How to make PPT from mobile phone – Mobile se PPT Kaise Banaye

Our mobile phone has become a very useful thing for us. By using a smartphone, we can do many tasks with ease sitting at home.

Office tasks can also be handled with the help of this smart device. For example, many times people as an employee in the company need to make a PPT to perform a task.

PPT is being used extensively in the present time to explain any kind of things to the people, PPT with Visuals Graphics is an easy and effective way to explain things.

However, when it comes to making PPT, most people need a computer device for this task. But, today to make this task easier for smartphone users, how to make PPT from mobile on Google often? Or find a way to make PPT from mobile.

In this article you will get information about this.

PPT What,

The full name of PPT is PowerPoint Presentation. PPT is a type of file extension in which any type of program or information is shown through slides.

The world’s popular technology company Microsoft is known for making PPT. The Microsoft PowerPoint program created by it is very popular.

PPT is mostly used in different companies to explain something. Apart from this, it is used in meetings or in explaining any kind of new work. Apart from this, YouTubers also use PPT.

You can also add photo, song, animation, graphic, background video to your PPT project to create a great PPT. Apart from this, you get many such tools inside it, using which you can create a great power point presentation.

PPT what does it mean,

The full form of PPT in English language is “PowerPoint Presentation” and in Hindi language it is pronounced under “Power Point Presentation”.

Whenever you have to create a PPT, before creating the PPT, you should write down the topic of the Power Point presentation somewhere.

By doing this, when you will prepare a power point presentation, then whatever are the main things that you will be able to cover in your PPT. Due to which you will be able to create a great PPT.

How to make PPT in mobile?

Mobile se PPT Kaise Banaye

If you have a mobile and you want to create power point presentation in mobile, then first you have to install power point presentation application from Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Let us tell you how to download and install power point presentation application from google play store.

how to download ppt app,

Step: #1 To download the PPT application on your mobile, first open the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step: #2 After opening the Google Play Store, type PPT in the search box above.

Step: #3 After that press the search button. By doing this you will see the PPT key application on your screen.

Step: #4 After that touch on the Install button. After doing this, the PPT application will be installed on your smartphone in a short time.

how to make ppt in mobile

You can create PPT in your mobile by following the steps given below.

Step: #1 To create PPT in mobile, open power point presentation application. After opening the application, you have to create your account on it with your mobile number and email id.

Step: #2 After creating the account, this application will ask for some permission from you, it has to be allowed. After giving permission, on the next page you will see an option with Accept and send optional data, you have to touch on it.

Step: #3 After this, the dashboard for creating PPT will open on the screen of your smartphone, in which you will see a + icon at the top. You have to touch on it.

Step: #4 After this, you will see the option of Create in on the screen of your smartphone. You have to touch on it and after that by touching the drop down button, touch on the option of This Device.

Step: #5 After doing this, you have to select the template shown at the bottom in the power point application. You’ll see different types of templates below. Whichever one of these looks good, that template is to be liked.

Step: #6 After setting the template, you will see a 1 plus icon at the bottom to add a new slide. Touch on this icon. On touching this icon, new slides will be added to your project.

Step: #7 After this, touch the place where you want to type and start typing. You can select the bold option shown below to make the word written in your typing bold.

Apart from this, you can also do Font Size, Italic or Underline.

Step: #8 After this, if you want to add an image to your presentation, then you will see the option of Image at the bottom. To touch on it. By doing this you will go to the gallery of your smartphone. From there you have to select the photo which you want to put in the presentation. As soon as you touch on the photo, the photo will be automatically added to the presentation. If you want, you can make the photo smaller or bigger or you can also rotate it.

Step: #9 When the PPT presentation is completely ready in your smartphone. Then to save the power point presentation created by you, you have to touch on the option with 3 dots appearing on the top.

Step: #10 By doing this a popup will open on the screen of your smartphone in which the option of Save will appear. You have to touch on that option.

Step: #11 After this you will see many options on the next page. Out of which you have to turn off the option with Autosave and touch on the option of Save shown below.

Step: #12 After this you will see 4 options to save the PPT created on your screen. In this, the first option will be OneDrive i.e. to save it in the email account with which you have logged in to the PPT application. The second option would be This Device i.e. to save it in the device in which you are making PPT. Third will be Ad Place and fourth option will be Google Drive and more. You can choose any of these options. After selecting the option, the PPT will be saved in your smartphone.

What are the features of PPT,

  • In PPT, you can use the already available template to prepare a presentation to create a new PPT.
  • You can also add photos, text, videos and art to make your presentation look great in PPT.
  • You can also create a professional design in Power Point to give a professional look to your presentation.
  • In Power Point, you can also use animation, motion and transition to make your project look good.
  • Whatever project you have created in power point, you can easily save it on the drive or your smartphone and can also view it later.
  • Whatever project you have created in power point, you can share it to other people by touching on the share option.

how to create good ppt,

Below we are telling you some such tips to create a good PPT, by following which you can prepare a good power point presentation.

  • The slides that you add to your PPT, its content should be short and straight to the point.
  • Whatever formatting you do in your PPT should look absolutely professional like text size, color etc.
  • If you are using background image in your PPT, then you have to keep in mind that the color of the text should be bright and the text which is there should be clearly visible.
  • Whatever photo you use in your PPT, it should be of high quality. So that you can create a good PPT.
  • If you are displaying data in your presentation, then you also have to keep in mind that it is also visualized in the diagram or in the chart. By doing this your presentation will be very good.
  • Use animations and transitions sparingly in your power point presentation projects. By doing this he will look more professional.
  • Whatever color you use in your PPT project, it should be very simple and simple contrast type.

what have you learned,

In this article, we have given you detailed information about how to make PPT from mobile phone. You know what is PPT and what is PPT used for.

Friends, you have learned that by which application PPT is made from mobile phone and you have also understood some great tips to make a good PPT from mobile phone.

We hope that you will like this article and prove useful for you.


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