Step by Step Guide on How to Root Bluestacks?

Bluestacks Founded in 2011, Bluestacks was developed to push the boundaries of the mobile ecosystem. Today over 130 million people make use of the Bluestacks app player to run different mobile apps on larger screens, using their patented Layer cake Technology. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Root Bluestacks?
But for now, we are going to talk about the Bluestacks Android Emulator that acts as your virtual Android device installed on your PC or laptop and lets you experience the various lifestyle and game apps launched for the Android platform. We’ll also tell you about how to root Bluestacks and use it for running Android apps like WhatsApp.

Top Advantages of Bluestacks: 

  • The first and foremost advantage of using Bluestacks is that it allows you to use your beloved Android apps on your Windows and Mac devices including PCs and laptops. This allows you to enjoy the cool features of all Android apps on bigger screens instead of using those apps on your smaller screen Android device. 
  • Bluestacks has absolutely no compatibility issues with any of the Android applications so you can rest assured of being able to run the latest and greatest version of Android available till date and all the cool, interesting apps made for this platform. 
  • Bluestacks also allows you to navigate freely between Windows/Mac and Android whenever you want. You just have to launch the Bluestacks app player on your PC or laptop to get a complete experience of the Android environment. 

If you do not have Bluestacks on your PC or laptop or any Mac device so far, just download it from the official website and get it for your PC or laptop today. The download process may take a long time to get completed. So be patient with Bluestacks downloading a bit.

Root Bluestacks – Unleash the true power of an Android device:

Device manufacturers keep some restrictions to what you can do with the device and what not. But if you know how to root Bluestacks and devices, you can always unleash the true power of Android devices and Bluestacks and cross the boundaries set by the device manufacturers.

Once you root Bluestacks, you can install a lot of root applications and enjoy their features on your Windows or Mac OS laptop or PC. Are you still wondering about how to root Bluestacks? Then, this is time for us to answer your query and to help you root Bluestacks so that you can modify your virtual Android device the way you want.

How to root Bluestacks?

Now that we know that Bluestacks is an Android emulator that allows you to run Android applications on your Windows and Mac OS systems without any hassle, let us know the process by which you can root Bluestacks to get the added privilege of crossing the lines that an Android developer has set to your device and Bluestacks. 

Important Instructions: 

  • If your PC or laptop already has Bluestacks installed in it, then you need to uninstall it first. 
  • Need not to worry about the data and flies stored in your Bluestacks because while uninstalling Bluestacks, it will ask you to save or delete data of Bluestacks. So, you can easily choose to keep the data during the process, if you want.
  • After successful un-installation of previous Bluestacks, you have to download the Pre-rooted Bluestacks App Player. 
  • Make sure you have unchecked the “Use our download manager and get recommended downloads” option in it while downloading Bluestacks App Player. 
  • Then open it and install it. 
What will you need?
  1. You will need Bluestacks, of course. 
  2. You should also have a root tool like KingRoot, which is a one-click universal root tool. You can download the root tool from the official website

Step-by-step Guide to root Bluestacks: 

  1. Firstly, launch your Bluestacks on your Windows PC or laptop or your Mac device. 
  2. Bluestacks will recognise the downloaded KingRoot APK that you have on your system as an Android app. 
  3. Now visit the App Menu screen on Bluestacks window and click on the KingRoot App to open it. Install the one-click universal root tool, KingRoot that you have just downloaded. 
  4. Launch KingRoot and give it a few seconds to start. 
  5. Once the KingRoot root tool starts and you see its launched window, look for the root button. Now click on the root button to start the root process. Please note that your PC or laptop or whichever device you are using must have an Internet connection at this time. This is because KingRoot will need to download some binary files from the server for the successful completion of the root process. 
  6. Let the process go on. You just sit back and relax. 
  7. In a few minutes, a green tick mark will appear in the centre of the KingRoot APK. This green tick that you see in the middle of the KingRoot APK indicates that your virtual Android emulator, Bluestacks has been rooted successfully. 
  8. Once you get this indication of successful rooting, you can restart your Bluestacks app player. 
  9. That’s it. You are done with rooting your Bluestacks virtual Android emulator. You can install any root applications and enjoy their cool features through rooted Bluestacks. 
  10. Check that Bluestacks is successfully rooted 

You can now install a root checker from the play store too. Run it to check and confirm that your device has been rooted successfully. Remember to protect your Bluestacks files and data to enjoy the top rooted apps on this Android emulator fearlessly.

The Bottom Line: 

So, you might have learned how to root Bluestacks. Once you have the rooted version of Bluestacks in your system (laptop or PC), you will be free to modify Bluestacks – your virtual Android device the way you want. Make as many tweaks to it as you want and enjoy the cool features of various root applications that can be installed on your rooted Bluestacks. Happy rooting!

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