How To Make Money With Telegram {8 Simple Ways}

Make Money With Telegram: Due to the ever-increasing technology and more use of social media, now big companies are also launching their applications. In which many companies are also given a chance to earn money through the application.

At present, the craze of earning money online is speaking to the people. Because earning money online is now much easier than before. In today’s time, there have been so many ways to earn money online that a person gets confused about what method he should use to earn money online?


We ourselves have told dozens of ways through this website. Today again we have brought another way for you. In which we will give you information about making money from Telegram.

What is Telegram App?

Telegram App is an instant messaging app that provides an accessible and free platform to communicate with your friends, relatives, and relatives in real-time. Through this, you can share an audio-video calling, graphics, animation, video, documents along chat.

Together, Telegram also gives a chance to thousands of people to make their point known by forming a group. Not only Telegram Group but also Telegram like YouTube channel and WhatsApp Broadcast’s combined tool called Telegram channel also provides free of cost.

What Is Telegram App

Millions of people have downloaded the Telegram app on the Play Store and thousands of Telegram users are increasing daily. This app has given competition to WhatsApp.

For more information about Telegram, you can read our Telegram tutorial. The link of which is given below.

8 Cool Ways to Make Money from Telegram App 

So these are the 8 best ways to make money from the telegram app.

  1. Link Shortening
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Paid Promotion
  4. Subscription
  5. Apps Promotion
  6. Refer & Earn
  7. Product Selling
  8. Blogging

Let’s check these 8 money-making methods using telegram.

1. Earn Money from Link Shortening 

Most people use this method to earn money from Telegram. Those who know about this, not only from Telegram but also on other social media sites, use this method and earn very good money.

As you know, whenever any content is published on the Internet, there is a link to reach it, you can shorten the same link on the link shortener website. And after that, you can share it at every place where the link posting service is available.

Earn Money From Link Shortening

Link shortening simply means shortening large web addresses. Let us understand this with an example.

You have created a product or have published a post whose web address is –,

Now the link shortening app works to shorten this large web address. If you shorten this web address with a link shortening service, then you can get a web address like this –,

Your work here will be so much that copy this short link and share it in your telegram channel and telegram group.

If a person clicks on the link shared by you, then before the main content opens, he sees an advertisement, which is of 5 seconds and you get money in return for viewing this advertisement. The more people who click on your link, the more you will benefit.

According to one estimate, you can earn around 200 to ₹ 300 daily on Telegram by shortening the link. Although this money can be more or less.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s goods in exchange for a commission. Which has been considered as one of the main means of earning in the online world.

Websites like Bluehost, Hostgator, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, GoDaddy offer you affiliate programs and you can earn money by joining these programs. The most important thing about earning money in this way is that you do not have to invest anything in it. That is, without spending money, earning your money starts.

Affiliate Marketing

All you have to do is join the affiliate program of any of the websites given above, and after that, you have to share the link of their product or service in every place where the link is allowed to be posted.

If a person clicks on the link you have shared and takes any goods or services from the opened link, then you get commission behind it. The more expensive goods you can sell through affiliate marketing, the better commission you will get.

Websites like GoDaddy and Hostgator give you ₹1,000 to ₹5000 in exchange for selling a service. This money can be different in each affiliate program. To earn money with the help of an affiliate program, you have to join an affiliate program and then share its link on group and channel on telegram.

3. Paid Promotion

You must have seen advertisements in newspapers, magazines, TV channels. And during any program, you must have heard the words Presented by, Sponsored by, etc.

All these words have been coined to take the names of promotion companies. All this work comes under pad promotion only.

To earn money from pad promotion, first of all, you have to get more and more subscribers or followers on your channel.

Paid Promotion

After that, the people who have to get their promotion done will contact you and offer you to promote their content, product & service.

If you like the deal then you can accept their deal and through your channel, you can start earning by promoting their service or product.

4. Earn Money from Subscription 

You must be wondering how to start a subscription on Telegram? Let us explain you.

There is a private channel and another public channel on Telegram. The content that is shared in a private channel is usually Paid for. If you have a special skill, then you can create a private channel on Telegram and present your skills on it.

telegram Subscription

If any person has to access that private channel of yours, then he will have to pay some subscription fee to you. In this way, you can earn money from subscription fees.

On the other hand, by making a public channel on Telegram, you can get more and more subscribers by putting good content on it and when you get a good number of subscribers, then you can earn money by shortening links or running advertisements in it.

5. Apps Promotion

In the present time, new applications are always being created by the developer company or individual developer. When a new application is launched in the market, very few people know about it. Therefore, the person making the application or the companies creating the application adopt many ways to promote their application.

Out of which the most important way is to promote or market your application.

In such a situation, if you have a good number of followers on your Telegram channel, then you can contact such companies who have recently launched a new application and you can make a deal with them in exchange for promoting their application. In this way, after the deal is confirmed, you get a certain amount from those companies.

6. Refer & Earn

With the help of the Telegram channel, you can earn money by referring to those applications which have the option of Refer and Earn. Such as Paytm Application, PhonePe Application, Google Pay Application, MobiKwik Application, etc.

If someone downloads such an application on their mobile for the first time by clicking on the link shared by you, then you get some money on every referral.

7. Sell Product 

To earn money by selling services or products, first of all, you have to create a telegram channel on telegram, and on top of that, you have to get more and more subscribers.

After this, you can earn money by sharing the deal or services of different companies on it. You must have also seen many times that there are many such channels on Telegram which always bring new and good deals for the people.

If you do not want to sell the products of others, then you can also sell your own products. Provided you must have a product worth buying.

8. Earn Money from Blogging 

If you have a blog, then you can earn money from your blog using Telegram. For this, you have to do that first of all you have to get more and more subscribers on your Telegram channel.

After that, you have to share the post link of your blog on your Telegram channel. If a person finds your article useful, then he will click on your link, thus that person will leave the Telegram application and reach your blog directly.

If Google Adsense is approved on your blog, then there is a strong possibility that that person will definitely click on some ad. In this way, your Google Adsense earnings will increase when clicked and thus you can earn money using Telegram and Google Adsense through the blog.

By the way, this method is not giving you money directly from Telegram, you must have a blog or YouTube channel, only then you will be able to use Telegram properly.

So these are the 8 real ways using which you can earn money from Telegram. Our favorite method is the last i.e. 8th. We earn money using this method.

Let us now give you some more information about Telegram so that you can be successful in earning maximum money by using Telegram properly.

FAQs Telegram 

Q1. Who Invented Telegram?

A. Telegram was created by Pavel and Nicole in the year 2013. Telegram is Russia’s largest social networking app. Which is now being used all over the world.

Q2. What telegram from the money earned to be able to?

A. Yes, you can actually earn money from Telegram, because we have told you many ways to earn money from Telegram in this article.

Q3. Telegram to us what – what can you?

A. You can chat, send photos, audios, send contacts, create your own Telegram channel on Telegram. You can join any telegram channel, create your own group on telegram, join the already existing group on telegram, share links, etc.


In this article, we have told you how to earn money from Telegram. Using which you can earn online. We hope that you will like this article and prove it useful for you.

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