Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker for New Generation –Review

Guys, don’t be in hurry to buy any new audio system with speakers. Right now, online market has brought wide range of ergonomic, hand held Bluetooth speakers. Ion Audio Block Rocker Bluetooth speakers have something awesome to impress newbie to listen to music deeply. This Bluetooth speaker has been much innovated technically. 

Ion Block Rocker Meant for True Music Lovers:

In a larger room, switch on Ion Audio Block Rocker Bluetooth speaker for reviving the good mood to feel. This portable beautiful speaker has a glossy infrastructural appearance in fantastic black color. It plays music smoothly without stoppage.

New Generation Must Need Ion Block Rocker:

Young generation is searching for a compact mini audio platform with microphones, usb cable, auxiliary inputs, FM radio and automatic bass resetting option. This innovated model has been successfully configured by using the modern audio technology. An informative Ion Block Rocker review reveals new things which have given more resilience and glossiness to the Bluetooth speaker in Ion Broker line-up. 

Excellent Battery Life:

In a review written by a customer, he states that this miniature Bluetooth speaker is unmatched and peerless. Well, the battery pack is extremely good. 50 hours battery life on a single recharge definitely keeps audience in wonderful mood. Even playing the music in volume loudly for span of 10 hours non-stop, power bars remain intact. After 40 hours long music playing, last 3 bars are still prominent to give a 10 hours support. In addition, the wall of the building is not a barrier to resist the sound. You can go to the other room for doing your daily works activating your Ion speaker in a separate room on the ground floor. It will be clear to catch the hassle free sound from Ion Block Rocker. 

Hi-tech Features of Ion Block Rocker:

  • Dynamic 11kg portable Bluetooth speaker 
  • Android/IOS support 
  • USB cable with 1.8 inch auxiliary inputs 
  • Good battery life 
  • Durable hardware 
  • Excellent exterior décor 
  • Smooth color contrast 
  • Automatic music playing 
  • Songs skipping 
  • Ergonomic glossy compartment with a flexible handle bar 
  • Attached or inbuilt microphones 

Ion Block Rocker with FM:            

Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth speaker gives extra stamina and energy to audiophiles to feel happy when they change the FM channels to have spicy and hot music. Few orthodox customers hesitate to comment as they are not comfy to tune up the speaker. According to them, tonal effect is not adjustable when they go to the different music channels on FM. Well, they are rookies with least tolerance to do proper investigation. They must be meticulous and careful to deal with sophisticated portable device. Even on remote channels, sound is much clearer. Musical tunes are not obstructed due to the geographical location. During stormy night, the sound of this speaker is not occluded.

The ultra sleek telescopic flexible handle bar of Ion Block Rocker is perfectly assembled. Carry it holding the handle bar without tension. Wrap up the Bluetooth speaker in cloth or paper for long distance tour. Well, unwrap the device after entering into train, bus or vehicle to start music playing. Satisfaction is immense to make the tumultuous mind cool by catching extraordinary music. 

Android/IOS Support on Ion Block Rocker:

Recharge your heart throbbing Ion rocker through smart phone, laptop and computer. Use Aux cable which is retractable to make it smooth for device recharge through multiple devices. However, you must complete good plug-in process to avoid technical issues. First 3 green LED blocks/bars need to be fully recharged to activate the battery. One red colored block is meant for low battery life. So, customers need to cross check the status to switch off the speaker when the red colored bar is on to indicate the low battery life expectancy. Android phones can be connected with Ion Rocker for music listening. IOS supported smart phones are also fitted to Rocker speaker. Returning customers confirm that the uninterrupted clear sound is available even in the matter of resetting the volume to 75 percent loud pitch. There is no severe distortion or harsh sound when music is played in full volume to reach the ears of remote customers in a closed area.

Finally, with the Ion Block Rocker, customers get a confirmation from online sellers to have a nice 1 year warranty card. So, in the event of any hidden tech issue, dent, split or fracture in the device, customers will be awarded a new Ion Block Rocker speaker without extra service charge.

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