Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Online Slots

Online casinos are fairly ubiquitous these days, enjoying huge popularity in countries where they are legalized and regulated like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and a handful of US states. If you visit a casino site, you will quickly realize that the games given the most prominence on the platform fall under the category of slots. At a rough guess, slots usually represent around 80% of all games on a casino site. The question, though, is whether you should be playing them or looking at other games?

That’s not an easy question to answer. Let’s first look at why you shouldn’t be playing slots; and, then we will make the case for why they remain a popular choice, as well as explaining how to be smarter in your choice of slots.


First, the case against slots. The main thing to understand is that slots usually have the highest rate of return for the casino. A typical slot game will have an RTP of around 94-96%, meaning the casino effectively takes a house edge of around 4-6%. A game like a blackjack or a video poker might have a much higher rate of return to the player, perhaps around 99%.

The other point to note is that slots run on RNGs (random number generators), so there is no element of skill involved. You can’t be ‘skilled’ at playing slots in the same way as poker or blackjack. The outcome is built into the software, and there is basically nothing you can do to change it.

Big Prizes have Gained Slots Lots of Fans

But, before you go running off to practice your card counting, there are some strong arguments to be made for playing slots ahead of other casino games. For a start, the prizes are much, much bigger. Just look at the list of big jackpot slots at casino.com/slots/, many of which can be worth over £1 million. If you compare that to, say, roulette, where the top prize is 35 times your stake for a winning ‘straight-up’ bet.

While many players of slots treat playing jackpot games like the pursuit of buying a winning lotto ticket, it should also be noted that the games offer a wider variety of entertainment than the classic casino games. A slot can be based on almost anything: From the music of your favorite rock band, such as Guns N’ Roses slot, to the fantasy world of gods and elves, such as with the Age of the Gods slots. Indeed, new technology has meant the visual experience of slots, as well as the gameplay, is akin to a contemporary video game.

Choose the Right Slot at the Right Time

We mentioned earlier that there isn’t really a strategy for playing slots, and that’s true up to a point. It is, however, fair to say that there should be a strategy for choosing slots. For instance, we mentioned that there is a range of RTP figures for slots, and you can find that information easily online, sometimes on the casino sites themselves. In short, the higher the RTP, the more that game will return to players over time.

In addition, it is worth your time to do some exportation into the hot trend of ‘daily’ and ‘must go’ jackpots. These are games that will have prizes that must be won by a certain time or before the jackpot has reached a certain figure. Obviously, you can time your gameplay session to better coincide with these factors.

In the end, you should treat playing slots with a bit of caution. The entertainment and pursuit of big prizes can make you forget how much you are spending, despite the fact games can be played for just a few pence per spin. The best advice applies to all casino games: Keep a cool head and set your limits before you play.

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