5 Best iOS Emulators for PC {Apple Emulators for PC}

Top 5 Best iOS Emulators for PC: Are you Interested in playing or using iPhone or iPad apps on your windows pc. I used to search on Google always on “How to Play iOS Game on PC” & “Best iOS Emulators for PC” but I haven’t found a correct solution for my query. They are Many people out there are the same as you and me.  If you are also waiting for the correct solution then Stay tuned for the article to get the complete info on “Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC“.

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 As we all know the Apple store has a huge collection of awesome apps but only iOS Devices users can use them. So today in this article I’m going to show you the best Emulators to Play iOS games on PC. We all know that many people play or run Android Apps on their windows pc using Android Emulators. In the same way, we are also going to Use the Emulators to Play iOS Games on PC.

Best iOS/iPad/iPhone Emulators for Windows 7/8/8.1/10:

They are many iOS Emulators in the market but choosing the best one is our choice. Our Basictricks Team has collected the Top 5 Best iOS/iPhone/iPad Emulators for PC. Each and every Emulator in the collection is the best and better option which we can recommend for our users. The top 5 Emulators are as follows.
  • iPadian
  • MobiOne Studio
  • Air iPhone
  • iPhone Simulator
  • Appetize.io
These are the top most rated Emulators for PC. We are going to discuss each one of them below.

1) iPadian: Best iOS Emulator for PC:

iPadian is the Best iPhone Emulator for Windows PC among the other 4 Emulators. You can download the iPadian now without any second thought. iPadian is available with two versions. One is Free and the other is Paid version of $10. You can notice a slight difference in both versions. As we all know the paid version has some more additional features than the normal free version.

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If you don’t want to invest then you can simply use the free version to enjoy the feel of using an ios device. If you are ready to buy the iPadian paid version then it is totally worth every penny. Because you can download and use an unlimited number of apps. I have personally used both the versions and both are awesome.  They will be no issues with the free version too. iPadian is a best iPhone / iPad Emulator for pc.

How to Install iPadian on your Windows PC:

The process of downloading and installing the iPadian Emulator is quite simple and easy. In order to run the ipadian on your pc follow the steps below.
  • First of all, Download the iPadian from the below link.
  • Click on the downloaded file to install the iPadian on your windows pc.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install it correctly.
  • Once, You have successfully installed the iPadian ios emulator on your windows pc. You will be seeing an iPadian icon of the screen.  
If you wanna run the ipadian emulator on your pc then follow the below points. 

How to Play iOS Games on Windows PC 7/8/10 using iPadian Emulator:

 Once you successfully installed iPadian Emulator on windows pc. You can proceed with the below steps to run or Play ios games on pc.
  1. You will see an iPadian icon on your pc. 
  2. Click on that. The iPadian Emulator will be opened.
  3. Click on the store.
  4. Download any game or app which you want to use.
This is How simple to use iPadian iOS Emulator on pc. 

2) MobiOne Studio Emulator for Windows PC:

MobiOne Studio is another Best iPhone/iPad Emulators for windows pc. You can download and run any iOS app on your PC with few clicks. This is a developing cross-platform mobile app for android and ios. Moreover, this emulator allows you to download both the ios and android apps on your pc. You can enjoy iOS Apps & Android Apps on this emulator without any problem.
play ios game on pc
All the apps are built on HTML 5 which you can run anywhere and also it supported on all devices. You can customize all the app icons and also check the status of the apps which you can simply download from the MobiOne studio. MobiOne Studio is not Free but you can enjoy the 15 Days trail.
Note: MobiOne Studio has officially Stopped iPhone Emulator. But you can download the Previous version from the below link and enjoy using it.

Steps to Download Best iOS Emulator for PC: MobiOne Studio

 As I said above MobiOne Studio has Stopped iPhone Emulator. But we can Download the previous version using an .EXE file and run it on your Windows PC.

Download MobiOne Studio 
  1. First of all download .exe file from the above link.
  2. Click on the Downloaded file to start the installation.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions correctly by click Next.
  4. Once you successfully installed MobiOne Studio on your Windows PC. You will be seeing an Icon on your pc.
That’s it!!! This is how we should download and install MobiOne Studio on your windows pc. Click on the icon and start using it. 

3) Air iPhone Emulator for PC:

Air iPhone Emulator is another best ios emulators in the list. You can enjoy any ios app for free by downloading them from the store. Air iPhone built a virtual iPhone on your Windows pc. You can see the real screen same as iPhone by installing Air iPhone. This is a Free iOS Emulator for Windows PC with supports Adobe AIR Framework. 
play ios game on pc
There are some of the pre-installed apps in this Emulator which makes you feel that you are using an iPhone. If you don’t like the iPadian Emulator (Especially Free Version) then this Air iPhone would be the Best Alternative of iPadian.  

Guide to Run iOS Apps on PC using Air iPhone:

If you want to download and run the ios apps on your windows pc using Air iPhone then follow the below Steps

Download Air iPhone
  1. Download the Air iPhone Emulator from the above Link.
  2. Install the Air iPhone on your Windows PC by clicking on the Downloaded File.
  3. Will be seeing an installation screen. Just follow accordingly by clicking “Next”.
  4. After the Successfully Installation. You will be having an Air iPhone icon on your windows pc.
This is how the installation process of Air iPhone on windows PC is done.

 4) iPhone Simulator for Windows PC:

If you want to play and use your favourite iPhone apps on your windows pc then iPhone Simulator is the best Emulator Out there. iPhone Simulator is the Best iPhone Emulator for Windows PC which fulfils your requirements. If you are an App developer then you can test your apps which are in the first stage of development by using this iPhone Simulator.

apple emulator for pc

You can also track the status and major concerns of the app. iPhone Simulator also has some great features like Quality Graphics, Test Clock, Calculator, etc. iPhone simulator is available for free. Download iPhone Simulator and enjoy using it.

Download iPhone Simulator
The same above installation steps should be followed to download and install iPhone Simulator.

5) Appetize.io – Free & Best iOS Emulator for PC:

Appetize.io is a best Online iOS Emulator. You can Access an unlimited number of apps and run ios apps. Moreover, not only ios apps it can run android apps too. With this emulator, you can develop iOS & Android Apps on your Cloud Storage Service. This Emulator is an alternative of App.io. BTW Appetize.io is also a better choice.
iphone emulator for pc
You can run ios and android apps on your windows pc using Appetize.io. You can even test your apps which are in testing level or starting stage. This Emulator is free for first 100 minutes and after that, it will charge $0.05 per minute.  There will be no installation required as this is an Online Tool. 
So these are Top 5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC. Check each and everything according to the given steps

Final Words on iOS Emulators for PC:

Finally, The complete list of Best 5 Most Rated iOS Emulators for PC has been revealed above along with the detailed description of emulators and their installation steps. If you face any problem in installation or using it. Feel free to Comment the problem we will try to solve it. Stay Tunned to Basictricks for more awesome detailed guides.    

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