Are You Keeping Your Console Clean? Here’s Why You Should

Keeping your Console Clean: Cleaning down your game consoles probably isn’t that high on your list of priorities. You’re probably more likely to be cracking into the latest releases than breaking out the duster! However, recent studies suggest that our consoles are likely dirtier than we imagine.

Cleaning any of your tech or equipment is always a good idea, no matter how much you may use it. Dust and bacteria can build up without our knowing. We don’t mean to scare you, of course – but it’s worth giving your systems a little bit more TLC every so often.


Stay tuned to this guide and you can keep your console clean. Just follow according to the guide. You can easily make it clean. Check it right away.

Bacteria and Your Console: What’s The Damage?

Of course, it’s worth crunching some of the numbers regarding bacteria build-up and ‘potential threat.’ Betway Insider provides some fairly eye-opening research on this, covering the major consoles and how grimy your favorite system might be. The bottom line is – they are all hives for germs and various microscopic nastiness!

However, PlayStations seem to come off the muckiest. Betway’s research shows that – in fact – that your PS is likely to be more than twice as bacteria-ridden than your average toilet seat. Grim!

console clean

Xboxes and Nintendo Switches don’t get off scot-free, however. The study clearly shows that regardless of your allegiance, there are yeast, mold, and bacteria growing on your gaming gear. So – what can you do to fight against it?

Things You Can Do to Keep Your Console Clean

Thankfully, keeping your gaming gear clean is easier than you might imagine. Here’s some inspiration for you to kick things off.

Microfibre is Your Friend

Microfibre cloths are absolutely outstanding at cracking down on dust. Dust mites are pesky little critters if you give them an inch. Sweep microfibre along your consoles and controllers regularly, and you’ll help to crack down on their activities.

Stock Up on Wipes

Antibacterial wipes, of course, are assets when it comes to quick cleans. Make sure that you can use these on your consoles of choice – it’s worth checking your user manual. However, if it’s safe to do so, a quick wipe will deal with most of the microscopic nastiness.

Cleaned Gaming Console

It’s better to use a moist wipe or two than to give your consoles a bath or two!

Grab the Baby Buds

Baby buds, or q-tips, are great at getting into various nooks and crannies. A cotton swab is likely to be perfect for getting in deep into analogue stick pits. Get out that dust and dirt before it crusts over!

Start a New Cleaning Routine!

Yes – bacteria are everywhere. However, they can cause severe problems for you and your loved ones if you let them get away with building up!

That’s why it’s always worthwhile to make sure your systems are clean and dusted. Not only will you break free from the threat of dust and microbes, but they’ll also look fantastic! Stock up on supplies and see how you get on.

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