Paytm Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – How To Earn Money With Paytm

Earlier where we had to go to the shop or office to get our phone recharged, to pay the electricity bill, to get insurance. At the same time, due to Paytm, we can do all this while sitting at home with the help of Paytm App.

Paytm application is currently included in the list of most used digital wallet application in India. The main reason behind which is the great features offered by it. Most of the people use Paytm because of its great and attractive offers, there are many people who money from paytm also earn.

Paytm What,

There will hardly be any person who is not familiar with Paytm application. This is an online bill payment application. However, apart from paying bills, you can also use it for other things.

Like Bill Payment, Mobile Recharge, Insurance Key Payment, DTH Recharge, Electricity Bill Payment, Shopping from Paytm Website, Send Money to Other Person’s Bank Account, Transfer Money from Paytm Wallet to Paytm Wallet, Pay Petrol and Diesel. And so on. Apart from this, you can do many other tasks with the Paytm application.

Paytm how to earn money from,

Paytm se Paise Kamane ke 7 tarike

You will be surprised to know that you can earn money from Paytm not only in one way but in many ways. Because, Paytm application provides different ways to earn money from Paytm. Many people earn good money of the month from Paytm. Recently Paytm has also launched online shopping website. In this way you can also earn money by creating seller account on Paytm.

Paytm what to do to earn money from,

To earn money from paytm, you should have information about what are the ways to earn money from paytm and in what ways we can earn money online from paytm. let’s know how to earn money from paytm,

7 awesome ways to earn money from Paytm

  1. paytm cashback
  2. various applications
  3. become paytm seller
  4. become paytm affiliate
  5. promo codes
  6. Paytm First Games
  7. Refer , Earn Program

#1 paytm cashback

Paytm gives very good cashback to its customers. That’s why, it is very popular app among people to get cashback.

If you want to earn money from paytm then you can earn paytm cashback. When you open Paytm application and do any type of transaction in Paytm application with the help of Paytm application, then you definitely get some cashback.

Apart from this, when you recharge your phone or pay gas bill, pay electricity bill, recharge DTH or pay any bill, then you get cashback many times from Paytm application. .

For your information, let us tell you that Paytm has also started an e-commerce website a few years back. Where you can buy your favorite things at very cheap prices.

You definitely get cashback when you buy anything from Paytm’s e-commerce website. Apart from this, you also get cashback if you buy something from any other shopping website and you use Paytm Wallet to make payment.

You can see different types of cashback offers by going to the Paytm application and clicking on the section with cashback offers.

#2 Different by application

Do you know that you can earn real paytm cash online also using different types of applications. Yes, there are many such applications and games on Google Play Store, which give you real PayTM CASH.

For this, you just have to go to Google Play Store and download whatever application gives real paytm cash on your smartphone and then use that application or play games that give paytm cash.

In this way you can earn real paytm money and earn money from paytm by using applications and games available on google play store. Below we are giving you the names of some such applications, using which you can earn real paytm cash.

  • WinZO – Recommended
  • Gamezy
  • Ludo Ninja
  • Gamethon
  • Ludo by Paytm First Games
  • PokerBaazi
  • Qureka
  • Ace2Three (A23)
  • MiniJoy Pro
  • Carrom Clash
  • Zupee Gold
  • Winzy
  • Crumble Box
  • Pocket Money
  • Loco
  • Qeeda
  • Fan Fight
  • 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip
  • MPL – Mobile Premier League
  • KhelPlay Rummy
  • Pocket League
  • Step Set Go (SSG)
  • Bulb Smash Cash
  • GameGully
  • Ludo Circle

#3 Become a Paytm Seller Partner

If you want to earn more money from paytm then you can earn lakhs and crores of rupees from paytm by registering your seller account on paytm and then selling your goods online.

Just as many people earn money by selling their goods online by becoming sellers on shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Similarly, you can do this work on Paytm also. Because, Paytm also has its own e-commerce website (Paytm Mall).

To earn money by selling your goods on Paytm Mall, you have to register yourself in the Seller Partner Program by visiting Paytm’s website and uploading all the documents after filling the required information.

Once you get the approval of the account, after that you will be able to upload your product catalog to your Paytm seller account. After this, when a person buys something from your Paytm seller account, then you will have to pack that thing and send it to the given address of that person. In this way you can earn very good money from Paytm.

#4 become paytm affiliate

You can also join Paytm Affiliate Program to earn money from Paytm. After joining this program, you will have to share the link of the goods on Paytm’s website on different social media.

After this, when a person will click on the link shared by you and after that he will buy any item from Paytm’s website, then you will get commission behind every sold product. By which you will earn.

At present, not only Paytm but big companies run affiliate programs. Because, the people promoting the affiliate program also benefit and the company also benefits.

The company has the advantage that their products sell more and their website reaches more people. The same person who sells the goods is given a commission on behalf of the company.

To join Paytm Affiliate Program, you have to go to Paytm website and search for Affiliate Program or Affiliate Marketing option and after filling all the information you have to apply for Paytm Affiliate Program. After getting the approval, you can start working on it.

#5 promo codes

The company uses the promo code to do its marketing and to get its promotion done. When you recharge your DTH or balance in your phone using promo code or do any bill payment or shopping, you get cashback for using promo code. Which gets deposited in your Paytm Wallet. Which you can use later.

Paytm launches promocodes keeping in mind the application events and festivals. The promo code you get is stored in your Paytm Wallet, which you can use to check your phone balance, do DTH recharge.

To get information about different great promocodes used on Paytm, all you have to do is go to the internet and search by typing Paytm promo code. After this, many websites will come in front of you, which will have different types of Paytm promo codes.

#6 paytm first game

Within the Paytm application, you get a great opportunity to earn money by playing games. To earn money by playing games inside Paytm application, you have to open Paytm application and go to Paytm first game option. There you will find different types of games. Out of which you can earn Paytm cash by playing the game of your choice.

#7 Refer Join & Earn Program

You also get the option of Refer and Earn inside the Paytm application. If you do not know what is Refer and Earn, then let us tell you that you have to share Paytm application with your family, your relatives and your friends.

For this you have to share the link of Paytm application. When a person will download the Paytm application by clicking on that link and create his account on the Paytm application and link his bank account with the Paytm account, then you will get ₹ 100 and the one who is your friend will get ₹ 25.

So using these methods, you can use this digital payment app called Paytm to earn money apart from transactions.

what have you learned,

In this article, we have shared you detailed information about how to earn money from Paytm. You know how many ways are there to earn money from Paytm.

We have told you 6 great ways to earn money from Paytm through this article. Using which you can also earn money from Paytm sitting at home.

We are sure that you will like this article and will prove useful for you.


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