How to Win at Bingo – Best Tips to Win

A common set of rules for every gambler:
Regardless of the games, you are interested in, there are some rules in common for each
and every gambler. By following them, you indeed increase your chances to win lots of
money and thrilling prizes as well.

The most important is to set your budget for gambling to
avoid money troubles. Be clear on the purpose of your gambling- having fun or making
money? Buy more tickets but not too many of them. Play at off-peak times! Choose games
with fewer players.

Win at Bingo

Gain experience and ask experienced players for tips! And finally, a
good mood is always a must when it comes to gambling because of only a positive attitude
enables you to enjoy this all-time favorite game at its maximum level!

Find the right place to win at Bingo:

You have inevitably encountered numerous vividly colored gambling websites offering
special deals, plenty of bingo bonuses, deposit bonuses, whatnot. That makes one’s choice
pretty hard, don’t you think so? However, investing some time in a thorough research pays
off at the end of the day. There are numerous gambling forums where players discuss
online gambling. After reading the comments for a while, you will find some names to be
reappearing, which means those are reliable websites.

The offers on those websites are pretty much the same. All of them have plenty of bingo
bonuses but pay attention to the details. That’s how you will make the right decision which
one suits you the best. Moreover, join the Bingo clubs, as there may be experienced
players whose tips and trick are pure gold.

Use odds and strategies to win at Bingo

While some players believe that Bingo is a game of chance (or luck, as you wish), the others
are truly convinced that only by following the calculation, statistics, odds, strategies one can
win. That’s why there are so many theories about how to win at Bingo!

Whether land-based or online, all websites that offer Bingo use an RNG (random number
generator). That means that it is absolutely impossible to predict or have any influence on
which numbers will be called. But, regardless of that, you will hear some superstitious
gamblers having their own theories on the RNG being hacked or something like that. But
one thing for sure, the longer the game is on, the bigger the chances are for your numbers to
be called out.

However, if you are still looking for something more specific on how to win and make money/have fun, then let us introduce you to the two most popular strategies for playing Bingo.

Granville’s strategy:

Famous for his OBV (on balance volume) strategy which was considered purposeful and
successful in stock market investment, Joseph Granville inspired gamblers with his smart
patterns for predictions. Although initially used as a prediction method for price movement,
the strategy was also perfectly applicable to the bingo game.

His strategy is based on the balance. In terms of Bingo, this means that the numbers on
tickets should be in symmetrical order and evenly distributed. As for choosing the numbers,
the balance works again. Make sure you have an equal number of odd and even numbers
as well as high and low numbers. The same goes for numbers ending between one and
nine. Practically explained, you shouldn’t choose 21, 41, 71 on the same ticket.
Some will call it nonsense, but in the end, you’ve got nothing to lose. Give it a try and see if it
really works!

Tippett’s System

Another strategy, but this time from a statistician Leonard H.C. Tippet, has time as a key
element! It says that if one determines the length of a game, the chance that certain
numbers will be called out gets bigger. For that reason, one should choose numbers which
are close either to one or 75 if playing a short special game. If playing a longer one, then
apply the median number rule. Choose numbers close to 45, because that increases the
chances to hit the jackpot.

Not all the games are the same time-consuming nor a player can influence the game length.
That's why this theory, even though an interesting one, may not always be applicable.

So, is there a magic formula how to win at Bingo?

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but, as expected, the answer is no! But as you see from all the
above-mentioned, there are ways to increase the winning chances. So don’t be lazy, get to
know the game. Bingo has been popular for long, long time, there’s certainly a reason for

Only when you master these useful tips will you be able to play like a pro! What’s Bingo if not
the greatest fun of all times?

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