gaming destination over the other. It is currently offered in nearly all online casinos and is also referred to as the new player or signup bonus. The welcome bonus is mostly granted as a match promotion that gives the player a percentage of the amount they deposit into their real money account. For instance, if the casino, such as Rizk online casino, offers a two hundred percent match promotion, they will provide the player with an additional one hundred dollars for a fifty-dollar deposit.

Match rewards can start as low as twenty-five percent and rise to as high as five hundred percent. Some casinos have been known to give as much as seven thousand pounds in these offers. They can be given in a one-time matchup or one that has been spread out over the first few bonuses.

In some casinos, however, the welcome bonus is given in the form of a fixed cash amount. This offer is not affected by the amount that the player deposits or other external factors.

Both the fixed cash offer and match promotion can be accompanied by other rewards such as free chips, spins, or points. Additionally, they carry a set of wagering conditions that have to be followed if any withdrawals are to be made.

  • No deposit bonus:

As time went by, casinos noticed players’ skepticism about investing real money in a casino whose services they did not fully understand. Therefore, they resorted to the provision of the no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, the reward is granted before players can make a real money commitment to the gaming site. All one has to do is register a real money account, and the offer is activated.

In most cases, it is given as a small amount of cash, free spins, or free chips. The gaming establishment can grant these offers or an online gaming software provider used to run games on the site. If it is the latter, the use of the bonus is mostly limited to one game or a set of games that are run by their software.

  • Reload bonus:

Once gaming destinations had established a way to attract as many players as possible to their gaming sites. They needed to keep them interested enough to come back for more. This is where reload bonuses came in. Reload bonuses work similarly as no deposit and welcome offers with the only difference being that they are offered to second-time depositors and higher. These bonuses carry fixed cash amounts, matchups, free spins, and many other rewards.

  • Loyalty Scheme:

As the casino industry developed, they understood that players play with different intensities and invest different amounts in their establishments. Therefore, they decided to include a system that rewards players according to how much they play with loyalty points. These points are given according to how much money the player spends in the casino. In most cases, players are presented with one point for spending ten pounds. In other games, the amount for one point can go as high as one hundred pounds.

  • Money transfer method bonuses:

The online platform allowed not only the casino business to grow, but also the financial sector. With the rise of online money transfer, online gaming destinations were able to conduct real money gambling. Online money transfer methods encourage players to exploit their services with the provision of bonuses and promotions. These incentives are provided once they make deposits and withdrawals using their services. Mostly they are given as matched promotions that can go as high as fifty percent.

Since their invention, casino bonuses have carried terms and conditions of use that players should be keen to go through to ensure they understand what they are signing up for.

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