All You Need To Know About IIT Kanpur Cutoff 2017.

IIT Kanpur Cutoff: Are you preparing for IIT and NIT for getting better education? Are you preparing for qualifying the entrance of IIT Kanpur?  Then you must know the IIT Kanpur Cutoff so that you will get an idea how much hard work you need to crack the entrance examination.
Not only IIT Kanpur, all the entrance examinations conducted by IITs and NITs are not at all easy and it a student must be prepared for all types of question only then he/she can qualify the exam.


If you are particularly preparing for IIT Kanpur, you must know what percentage or marks are required which makes you eligible for the admission. So let us see what is IIT Kanpur Cutoff so that you can analyze how much more preparation you need to reach cutoff score.

Your admission in IIT Kanpur will be based on the score you get in JEE Advanced and if you reach Cutoff, you will easily get the admission.

Which Courses IIT Kanpur provides?

IIT Kanpur provides different courses like B.Tech/B.SC courses and for the candidates who are in general category 411 seats are available for them.

If your rank lies between the required opening and closing rank, then you are defiantly eligible for getting admission in IIT Kanpur. Different courses have different criteria.

IIT Kanpur Cutoff :

For different caste, the ranks are different for candidates, and they have to qualify with good marks to be in that required rank.

Let us see different opening and closing rank for different courses. In the list we are having the opening and closing rank of different courses specifically for General and Schedule Caste students.
1. B.Tech Electrical Engineering – 248-785 (General)

2. B.Tech Electrical Engineering – 144-234(Schedule Caste)

3. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering – 113-225(General)

4. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering – 29-38(Schedule Caste)

5. BS Mathematics and Scientific Computing – 528-965(General)

6. BS Mathematics and Scientific Computing – 311-532(Schedule Caste)

7. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering – 841-1326(General)

8. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering – 95-301(Schedule Caste)

9. B.Tech Civil Engineering – 1571-2959(General)

10. B.Tech Civil Engineering -429-607(Schedule Caste)

Listed above are the top courses normally for which most of the students wants to make their career. Apart from them there are many courses provided by IIT Kanpur and they also have eligibility criteria for students who belongs to other caste. They are some many Top Colleges, so you can get admission at any of them for sure if you prepare well.

How To Prepare For Qualifying?

Preparing for competitive exams is not at all easy as it requires lots of efforts, but there is GOOGLE and many more online resources, books which you can refer for preparation. In competitive exams the questions asked are almost the basic concepts which you have already studied in your previous years so it also becomes effortless if you are clear with all the fundamental concepts of those subjects. Otherwise you can prepare by yourself from any medium according to your comfort.

Prepare well and make it a goal that you have to reach IIT Kanpur Cutoff and get admission in India’s best IIT branch. All The Best!!

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