100 Nicknames For Men (Cute, Cool and Funny)

Are you looking for a cute name or nickname for guys or friends? Here is a huge list of nicknames for guys that both of you will love! A nickname is a token of affection for anyone special to you.

Nicknames For Men

They can be for a man in your family, such as a son, father, grandfather, cousin, or uncle. Perhaps it is for a romantic partner such as a boyfriend, fiancé, husband, or crush. Whatever it is, there is sure to be the right nickname to suit your looks or personality.

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The Best of Nicknames For Men

Cute nicknames are used to show a guy that you care about him. It is a clear sign of closeness and trust. You can use it for your phone contact, in a group text message, or just as something special that you share.

If you ever need a unique gift for him, engraving his nickname on something would be the perfect personalized gift. Giving a guy a cute nickname helps him feel special and adored.

1. Overall

A person who is strong in character and the leader of a group of friends.

2. Honey

It is a nickname widely used during the time a man is in a relationship.

3. Bear

He is that fierce friend who does everything to protect his own.

4. Bae

A nickname used for men who have a partner.

5. Caramel

For a sweet and nice man.

6. Monkey

The perfect nickname for that energetic and funny friend.

7. King

A nickname that shows respect and authority.

8. Muscular

A classic name for that friend who lives in the gym.

9. Bro

It is a classic nickname for any friend whom you consider a brother.

10. Cannelloni

The favorite nickname for a dark-skinned friend.

11. Genius

He is that friend who always has the right answer for everything.

12. handsome

The friend who has a good appearance.

13. Hefty

He lives more in the gym than in his own house.

14. Bro

The classic nickname for that friend whom you consider your brother.

15. Flash

For that friend who is very fast for everything.

16. Boss

Everyone respects him and he is a very good leader.

17. Soldier

The perfect nickname for a strong person of character.

18. Shark

It is that friend who is very strong.

19. Homie

20. Love

Nickname for a loving person.

21 Midget

Nickname for a short boy.

22. Little

Nickname for a boy who is very spoiled.

23. Skinny

A simple way to call that friend who is skinny.

24. Sky

This is a very affectionate nickname for a friend.

25. Junior

Perfect for calling the youngest friend in the group.

26. Teddy

He is sweet and friendly with everyone.

27. Puppy

It is a nickname that is commonly used to designate a young friend.

28. Urchin

The joker and playful of the group of friends.

29. Rocket

A name for someone daring.

30. Superman

A suitable nickname for the superhero friend who is always helping others.

31. Tarzan

The ideal name for that man who never adapts very well to cities.

32. Boxer

It’s that friend who is always looking for a fight.

33. Dancer

That friend you can count on for any kind of dance

34. Lord

It is that friend who, although young, behaves like an old man.

35. Doll

Perfect nickname for a very elegant boy.

36. Chocolate

A sweet, chocolate-skinned friend.

37. Beast

He is that man who does all things without thinking very well.

38. Cowboy

The countryside and the animals, especially horses, are his entire life.

39. Lion

He is stern but a good friend and leader.

40. Flea

Someone who is very small and super active.

41. Nugget

Something similar to the previous nickname, you can use it for that short friend.

42. Pigeon

A very cute name for a friend who is young.

43. Spark

He always has ideas for fun activities with friends.

44. Bobblehead

It’s that friend who doesn’t seem to think very well about what he does.

45. Peeled

A person without hair.

46. ​​Hero

It is that friend who is always willing to serve and support others.

47. Engineer

It is that friend who can always have ideas that can help solve different problems.

48. laughs

He is that boy who will always have a smile that will make others happy.

49. Dimples

People with their characteristic little holes in their cheeks.

50. Little Mouse

A cute nickname for a friend who likes to eat cheese.

51. Blonde

That friend who has hair like the color of gold.

52. Scientist

He is that boy who likes to be thinking and experimenting with everything he sees.

53. Heartbreaker

An attractive boy who draws a lot of attention from girls.

54. Snowy

It is a friend who has a fairly light skin color.

55. Linguini

It is a friend who is quite thin.

56. Fox

He is that man who has the ability to be very cunning in everything.

57. Old man

A man who is already quite advanced in age.

58. Eagle

He commands respect and fear with his gaze.

59. Goat

The person with a long beard.

60. Bleeding

He is a man who is usually somewhat bitter.

61. Grumpy

He is a boy with a bit of a strong character, but he can also be sweet.

62. Dumbo

He is that man whose most outstanding feature is his big ears.

63. Hawk

He is a man with excellent eyesight.

64. Matchstick

It’s that friend who has a rather short temper.

65. Hercules

He is a strong man and a conqueror of hearts.

66. Panther

It is elegant and persuasive.

67. Hammer

The guy who is a perfect tool for every situation.

68. Tiger

He is daring and fearless of success.

69. Glutton

That man who wants to eat everything he finds.

70. Meteor

The best behind the wheel in any type of car.

71. Caveman

That friend who seems to live in a cave, is very old-fashioned and clumsy for technology.

72. Mr. Krabs

He is usually that type of guy who is quite stingy.

73. Bones

A friend who happens to be very skinny.

74. Romeo

It’s that friend in love with Juliet.

75. Knight

A man of manners and exemplary behavior.

76. Prince

A young boy with the appearance of royalty.

77. Boy

That young and inexperienced boy is many things in life.

78. Casanova

He is a man who has lived many love stories.

79. Wolf

He is the leader of the pack and is always ready to defend it.

80. Viking

A warrior prepared for any battle.

81. Charmy

He is a tender friend and someone you can count on for any situation.

82. Bird

A boy with many dreams and aspirations.

83. Koala

Much of his life is spent solely sleeping.

84. Sheriff

Always try to maintain order among the group of friends

85. Lord

The nickname for someone who has airs of grandeur.

86. Squirrel

His cheeks are as big as a squirrel’s.

87. Freckles

Clearly a nickname for someone who has prominent freckles.

88. Rockstar

Music and performing arts are life for this boy.

89. Bug

For a friend who is small and friendly.

90. Charro

The person who sings with Mariachis.

91. Gocho

Person a little covered.

92. Love

An Italian nickname with which you can say “love” to your ideal boy.

93. Professor

It is that friend who has the gift of easily teaching any subject.

94. Bubble gum

All people become attached to him.

95. Doc

It is a nickname commonly used to refer to someone who is highly intelligent.


A friend who seems to be more dead than alive due to the hours of sleep he lacks.

97. Hulk

He is a man who has a somewhat complicated temperament.

98. Overall

A severe man who follows the rules to the letter.

99. Bomb

He is an explosive friend and ready to go to any kind of party.

100. Judge

He is the friend whom everyone looks for to solve problems that are foreign to him.

These are the 100 best Nicknames for men which you can use and call your boyfriend with these names.

Nicknames for Boys and Their Importance

The name of a person is, excuse the redundancy, something personal. When someone decides to call you something other than your real name, it has to be for a good reason. If you want to use a nickname for a friend, this can be a great way to show affection.

Remember that a perfect nickname for someone should be one that reminds them of that characteristic that stands out in them with love and affection. Above all, that friend must also like that nickname, otherwise, the name would lose the purpose for which it is used.

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