Plagramme: A Comprehensive Plagiarism-Checking Software

Comprehensive Plagiarism-Checking Software: Anyone who deals with content understands the importance of creating plagiarism-free content. Plagramme is not just another plagiarism-checking site, it is based on an advanced plagiarism detection technology and checks your document while providing scores for different aspects of the content. These include plagiarism-risk score, similarity score, paraphrase, bad citations, and matches. It is a freemium software that offers plagiarism checking as free feature and many other features as part of paid plan.


Plagramme Statistics

According to Plagramme, it scans a staggering 14 trillion webpages, books and other online content to detect any potential risks of plagiarism when you upload a document. It claims that its detection algorithm is highly accurate and when we used it we found it to be highly precise. It claims to take an average of 3 minutes for checking documents, but we were able to get results within 2 minutes almost every time. The company claims millions of documents are scanned in a year.

We tested documents with up to 10 pages and it didn’t take more than 2 minutes most of the time. However, it allows uploading documents with up to a thousand pages. It also claims to be the top plagiarism checker in 3 countries.





We were able to edit the documents using its online editor as and when it completed the plagiarism checks along with all the color-marked problems. There is no limit to how many times we could recheck the files and edit them.


Effective Plagiarism Detection

Plagramme checks the documents for plagiarism for free. This feature of the software is available for free and there is no need to pay anything. It displays a plagiarism-risk score based on evaluating many factors. It evaluates different factors to detect plagiarism, including:

  • Similarities
  • Matches
  • Amount of paraphrase
  • Improper citations


Similarity Score



Once Plagramme scans the document, it will generate a report with similarity score. The score provides you a clear idea of the amount of similarities in the document.


If the document has high similarity score or high plagiarism risk score, a detailed report can be availed by making a one-time payment. Once the payment is made and confirmed, click on the “view detailed report” option. All the problem areas in the content are clearly marked. The content with issues is marked in different colors to earmark different types of errors. When we clicked on the highlighted part, a link displays the text’s original source. This feature makes document correction much easier. 


Safe Plagiarism Checker

Safety and security is a major concern when using a plagiarism checker. There are two points that we found to be convincing. The site’s privacy policy states that it doesn’t save or use any of the documents we upload for plagiarism checking. Secondly, it claims to use SSL technology to ensure that all the data in our files are encoded and protected from snooping or hacking.

SSL technology ensures that the content in our documents is compared anonymously with online sources. The software allows us to delete the documents once we have checked it for plagiarism.


Ease of Use

The advanced plagiarism-checking algorithm is the main reason we found Plagramme to be a winner. Its ease of use is another reason. Files can be uploaded easily by clicking on the upload button. It also provides a drag-and-drop feature. We were also able to drag and drop files into the area.

Once the files are free of plagiarism and finalized within the online editor, we could download it. There are no changes to the document’s format. The layout, format and any images are retained as such.


Check Documents in Over 128 Languages

A unique feature that differentiates Plagramme from most of the plagiarism checkers in the industry is its multilingual support. We were able to check documents in English, French and Spanish and it didn’t have any issues. We later found out that it supports 128 languages. Most of the other software we have used we paid, didn’t run such deeper check across 14 trillion online resources and didn’t support so many languages.

The detailed report can be shared with anyone. The feature is specifically useful for students who want to share the report with their educators who are also using Plagramme. Students can easily share the report by entering their professor’s email address.



We found Plagramme taking longer than many other plagiarism-checking software. The reason is obvious. It runs a much deeper and sophisticated scan across the web. In fact, almost all other software took lesser time. We found it far more reasonable to wait a little longer and run a thorough scan.

Almost every other plagiarism-checker charges a fee to check documents. Many have limitations to how large a document we could upload. Plagramme allows uploading documents with up to a thousand pages. This software offers basic plagiarism-checking feature for free. We needed to pay for the advanced features, starting with detailed reports. It is the only software we found that offers paraphrase, matches, bad citations, and similarity scores separately.

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