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It is the dream of every company to be on top of Google’s search result pages. Internet marketing is a sure and short way to success. On making a professional website and conducting proper website optimization and website promotion entrepreneurs can build a brand. A number of methods are applied to make sure that your website gets more visitors and reap better conversion.

An indispensable aspect of search engine optimization is link building. Many organizations tend to adopt this as their solo plan for internet marketing. Running a link building campaign is essential to get high traffic and top rankings on the search engine positions.

link building

Link building is an excellent way of collecting votes over the internet. This means when you have more sites voting for your website the spider considers you a popular and reliable source and ranks you higher.

Link building can afford you the following major benefits –

  • Website traffic improvement
  • Higher page rank
  • A strong presence on the internet
  • Beat Competition
  • Gain the trust of the Search Engines

Link building does sound like a process to rank high in Google. However, this does not imply that you go about building links blindly. Check out the following steps to initiate a link building campaign.

Strategize a plan:

Decide the number of links you want to point back at you. Say you plan to have 300 links pointing back at you. Accordingly determine the number of articles you need to write, the number of directories you need to link to and the link exchanges you need to request. More knowledge is better anything else, hence read up as much as you can about link building. The more information you gather the better you can plan your strategy and start new trends.

Choice of sites:

Choosing the sites that point back at you is like choosing your representatives on the internet. Make sure the sites you post links ion have a good reputation on the internet and is well known amongst users. Also, ensure they have similar interests as you and belong to your market.

Directory submissions:

To conduct this process, compile a list of all the major directories for link submission. The links received from a directory is more valuable than you can imagine. The search spider often crawls over these sites to pick relevant reference for the user query. Also, include the local directories in your list.


Ensure to include the keyword for the website in the link text that links to your website. Also changing the links text regularly will make your campaign look more genuine. This gives the search engine the impression that the link is real and not generated automatically.

Follow Competition:

Check the link building strategy adopted by the competitors from time to time. This will help you get more links for the continuation of the link building program and new ideas as well. Build exchange links with the site. Brief the benefits of exchanging links with your site and also mention the code you want them to use on their website

Link building is amongst the strongest method that helps to build a presence on the internet. SEO professionals build links within the allowable limits and do not use any spamming tricks.

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