Pros and Cons of iTunes 12.6

Pros and Cons of iTunes 12.6iTunes is an application specially designed for MAC and Windows. It is one in all application which syncs all your content and plays the music and videos on computer. You can listen to anything on this application; thus it is a perfect entertainment application. It syncs the content which is there in your iPhone to other apple devices like iPhone and iPod. When you want to listen to some different collection of music you don’t have to look for some CD’s so that some good songs can be played on computer. 


You can just open iTunes on your computer and you can listen to your favourite collection. You can get around 13 million DRM free songs available on iTunes. You can visit iTunes on your Apple devices and you can first browse the songs. You will also get suggestions of music tracks according to your preferences. 

How to Fix iTunes Error:

Previously we have faced many issues while connecting our device to itunes, while synchronizing our device to system it shows some errors for that we have used a tool Tenorshare TunesCare which has solved most of our issues regarding error fix and all itunes errors. Before going to itunes lets have a look on the image below. This is while fixing the sync problem on my ipad.

Features of Tenorshare Tunescare:

  • Fix any type of error regarding itunes.
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About iTunes 12.6

Earlier, only music was available on iTunes. But when iTunes 12.6 is updated then you can rent the new movies and new TV series. You even shop for audiobooks and download apps with the help of new update. You can even buy the music and videos which are available on iTunes store. There are actually 2 updated 12.6 and 12.6.100 on iPhone Store. But make sure to upgrade to 12.6.100 if you have not upgraded to 12.6 yet. Just go to IPhone Store and there you will see update in front of iTunes. Just update the app. 


This is just an amazing opportunity for movie freak people. Simply if you rent a movie on iPhone but you will be able to see it on IPod or Apple TV. Isn’t it exciting? Apple now a days is in tough competition with brands like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu which are providing movies facility to users. Apple has thus launched these features in its latest update which is going to make its competition in water. Let us look at what are some Pros and Cons of iTunes 12.6. 



1. Availability for Android Users also
As iTunes is available for IoS users same is available for Android Users also. Android users can also use iTunes 12.6. But yes the features are less limited as are the ones which are available for IoS users. 

2. Music Uploads
If you are music lover and you are a good singer too. If you want to be renowned and famous for music then iTunes will offer you a platform where you can upload your songs. Yet this has guidelines which has soon to be launched later.


3. Free Trial
You can go for free trial without paying any bucks. This is the definitely the best thing about iTunes. Not only that it is very easy to use and configure. 

4. Backup your data
ITunes makes backup of your data and have connectivity with cloud and other platform. ITunes will help to secure your data by making your files backup. Also you can shift them to the devices which are connected with your iPhone. 

5. Rent a movie and watch anywhere 
This is the definitely the best feature of iTunes 12.6. You can just rent a movie or any TV series show and then you can watch it anywhere. This makes iTunes the best entertainment application. This feature will work if your PC is running on IoS 10.3 and Apple TV should have tvOS 10.2. This was not possible earlier as the device on which you had rented the movie you could watch the movie on that movie on that only. But if you will update to iTunes 12.6 you can rent the movie on one device and then watch on any other device if your rental time period has not expired. 

6. Performance enhancement
With the update of iTunes 12.6 performance of your device increases and bugs which were there in earlier versions of iTunes. Whatever the bugs were there in earlier version they are not there in the updated version of iTunes 12.6. 

7. Sidebar is enabled
Earlier the sidebar used to be disabled. Due to which you could not play the songs of external device with ease. While in this update sidebar is enabled and you can easily import songs from other devices and can play the songs and music with ease. Also you can toggle between music and video. 



Let us now look at some cons of iTunes 12.6 which we feel should be upgraded soon. iTunes has been favourite from such a long time. 12.6 update has really amazed us with such amazing feature of movie rental. 

Heavy application
ITunes is really a very heavy application which consumes CPU and RAM. If you have some Apple device then iTunes can be a good option but make sure you have enough RAM that iTunes won’t appear as heavy application which will impact the device application. 

Unnecessary lag
When we just click on iTunes icon on your computer, The PC just lags by just few seconds. Yes it is no doubt a very heavy application which impacts the system’s performance. Tenoshare Tunescare can solve your performance issues by just following some procedure. Just follow that and solve your problems. 

Not able to customize the appearance 
ITunes don’t give us the ability to customize the interface. Appearance and layout of the iTunes can’t be modified as per user’s choice. So we feel this as the con of the iTunes. People do want that they can change the appearance as they want. 

Syncing problem with other devices
Till now we have reported cases in which people have said that they are unable to sync their IPOD with the new iTunes version of 12.6.100. So this is a bug which is faced by people. I hope Apple soon finds a solution for this. You can use Tenoshare Tunescare to solve the syncing problem. There are many ways in which you can solve the problem of iTunes match not syncing. You can refer to the other article related with syncing. 


So now we have looked at the Pros and cons of iTunes 12.6. Just grab the opportunity to update to the latest version and enjoy the feature of “rent the movie and watch anywhere”. You will really love this update. Just go for it!! All the best!!

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