60 Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask Your Friends

Never Have I Ever Questions: This game has become very popular at parties or gatherings with friends and has two main objectives

1) Meet your friends in a more personal context and

2) Drink in a more fun way.

The rules are simple, all you have to do is take turns saying phrases that describe a situation you’ve been through, or situations that you want to know if your friends have experienced, without having to experience it personally.

Never Have I Ever Questions

If it turns out that they have been through that situation, everyone who has experienced it at some time in their life should take a drink as a symbol of acceptance.

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The best questions for ‘I never’: great selection

For example “I have never cheated on my girlfriend/boyfriend”, those who have cheated on their partner at some point should take a sip of their drink, and so on with questions in turns.

Here we leave you 60 of the most compromising or fun questions of ‘I never’ that you can apply in this kind of game.

1. I have never hooked up with a friend’s ex.

It is usually common if you get to connect with your friend’s girlfriend, but it is preferable to keep your distance.

2. I have never felt sexually attracted to a friend’s father or mother.

We cannot deny that there are well-dressed adults to whom we can feel attracted.

3. I have never posted nonsense on social networks.

We’ve all done it once, it’s definitive.

4. I have never drunk texted my ex.

Few are saved from this, especially if you are a man, a feeling that usually invades us with a few drinks on top.

5. Never have I ever peed in the shower.

You may deny it, but surely you have done it even when the toilet is right next to you, no one has to know anyway.

6. I have never gone more than two days without bathing.

Nothing out of this world, it may be due to a trip, camping or just for the pleasure of lying in your bed all weekend.

7. I have never taken dirty clothes out of the hamper to put them back on.

It may sound unpleasant but in an emergency situation it will get you out of trouble, try to choose the most presentable clothes.

8. Never have I ever stalked the girl I like.

Most of your friends are sure to fall into this situation, we have all been curious to know a little more about that person we are interested in.

9. I have never sent screenshots of my conversations with another person just to criticize them.

Sure they have, most people live disqualifying others.

10. I have never had a conversation on WhatsApp with the girl I like while I was having a potty.

It is very likely that a situation of need of this type will arise, but in the end the girl does not have to ever know.

Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask Your Friends


11. I have never stolen anything in a store or supermarket.

Many of the people who get to do this, rather than out of necessity, do it as a prank between friends.

12. I have never tried pet food.

Dog kibble is the most common, it is likely that someone has done it.

13. Never have I ever come to work drunk.

It depends on the job you have, it is common for it to happen, above all the responsibility.

14. I have never responded “thank you” when someone said “I love you”.

A rather embarrassing situation for both parties, but it usually happens in a moment of tension or surprise.

15. I have never played dumb to pay a bill.

Whether it’s because you really forgot your wallet or because you want to save some money, it’s a situation where several had a drink.

16. I have never participated in an orgy.

Difficult to verify without any witnesses, but surely one or another will have a drink just to show off.

17. I have never urinated in the street.

This is classic, especially when you’re out partying.

18. Never have I ever worn the same socks for more than three days in a row.

Unpleasant whoever recognizes this situation, is likely to wear dirty socks at that same party.

19. I have never pretended to be sick to avoid going to work.

Health has been the subject of lies for a long time, so it’s safe for everyone to have a drink.

20. I have never wet myself from laughing so much.

Interesting to see, although I think it’s more of an expression than an action, who knows.

21. I have never had an erotic fantasy with someone from school.

The interesting thing about this situation is to ask who was this fantasy with those who have had a drink.

22. I have never farted in public and I have been sneaky.

Something normal, but with what will change your way of thinking towards some people.

23. I have never had sexual relations in a public place.

Bold the one who has done it and also recognizes it.

24. I have never been arrested by the police.

Interesting to hear the story behind this for those who have had a drink.

25. I have never stolen food from my siblings or friends when they get up to go to the bathroom.

A necessity to satisfy the appetite rather than a joke that many will have applied.

26. I have never caught a family member having sexual intercourse.

Something that nobody would like to see but that surely serves as material to tell a funny story.

27. I have never been caught masturbating.

Shameful without a doubt if it is a relative.

28. I have never urinated in the sea.

Yet another situation that will let you know how dirty your guests are.

29. I have never taken out my cell phone in the street so as not to greet someone on the street.

Someone who has surely done it to avoid the person they dislike, an ex-girlfriend or maybe a crush.

30 I have never been afraid to go to the bathroom at night after watching a horror movie.

It is common for a bit of uncertainty to remain in our heads after watching a horror movie, surely many will fall for this one.

31. I have never gone out in the street in pajamas.

Sometimes laziness or an emergency can be more than glamour.

32. I have never faked an orgasm.

Compromising situation between the couples who are at the party, good luck with this one.

33. I have never masturbated more than five times in one day.

It will definitely be the singles who have a drink in this situation.

34. I have never pretended not to be home so as not to open up to someone.

All of us at some point have experienced an unpleasant visit in this way.

35. I have never used drugs.

Surely marijuana will be the main actor in this question.

36. I have never lied to my parents.

Whether for a party, problems at school or pranks, in this situation several will fall.

37. Never have I ever vomited in a moving car.

Many stories of wild parties tend to come to this point.

38. I have never cheated on my boyfriend or girlfriend.

Good luck to whoever decides to take a drink in this phrase, hopefully not accompanied.

39. I have never been to a table dance.

Surely for curiosity or fun, many have at some time visited one of these sites.

40. I have never missed an appointment or meeting with friends.

We have all missed an appointment or meeting either by forgetting it or by avoiding seeing certain people.

41. I have never failed an exam.

We have all failed some test, so with this one everyone will take.

42. I have never gone to visit my girlfriend/girlfriend while I was drunk.

When there is the desire to see each other, it generally does not matter what state you are in.

43. I have never pretended to love a music group when I only know the name.

Typical when you want to look good with someone, especially with the person you like.

44. Never have I ever pretended to be called to get away from a date.

It can happen that you quickly become disappointed in your date and using this type of strategy is common.

45. I have never joined the gym but I have never gone.

Nothing to be surprised about, there are many unfulfilled purposes.

46. ​​I have never kissed a person of the opposite sex.

This situation can reveal certain sexual preferences between friends.

47. I have never lied in the “I never” game.

Of course, most of them will have done it, in this one they all take.

48. I have never tried to link to a person on Facebook without knowing them.

A bet that can turn out to be a success, surely several will have applied it.

49. I have never said “I love you” without feeling it.

A situation in which many fall under pressure.

50. I have never stopped remembering my first love.

Sure everyone will drink and get sentimental, better leave it for last.

51. I have never taken nude photos of myself.

Health to all, this has surely been done by several.

52. I have never refused a kiss.

The very uncomfortable but real situation, you should learn from that mistake.

53. Never have I ever had a one-night stand.

I bet many have had that experience, you just need to know if it was good or bad. One of the “Never have I ever” questions that rarely fail.

54. I have never kissed my best friend.

Nice or terrible confusion, but surely it has happened to many.

55. I have never eaten food that has fallen on the floor.

No one wastes food they like, but there are exceptions.

56. I have never finished watching a series in one day.

There are many series that you just can’t stop watching, one chapter always demands the next, so it’s quite real.

57. I have never killed an animal and then eaten it

The most common would be to think of some chicken, rabbit, or fish and it is very likely that someone has done it.

58. I never left a pint

Everyone at some point felt like not going to school and spending their time elsewhere, although only a few did.

59. I have never lost my mobile phone

Frequent activity in young people, how is it possible that they lose it even when they spend hours in front of it.

60. I have never eaten in the bathroom

An activity that seems impractical but surely the situation demanded it, like hiding from someone perhaps.


We hope you have got the complete information on “Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask Your Friends”. Make sure to ask these questions to friends and have fun with friends. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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