100 nicknames in English for friends and partner

True best friends are as rare as picking a four-leaf clover or winning the lottery. But once you find real friends, they stay with you forever. Friends, besides family, are one of the greatest treasures in life. Friends are the family you can choose.

It seems that the better the friend, the more peculiar the nickname we give him. We compiled a list of cute and funny nicknames in English to call your best friends, brothers.

Nicknames in English


If our friends can keep our deepest secrets and pick us up when we’re down, they should at least have a notable nickname. No matter what nicknames we give them when you need a shoulder to lean on, your friends will always be there. Let your BFFs know how much they mean to you with these awesome nicknames. in the language of Shakespeare.

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Choosing the correct nickname in English

Nicknames come in every language you can think of. Each language has a special way of calling friends, family and siblings. And in English nicknames are quite a few from which you can choose.

Nicknames in English

Sometimes they can be similar in meaning, but there are also others that stand out even more. If you want to go one step further in giving someone a nickname, it is best to choose one in another language. For that reason We bring you a list of 100 of the best nicknames in English for your friends or for your partner.


It is one of the most common nicknames and means “baby”.

2. B.F.F.

The perfect nickname to designate someone as your best friend.

3. Queen

A nickname with which you make a girl feel like royalty.

4. King

If your friend is a king, this is the ideal nickname.


That friend who is good at everything he does.

6. Champ

A cute nickname to tell someone that they are a champion-

7. Captain

The leader of the group may be called a “captain”.


A simple way to call a friend.

9. Bro

Another common and easy to remember nickname.

10. Sys

A short and easy way to tell someone “sister”.


A sweet nickname for someone you are fond of.

12. Punk

A way of calling that special person “pumpkin”.

13. Nugget

The perfect nickname for a little person.

14. Giggles

If the laughs stand out, this nickname is the best.

15. Smiley

A fitting nickname for someone who never stops smiling.

16. Boomer

It’s that friend who has old-fashioned ideas.

17. Smarty

The know-it-all of the group of friends.

18. Prince

This friend who thinks he’s a prince.


Same as the previous nickname, only this time it’s for a princess.

20. Sunshine

That ray of sunshine that is always shining.


A very kind and sweet hearted person.

22. Sugarboo

A perfect nickname for that person who has your heart.

23. Cutiepie

Another nickname, somewhat cheesy, but it still works.

24. Casanova

A friend who is always conquering hearts.

25. Oldies

That person who is the eldest among friends.


Sweet and precise for a friend who is like that.


A very common nickname used between couples.


A very cute way to express your love.

29. Doll

If that person is a doll, this is the appropriate nickname.


Sweet as honey, a very cute nickname.

31. Peach

Peaches are also very sweet.

32. Chipmunk

The perfect name for someone who has cheeks like a squirrel.


If you are short, this is the ideal option.

34. Techie

The nickname for that friend who knows everything about technology.

35. Baloo

Hugs from this friend are very comforting.

36. Sneezy

A nickname for someone who never stops sneezing.


The colors of this person illuminate the place where he is.

38. Puffy

Someone who is very soft and huggable.

39. Doc

The friend who always has the answer for every disease.


That person who always seems to have questions about his surroundings.

41. Bubble wrap

As light and fun as bubble wrap.


Tickling can make this person burst out laughing.

43. Mouse

That friend who eats everything with cheese.


The star who is always accompanying his friends.


As sweet and pleasant as a flower.


The know-it-all who does calculations at incredible speed.

47. Superhero

The friend who is always there no matter what.

48. Volcano

Someone who can cause a disaster if he gets angry.

49. Juliet

That friend who is lost for a Romeo.

50. Greasy

All junk food is heaven for this person.


Someone super restless and difficult to handle.

52. Bubbles

Spontaneous and fun, like a bubble.

53. Dimples

It’s that friend who always seems to have acne.


A person who always has a plan prepared for everything.


This person’s muscles seem to be made of rock.


A simple nickname for someone who is your friend.

57. Nemo

It is lost anywhere.

58. Hercules

He has a strength that seems superhuman.

59. Stinky

It seems that he has never used a soap in his life.

60. Robbery

Without feelings, but calculating to the maximum


His hugs bring you peace of mind.


Everyone loves this person.


His wardrobe consists mostly of hoodies.

64. Candy

Candies are part of their daily life.


As soft and sweet as a marshmallow.

66. Clumsy

THE ideal nickname for someone who is somewhat clumsy.

67. Goldie

Her hair is as radiant as fine threads of gold.


Cats are his obsession.


Freckles are the most prominent feature on this person.


He is always sparkling wherever he goes.

71. Bee

The queen of the group of friends, everyone follows her.

72. Bossy

Somewhat bossy, but necessary to maintain control.


That friend who is very tender.


The happiness of the group of friends.


Sometimes he judges a lot, but he does it when necessary.

76. Jelly

His body appears to be made of jelly.

77. Huggsie

If you see this friend, then you can be sure that you will receive a hug.

78. Dumplings

Soft and comforting like a real dumpling.

79. Precious

For that person you appreciate very much.


It is the little light when everything seems to be lost.


He always gives the last detail and makes everything perfect.

82. Ginger

The default nickname for redheads.

83. Hearty

Someone who is very sensitive at heart.

84. genius

The genius of geniuses, never loses a debate.

85. Barbie

Too pretty to look real.

86. Brutus

A friend who can be rough around the edges doing anything.

87. Pixie

A little friend who is always helping.


When you see this person, it seems that salvation has come.

89. Vegetable

That veggie-loving friend.

90. Firecracker

His temper is as short as a firework about to explode.


Jokes are part of this friend’s daily life.


He always has money that he can lend you if you need it.

93. Troll

He likes to play practical jokes on others.


The temperament is quite sensitive, but its strength is enormous.


A flower whom everyone loves.

96. Slowmo

It’s that friend who seems like everything he does is in slow motion.


A person who follows the rules to the letter.

98. Candyman

If you want to get a candy, this friend is the best option.


A friend you can look to for support in any battle.


The best at solving mysteries and finding clues that are not in plain sight.

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