How to Watch Netflix on a Nintendo Switch? {Working Methods Explained}

Can we watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch? You probably not, you can t watch Netflix on the Nintendo Switch but you can stream the Netflix content from Youtube, Hulu, and other supported applications. You could able to watch Netflix on the original Nintendo Wii until January 2011, but that service was discontinued though you can stream Netflix through Netflix via., Wii U console.

It looks like you can get the Netflix o every platform, it might be your TV, Set-up box, SmartPhone, and you can stream Netflix everywhere you want. You may wonder can I watch Netflix on the Nintendo Switch, if you owned the Nintendo switch.

how to download netflix on nintendo switch

Through the Nintendo e-shop, Switch offers other video streaming services both paid or Free. But the switch doesn’t support Netflix.

Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch supports, Few of the Streaming services, where Netflix is least the least officially supported on the Netflix Switch. which implies that you can’t install the Netflix app from the shop. Online streaming services like Nintendo stream offers through the e-shop, which is limited to Hulu, Youtube, and Funimation. You even cant stream Netflix on the web browser as it doesn’t work. As Netflix is available on Android, then you can install the Android from Netflix. This is not supported by the Nintendo Switch it is a complicated process.

can you watch netflix on nintendo switch

It is only undertaken by the users who can understand the consequences and the process as performing this will invalidate the warranty. Most people having hope that the Nintendo Switch is definitely gonna supports Netflix in the future.

How to Get the Netflix on the Nintendo?

Netflix is only supported by the Nintendo’s 3D family that includes New Nintendos 3D’s, New Nintendos 3D’s XL, Nintendos 2D’s, but the Netflix application is not available on the Nintendo’s e-shop. So, if you would like to get the Netflix on the Nintendo switch, then you need to install the Nintendo switch on your TV. Here are the steps that are described how to download Netflix on Nintendo switch.

  • First, you have to open the back cover of the Nintendo Switch Dock.
  • From the Nintendo, switch to connect the USB cable to the AC adapter and then connect the other end of the AC adapter to the Wall Outlet.
  • Into the terminal of the HDMI OUT connect the one end of the HDMI cable, and then the other end of the onto an HDMI port on your TV.

how to get netflix on nintendo switch

  • Choose the correct HDMI input, after turning on the TV.
  • After launching the Nintendo switch on your TV, open the Home Menu.

How to Download the Netflix on Nintendo switch?

After connecting the Netflix on Nintendo switch or Netflix on switch, then you need to install the Netflix on Nintendo switch. Follow the below-given steps to do so.

  • Once the Nintendo switch is launched on your TV, with its login credentials.
  • After heading to the home screen, select the e-shop icon.
  • Select the box next to the search bar to get the on-screen keyboard, once the e-shop store is opened.

netflix on switch

  • In the text field of the search box, enter Netflix and then click on OK.
  • From the search result, select the Netflix application.
  • Now, sign in to the Netflix application after installing the Netflix and enjoy the endless streaming on Netflix.

This method is worked without any problems when it was tested by many people. Hope this method works for you.

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Netflix not supported by the Nintendo Switch

Netflix is doesn’t supported by the Nintendo Switch and even the in-built web browser of the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support or work with Netflix.

Before with other Nintendo hardware to bring Netflix on the Nintendo platforms like Wii U, while both the companies had worked together, but there is no officially said that Netflix is supported or come with the Nintendo Switch.

On the Other Nintendo Switch Can we watch Netflix?

Netflix has been supported by the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii in the past. But for the new users, the Netflix app is no longer downloaded from the Nintendo e-shop, from December 31, 2020. But you can stream the Netflix from the e-shop of the Nintendo streams e-shop are limited to Hulu, Youtube, etc.,

From June 30, 2021, Netflix is no longer supported and the Netflix app is completely closed for the existing users. No Nintendo Switch will not support Netflix anymore or Netflix on the switch, at this point. Until it bans, you will have to stream the limited streaming video options that the switch supports and watch Netflix on other devices.


As we discussed while you cant watch Netflix on the Nintendo Switch, but you can stream Netflix on other video streaming devices available. Hope you found this article helpful. If you have any doubts, feel free to text us in the comment section and stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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