75 Great Phrases About Perseverance For Inspiration

Are you looking for some great phrases about perseverance? You came to the right place. Today’s society teaches that short-term gratification is one of the elements that the individual must strongly seek.

Therefore, the rate of the population with anxiety and depression has increased. Why? Well, it was not said that the structure of social reality teaches that time is the main friend to achieve the desired objectives, through constancy and perseverance.

great phrases about perseverance

This lack of knowledge destroys talents, undermines all discipline and perseverance towards important things, and frustrates to the point of being harmful. It’s time to get back to your true self with these amazing quotes. Take a look at these 75 great phrases about perseverance.

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75 Phrases About Perseverance

For this reason, we present the reflections of a group of authors (entrepreneurs, actors/actresses, thinkers) who demonstrate, throughout their lives, that perseverance is the quintessential factor to achieving what is within the personal agenda. Let’s start with the phrases about perseverance.

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Just Because You Fail Once Doesn’t Mean You’ll Fail At Everything (Marilyn Monroe)

In society, failure is seen as a turning point in life; however, what it truly grants is learning, that ability to refine all the competencies that are aimed at.

Perseverance Is Not A Long Race, It Is Many Short Races One After Another (Walter Elliot)

This teaching implies the true essence of this virtue. He states that it is not something that is acquired overnight, but is analogous to the bricks of a castle; It takes time to get the complete work substantiated.

Genius Is Made Up Of 2% Talent And 98% Perseverance (Beethoven)

Outstanding capabilities in an individual undoubtedly promise efficient results at first hand; however, perseverance is what will maintain these results to the point of not being a circumstantial genius, but rather a genius as a substantial element of the personality. Practice makes a master.

Failure Is Just The Chance To Start Over, This Time Smarter (Henry Ford)

Failure is the compass that tells you which path you should take to be more effective in what you have to do. Therefore, as observed by this author, its presence should not be avoided, since it is the best learning method.

It Is Hard To Fall, But It Is Worse Not To Have Tried To Climb (Theodore Roosevelt)

The basis of transcendental achievements lies in always getting up from every fall, and not avoiding obstacles, no matter how painful. This reflection condenses it with total clarity.

My Strength Lies Solely In My Tenacity (Louis Pasteur)

This speaks of discipline and resistance to any event that may arise. This author showed that in his lifetime.

It’s Always Too Early To Give Up (Norman Vincent Peale)

An example of perseverance is not seeing quitting an activity as an option. There will always be internal resources that will lead to action, they just need to be identified.

If You Fell Yesterday, Get Up Today (HG Wells)

It speaks of perseverance, of not seeing the stones on the road, but partial attention to what is truly important; the goal you want to achieve.

Nothing Else Matters Except Sitting Down And Trying Every Day (Steven Pressfield)

The habit, this is what this thought shows. Let any attitude that comes close to the objective that undoubtedly has in mind to be achieved become a habit.

Every Strike Brings Me Closer To The Next Home Run (Babe Ruth)

The most emblematic player of his time presents the pearl of his success. That which is conjugated in the tolerance to failure as a catapult to the achievements proposed.

Success Is Simply Never Giving In To Failure, Either Mentally Or Physically (Anonymous)

Endurance. Set your sights on the trophy no matter what hits you are taking. That is what is taught here, it is advisable that strengthens all motivation.

Never Give Up, Because You Are In The Place And Time When The Tide Will Turn (Harriet Beecher Stove)

The world is dynamic, today you can be last, but tomorrow things change drastically. Only consistency, hope, and discipline form the basis of waiting. You don’t have to give up.

If A Person Is Persevering, Even If It Is Difficult For Him To Understand, He Will Become Intelligent, And Even If He Is Weak, He Will Become Strong. (Leonardo Da Vinci)

As you can see, perseverance transforms all weakness into strength, it is a process that serves as training for the skills that require strength.

Sometimes Even Living Is An Act Of Courage (Seneca)

Life is a flurry of emotions and circumstances that are not always pleasant, but those who can shape and adapt all this set of experiences according to their needs, have made a large part of the road.

Every Person Who Has Achieved Something Great Has Been Aware Of The Work That Awaited Him And The Time And Effort He Had To Put Into It (Anonymous)

Success allows you to view with respect the entire process that had to be passed to achieve it. All success is synonymous with awareness of the effort and the gratification of achievement.

I’m Not Worried About You Falling, I’m Worried About Getting Up (Abraham Lincoln)

Tenacious teaching of an important man for humanity. Getting up implies strength and power. It’s hard not to fear an individual with those characteristics.

May Perseverance Be Your Engine And Hope Your Gasoline. (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)

Being analogous to a car, there is not much to add. These factors are necessary to start and reach the destination.

In The End, Some Of Your Greatest Pains Become Your Greatest Strengths (Drew Barrymore)

This is another element that many flee and fear: pain. But, sometimes, it is fair and necessary to achieve strength in the various facets of life.

Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Day After Day (Robert Collier)

Discipline is a fundamental principle to achieving what is desired. Things do not come overnight, they are like the construction of a building, to make it strong and aesthetic, requires a lot of time.

What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger (Friedrich Nietzsche)

A beginning of a suffered man. Each painful experience equips people with essential tools to see and understand the world more effectively.

Never, Never, Never Laugh (Winston S. Churchill)

One of the most economically powerful men in the world expresses an idea that may seem simple; however, like any process, it requires time, pain, and effort. The important thing here is that it is said by someone who illustrates this thought with his own story.

Difficulties Make Or Break People (Margaret Mitchell)

This shows that every painful experience fits in different ways in each person, everything will depend on the baggage of abilities that they have to face the facts.

Success Is Not The End, Failure Is Not Fatal; It Is The Courage To Continue That Counts (Winston Churchill)

This reflection teaches that it is not entirely about the consequences of actions, but how one acts based on them. That is what provides true definition.

It Is Not What We Do From Time To Time That Shapes Our Life. It’s What We Do Consistently (Anthony Robbins)

Another position considers discipline as the basis for the improvement of all competition. Habit, constant repetition is the only way to achieve unimaginable results.

Success Is The Child Of Hard Work And Perseverance. It Cannot Be Coerced; Pay The Price And It’s Yours. (Orison Sweet Marden)

Everyone must run their own competitions. This position is fair and necessary since it shows the personal responsibility and commitment that one must have to what one loves, adding all kinds of discipline and perseverance to ensure the result.

Perseverance Is The Act Of True Role Models And Heroes (Liza M. Wiemer)

Identify the true virtue of every person who is called someone important. It instructs so that people with this capacity can be taken as a model, by virtue of the results that it entails.

Keep Trying Until There Are No More Options (Aimee Carter)

Sometimes there are many resistances in the reach of any objective; however, in this thought, it is urged to use all the resources to achieve what is desired.

The Man Who Moves A Mountain Begins By Carrying Small Stones (Confucius)

The process and the steps in each of its paths, with perseverance and discipline, free up every possibility that allows you to achieve your goals. Nothing comes overnight, steps are required.

Nothing Great Is Achieved Without A Lot Of Resistance (Catherine Of Siena)

It reflects that all achievement of goals does not come in a vacuum, it absolutely requires effort and pain to face the problems that arise. Nothing is free in the world.

When You Get To The End Of Your Rope, Tie A Knot And Hang On (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

At each step, there must be a base that supports you so as not to fall, whether at the beginning of the path or at the end of it. This position demonstrates the anticipation and planning to face any situation that arises as an obstacle to achieving the desired goals.

The Secret To Achieving All Your Goals Is To Be Committed (Unknown Author)

And the important thing at this point is the commitment to the person himself, being framed in that position, knowing that everything will depend on his action, he will demonstrate the strength of his desire through the result of his actions.

A Winner Is Just A Loser Who Tried One More Time (George M. Moore)

It shows that there are no immaculate successes, that it is not part of a perfect process of achievement; it is not a general rule. The successful model depends on overcoming mistakes.

Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Going (Albert Einstein)

Life is dynamic, it is a set of hits and misses; the important thing is to manage problems effectively.

Never Give Up. Set A Goal And Don’t Give Up Until You Achieve It. When You Get It, Set Another Goal And Don’t Give Up Until You Reach It. Never Give Up. (Bear Bryant)

It is important to understand that greatness is not within reach of a single goal, but of constant goals. Life is a chain of events, and since the human being is part of it, he postulates new projects every day. In short, the essence of the definition of him is connected with commitment.

Energy And Perseverance Conquers All Things (Benjamin Franklin)

The first is the fuel and the second is the engine, their collective objective is to start until they reach the finish line.

Kites Fly Against And Not With The Wind (Winston Churchill)

The resistance is constantly shown, in this case, represented through metaphors, that are presented at the moment of wanting to achieve an objective. It is a resource used by the successful to show how complex the matter is and how rewarding the result is.

Perseverance Is A Great Element Of Success. If You Knock Long Enough And Loud Enough On The Door, You’re Sure To Pick Someone Up. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

It teaches the effects of success and the process to achieve it on other people. It is a very difficult noise to escape, it will always encourage attention and influence, other people, both for their own benefit, and to motivate others.

Never Confuse A Simple Defeat With A Final Defeat (F.Scott Fitzgerald)

As has been shown on other occasions, defeats are learning resources, their defined objective is to achieve what is desired more effectively. The complete defeat implies the abandonment of the goal, which means that it depends on each one.

Once You Learn To Quit, It Becomes A Habit (Vince Lombardi)

Just as functional things are learned, behaviors that move away from the objective can also be learned. It is up to each one to direct his gaze towards the repertoires that he wishes to learn.

There Is No Tree That The Wind Has Not Shaken (Proverb)

There is talk of effort, of the resistance that must be possessed in the face of storms.

It’s Not That I’m Very Smart, It’s That I Spend More Time With Problems (Albert Einstein)

The great physique demonstrates the key to success through discipline and habit. Each serves as an instrument to strengthen intelligence.

If You Are Not Making Mistakes, You Are Not Making Decisions (Catherine Cook)

Life is about risks, you can fail, but you can also win. Only those who take the role of active agent in the management of their own lives will know that.

With Talent And Perseverance, All Things Can Be Achieved. (Thomas Fowell Buxton)

It intertwines two properties that make possible any imminent success.

Many Of Life’s Failures Are From People Who Didn’t Realize How Close To Success They Were When They Gave Up (Thomas A. Edison)

Surrender will never be considered a relevant option. Each step is bearing a burden of probability towards success. It will always be dormant.

Always Remember That You Are Bigger Than Your Circumstances, You Are More Than Anything That Can Happen To You (Anthony Robbins)

Circumstances can shape the possibilities, but in each one there is the power to manage each element, incorporating its potential functions in the personal baggage to achieve the desired project.

Defeat Is Not The Worst Of Failures. Not Having Tried Is The Real Failure. (George Edward Woodberry)

Passivity and ineffectiveness due to fear only reap defeat and frustration, everything else only implies learning.

Perseverance Is The Virtue By Which All Other Virtues Bear Fruit (Arthur Graffe)

Each talent requires its process in time and dedication, but sometimes that process takes longer than expected, endangering everything that has already been forged. At that moment, a greater attribute is required, the one that will serve as a treatment for waiting, that is, perseverance.

If The Seed Is Sown With Faith And Cared For, With Perseverance, It Will Only Be A Matter Of Time To Reap Its Fruits. (Thomas Carlyle)

The fruits are not born when you want, but at the moment arranged in your purpose. For that reason, a good waiting tool is a perseverance.

Successful Men And Women Move On. They Make Mistakes, But They Keep Going. (Conrad Hilton)

By setting our sights on the goal, everything else becomes the scaffolding for its consummation. Therein lies the source of all success.

It Is Not What We Have, But Not Giving Up That Makes Us Rich. (Henry Ward Beecher)

There is constant talk of always being in action directed to the objective, the rest gets in the way.

The Superior Man Is The One Who Is Always Faithful To Hope; Not Persevering Is Cowardly (Euripides)

There is not much to add. This is a sharp reflection that redirects all the conceptions that could have been had on these matters. Again, abandonment is not a safe path.

The Man Who Swims Against The Current Knows His Strength (Woodrow Wilson)

Difficulties are what will reveal the strength of each skill in a person. It is a necessary evaluation.

All Your Dreams Can Come True If You Have The Courage To Pursue Them (Walt-Disney)

Nothing falls from the sky or comes easily. Everything requires effort and sacrifice.

Life, In General, Is Like This: A Very Long Chain Of Frustrated Projects Interrupted, Very Occasionally, By A Project That Comes To Fruition. (Jordi Soler)

It may sound pessimistic when reading this very realistic idea. However, it is hinted that there will always be a possibility that opens the way to success. You don’t have to give up.

You May Meet Many Defeats, But You Must Not Be Defeated. In Fact, It Might Take You To Find a Defeat To Know Who You Are. (Maya Angelou)

Learning implies defining identity and knowing the limitations and virtues. The best treatment to achieve this, although it sounds paradoxical, is a failure.

Whatever You Have Decided To Do, Do It With All Your Might. (Ecclesiastes)

A motivating phrase that illustrates the desire for something and the path to achieving it. All aspiration implies action.

Courage Does Not Always Roar. Sometimes Courage Is A Little Voice At The End Of The Day That Says “I’ll Try Again.” (Mary Anne Radmacher)

There will always be a reason to continue, you just have to learn to be open to understanding its meanings.

The Successful Man Is An Average Man, With A Laser-Like Ability To Focus (Bruce Lee)

It’s not the talent, much less the strength, it’s about how focused you have to be to achieve the goal.

Never Give Up. You’ve Only Got One Life. Go Get Her. (Richard E Grant)

There is nothing to lose by trying it. What is lost is time by avoiding doing something. This is a way of representing love towards something or someone.

Build Success From Failures. Discouragement And Failure Are Two Sure Stones To Success. (Dale Carnegie)

This shows a truth, in view of the fact that every failure grants the possibility of understanding the properties of each path, in order to undertake one with prudence. Every failure is a double step to success.

Sometimes Adversity Is What You Need To Face To Be Successful. (Zig Ziglar)

Storms provide the tools to more effectively manage any success.

Without Struggle There Is No Progress. (Frederick Douglas)

A principle that should not be forgotten. An effort is necessary to achieve goals.

Impossible Is A Word That Is Only Found In The Dictionary Of Fools. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

When you want something so badly, you will always find the means to get it. Otherwise, he shows that he had no commitment to anything and succumbed to the fear of being wrong. That is the definition of foolishness.

I Find That The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Am. (Thomas Jefferson)

It shows the product of effort, perseverance, and discipline. Anything well done brings fruitful results.

Courage Is Going From Failure To Failure Without Loss Of Enthusiasm. (Winston S.Churchill)

Knowing how to interpret negative results is a fundamental element to remain standing in adversity.

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard. (Anonymous)

Here it is evident how harmful the lack of balance between talent and work can be. Sometimes, many people miss opportunities and subjugate their skills, due to a lack of discipline in their constant work to refine it.

You May Have To Fight A Battle More Than Once To Win It. (Margaret Thatcher)

There will constantly be opportunities to face the circumstances that led to a defeat. These are the sources that estimate learning from past experiences.

We Must Embrace The Pain And Burn It Like Gasoline For Our Journey. (Kenji Miyazawa)

Great teaching about not giving up, about grabbing every experience and using it to your advantage.

Difficult Things Require A Long Time, Impossible Things A Little More. (André A. Jackson)

In this principle, the time has attributed the responsibility of training all hope in the human being. Each wish, coupled with the hard work to achieve it, runs in the wait, the one that very few want to wait for.

In The Depth Of Winter, I Learned That Inside Me There Is An Invincible Summer (Albert Camus)

This teaching shows the individual’s ability to use their emotional resources as protection against the adversities of the environment.

To Do Great Things, To Achieve Great Goals, You Have To Be Willing To Do Things That Normal People Rarely Do. (Anonymous)

Being a genius, having an approach towards a goal, implies leaving the traditional and using new and functional things to achieve it.

A Successful Man Is One Who Is Able To Lay A Foundation With The Bricks That Others Have Thrown At Him. (David Brinkley)

Knowing how to use the adversities and restrictions of the environment for one’s own good is what defines a person with focus.

The Only Fight That Is Lost Is The One That Is Abandoned. (Che Guevara)

Giving up is synonymous with failure. Every action is a virtue that demonstrates the desire to achieve a goal.

No Masterpiece Was Created By A Lazy Artist. (Anonymous)

Dedication, effort, discipline, and perseverance are virtues reflected in the work done by each individual. Excellence is the end product.

I Am Not Discouraged, Because Every Wrong Attempt Discarded Is A Step Forward. (Thomas Edison)

A man who failed a lot, but in the end achieved something that changed civilization, shows, from his own experience, the virtues of failure.


In conclusion, you can glimpse the results of this fundamental faculty in the development of the human being. However, it is important to clarify that each individual builds their own bricks to achieve their goals. Each element must be adjusted to the capacities of each one, together with their resources. We hope you liked these phrases about perseverance. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more related posts.

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