Next & Previous Post Titles Widget For Blogger.

Now you can Show Next and Previous Post Titles in blogger with an some simple jQuery Navigation. In this trick we use some java script or an jQuery code to show this Next and Previous post titles for best user navigation. Many readers enters into the blog and read what they want and then they leave the page without seeing any other post. So the user engagement will be low. Using this Navigation of next and previous post we have a chance of getting user attention on the next and previous posts. Then we have an increase in the user engagement on our site. So simple follow the steps and integrate the code with your blogger blog.


The way of navigation in blog is good and awesome then you will definitely have an awesome user engagement.Interlinking is also an good way to send user to another page. Previously i have written articles on Contact Form Widget, Remove “Powered by Blogger” Attribute, Breaking News Widget, Site Map Widget, Floating Ad widget and Random Ads Widget for Blogger. The Above articles will help every new blogger who are searching for. It may help you keep an glance on it. So Now we are going to learn How to Create an professional Looking Paper Navigation in Blogger Blog.   

Steps to Add the Widget For Blogger:

First we will learn how to add the new navigation and then we will learn how to remove the previous navigation below the post. The steps are simple and easy to do. Without wasting the time lets move into the tutorial. Before going to edit the template make sure to backup it.

    • Go to the Blogger Dashboard.
    • Click on Template..>>Edit Template.
    • Now search for  ]]></b:skin>.
    • Copy the CSS Code and Paste above it. 

Customization: To change the background you can change from here background:#333333 and for Font color change here color: #ffffff;

    • Now search for <head>.
    • Paste the code just above it.

    • Now we will add some html code. So search for <data:post.body/>.
    • Paste the following code below it.


Customization: You can change Next  & Previous to your required way.


  • Click on Save template.
  • That’s it. You have done!!!..
  • Check your blog the Paper Navigation will work perfectly.

We have added the New Navigation for the blog. Then it’s time to remove the older one from th blog.

Removing Existing Next/Previous Buttons From Blogger Blog:

With some simple steps your work is going to be easy. Follow the steps below.
    • Search for <b:includable id=’nextprev’>
    •  Now you see the code slightly similar to the below code.

    • Now you should enclose this code inside conditional codes as shown below.

  • Click on Save Template.
  • That’s it. You have Done !!!! 
I hope the new widget adds some new look to your blogger template. It is an great design with some unique features and rarely used. If you have any problem in adding the widget to your blog then feel free to comment us with your problem. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Share the post with your friends and at social media’s. 

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