Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages – Mobile Phone Advantage and Disadvantage in Hindi

In this modern world, mobile phone has become one of our needs, without which it feels very difficult to live even a day away. If you are a mobile phone user then you can understand our statement very well.

But, where there are innumerable benefits of using mobile phones, on the other hand there are also disadvantages, which are present in the present times for human beings. Health, a routine And social life are proving fatal.

Therefore, as a mobile phone user, you need to advantages and disadvantages There should be complete information about both.

For the sake of convenience, we are giving complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of your favorite device. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

So join us in this discussion and you have complete freedom to express your views related to this discussion at the end of the article. Let’s start.

Mobile Phone ke Fayde Nuksan

Advantages of Mobile Phones – Advantages of Smartphone in Hindi


First of all, if we look at smartphones from the point of view of students and their studies, then according to a research, more than 80 percent of American students in high school use smartphones.

After knowing this figure, first of all it is important for us to know how smartphones are beneficial for the purpose of education.

  • A smartphone allows the user to access the Internet. Because of which students can install those education category applications available in Play Store / App Store through internet in their smartphones which enhance their school syllabus and their knowledge.
  • Apart from this, a smartphone can prove to be a good “time manager” for a student. That is, students can do many of their tasks on time. like; Apart from this, there are many mobile apps today through which you can set reminders for many tasks throughout the day.
  • You can also use Google’s free service Google Keep, Microsoft To-Do for reminders.
  • A smartphone proves to be very useful for the students at that time. When he is in an emergency. Therefore, the main advantage of having a smartphone with a student is that when he is away from home, he can inform his parents, parents about the emergency situation through call or by sharing the location.
  • You can continue your studies using your smartphone even if you are out of school or class. You can study PDF Notes. Apart from this, you can study online according to the subject and syllabus using the internet.

So these were the main advantages of using a smartphone by the students now let us talk about its disadvantages.

  • Although there are millions of applications in the smartphone. Which can be used to facilitate the study. But, there are many such applications among them which are proving to be very effective in distracting the students from studies. like; Social Media Apps, Gaming Application, Video & Movie Application.
  • The love of students for smartphones is increasing day by day. Today many youth and students use smartphones till late night for unnecessary activities. Due to which problems in the eyes and many health related problems arise.
  • Today the Internet has become a storehouse of knowledge and information. And the smartphone helps you to get these information. But, most of the students use this smart device as the main means of entertainment because of the interesting and captivating content available in the smartphone.

Thus, while the smartphone has brought many benefits for the technical students, on the other hand, the misuse of the smartphone has brought serious consequences, seeing that it seems that if this technology was not invented, it would have been appropriate.

Apart from this, today smartphones are being used for different purposes in different places, let’s know about other benefits of smartphones.

communication facility

Smartphones have completely changed the process of communication. The use of technology has presented many options for interaction between users. The main of which are SMS, Text Messaging, Call, Video Chat Apps, which helps human beings to communicate and stay connected with people anywhere in the world at any time.

Web surfing

The invention of internet has made many things convenient for the people. According to the data revealed in a research, about 10 percent of the total time spent by people on the smartphone, they spend on getting information in the web browser.


Smartphones are most commonly used today as a means of entertainment. Most of the users use the smartphone to watch games, movies, music etc. This is the reason that it has become the best way to pass the time in free time.

Productive Apps

With the help of these apps, many things can be done in the smartphone. Various tasks like; Special applications have been created for photo & video editing, ticket booking, online store, payment system, data analytics, personal assistant etc.

You will agree that generally a smartphone user spends 90 percent of the time in the smartphone to access the apps. Whereas an average of 36 apps are installed in a user’s smartphone.


Most of the smartphones have GPS (Global Positioning System) feature enabled. GPS is used to find out the current geographical location of a user and track the location.

With the advent of GPS technology in smartphones, not only the way of communication has changed. Rather, it has made a special contribution in the field of transport, especially in checking the traffic situation.


In a smartphone, you are free to do whatever you want. You can provide password protection to important photos, videos and files. Along with this, conversations and online transactions can be done by users with any person confidentially.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones – Disadvantages of Smartphones in Hindi

Man is a social animal, who likes to live in society and interact with people. But, data from a recent research shows that people are spending an average of 5 hours on a smartphone in a day.

Due to which there has been a decrease in the interaction and interaction with his people. Because, they like to spend most of the time in the smartphone. Therefore, smartphones have had a profound impact on the social life of human beings.

expensive device

Smartphones are expensive. However, in the present time their price has come down. Since today changing the smartphone from time to time has become a fashion especially for the youth.

Therefore, the price of smartphones of good features and big brands in the market is very high. And there is always a craving for these expensive smartphones in the minds of the youth. Therefore, while the use of smartphones has made the life of the youth easier, on the other hand, the smartphone has encouraged extravagance.

Decreased attention distraction

If you use social media like; If you use Facebook, WhatsApp apps, then you must be well aware that how many unnecessary messages you receive daily.

You see unnecessary notifications on the smartphone while doing important tasks. And once you check your smartphone, you are lost in it.

health damage Health Issue

Smartphones are considered injurious to health! Yes, radio waves come out of the smartphone. Which is absorbed by the tissues in our body. Apart from this, smartphones generate UV (Ultraviolet light) which damages the retina of the eye. Apart from this, nowadays people are unnecessarily using smartphones even at night, due to which serious diseases like insomnia are arising!

getting addicted – Addiction

It is said that addiction to anything is bad, but knowing this, why are we using it indiscriminately?

What is the first thing you check when you wake up in the morning?

smart Fone!

If yes! So this has become your addiction! However, if we recognize the main reason for this, then when we sleep at night, most of the people also use the alarm from the smartphone to get up early.

And by waking up early in the morning and saying good morning to the people, we also show our presence to the people through the smartphone itself.

TutorialPandit site requests its readers to make the first attempt today to get rid of smartphone addiction.

If you want us to bring you tips to get rid of smartphone addiction, then you can tell us your thoughts through comments.

The threat of privacy Privacy Threats

Smartphones have been made private by the mobile manufacturers. However, the potential for insecurity remains with the use of smartphones everywhere. Because, a little carelessness can hand over your personal and professional data to the wrong hands. Therefore, avoid opening unnecessary links and websites on the Internet.

Useless content Unnecessary Content

Internet is full of information and knowledge. But, the truth is that young children, students, youth prefer to see useless content rather than useful content.

Once the funny content is seen, it attracts the attention of the people to watch more again and again. Therefore, parents should keep an eye on the activities done by the children on the smartphone.

In this way, the above disadvantages caused by smartphones are becoming worrying for the social animal.

what have you learned,

In this article, we have told you about the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones. You know how beneficial the smartphone is for us.

From the field of education to daily tasks are being settled sitting at home through phone. But, apart from these advantages, this smart device has also given rise to dangers like health loss and data theft. Which have also been mentioned in this article.

We hope that you will like this article and prove useful for you.


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