How to Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account – Paytm Money Transfer Tricks

How to Get Paytm Cash into Bank Account:

Get Your Paytm cash into your Bank Account is the topic which people are search for. If you are one among them, then you have reached the correct place for the solution. Now a days Paytm is growing large and it is one of the popular commerce platform in India. Actually Paytm an mobile e-commerce site which offers mobile recharges, Bill payments, Bus tickets, etc. 


So currently Paytm has over 100M Registered costumers. This is a big mile stone for Paytm. Paytm also has Mobile Application for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. So many people love to shop on paytm because they provide  CashBack Offer every day on every deal. people will get their cashback into their Paytm wallet, that cashback will be used next time by them. So people want to transfer paytm cash to bank account.  So i’m going to teach you a tutorial on “How to Get Paytm Cash into Bank Account“. You should follow the below procedure in order get the Paytm cash wallet to bank account.
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Simple steps to Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account:

Simple steps should be followed by you people. We are providing you two methods which are very simple to do. These 2 methods are trick to transfer the paytm money. Paytm has recently introduced Immediate Payment Service(IMPS) on it’s site. IMPS means an user can transfer his money to his bank account. The Paytm company has also kept some minimum requirements in order to transfer the money. They are as follows
  • The User Must be 45 days old with Paytm Account.
  • Minimum Paytm cash should be Rs 2000.
  • Transfer amount should exceed Rs 1000 .
  • Daily Transfer Limit is Rs 5000.
  • Monthly Transfer Limit Rs 25000. 

They are two ways to transfer the Paytm cash into your account. In One way 4% charges will be applicable and other is this the simple trick without any trick.

Method 1: Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account – 4% charges Applicable:

This is an 100% working method where you can refer for transferring the paytm cash into our bank account but 4% charges will be applicable. You can transfer easily but 4% money will be charged, why to waste 4% of the total money go for the 2 method and save the money.
Even if you want to go with Method 1 check Here   
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Method 2: Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account – No charges Applicable:

This method is little length. you should follow the below steps. Here is an image of the total method

if you don’t understand the image then below are step by step procedure to Get Paytm Money Transfer.
Step 1: 
Check whether you have fulfilled all the below conditions or not.
  • Are you ready to buy an product from Paytm site???
  • Do you need the cashback to be transferred to your bank account??
  • Before that you should make sure that you haven’t ordered any product from paytm because the previous item cashback will be cancelled using this technique.

Step 2: Example 
Now i will explain an example which will let know how to transfer the paytm cash to your local bank account without any charges.

  • First, Select an product to buy and calculate the cashback of it (Let the Product be A).
  • Suppose the cost of the product A be 2000 and Let the cashback you receive on this product is  750. So this is the money we are going to transfer to your back account.
  • Now Select an other product B which will cost around 750 or less, But not more then 750.
  • Cashback of Product A === Cost of product B.  

Step 3: Order Item B

  • Here you have order Product B before ordering the product A.
  • Now go to Paytm Order history and Cancel the last Ordered Product B.



Step 4: Now you will see an option called REFUND on paytm wallet under the latest transaction option.


Step 5: Order Product A

  • Now order your desire product A and don’t forget to apply the Coupon Code for Cashback .
  • Now wait for Cashback until it credit to Paytm Wallet.
  • After Receiving the cashback amount, then go to Paytm cash Transaction history.
  • Now click on REFUND option.
Step 6: That’s it. You have done well.
You will receive the cashback amount to your paytm wallet and it will automatically transfer to your bank account with 3-4 days or 7 days Max. 
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Conclusion: So simple follow the above steps and transfer the Paytm cash to your Bank account with out any charge. People usually choose the second method only, so i have explained it briefly to understand clearly. I hope the tutorial ” How to Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank Account” will be successful with the above steps. Like us and comment on the tutorial.    

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