20 Best Poems With Authors and Meaning – Spanish Poems Translated in English

20 Best Poems: Poems are literary compositions that are made up of verses, these belong to the genre known as poetry. Through poetry, we seek to show the reader the beauty of language, with each word you can inspire various feelings, depending on how the author wants it.

From love to melancholy, all poems are capable of provoking and expressing different emotions. As far as the extension, the poems also usually vary in this aspect. From long compositions that can be divided into stanzas or not, to poems that prefer to be more specific, still expressing what they like.

best poems with authors

If you were searching for some beautiful poems to recite for your lover or just looking for some poems to pass your time, we’ve got you covered. Here, we have listed the best 20 Spanish poems for you. Go through these poems and tell us which one is your favorite so far in the comments.

Poems, With Their Author And Their Meaning

We have collected 20 poems on different themes so you can get inspired if that is what you are looking for. So sit back, and get ready to feel what each author experienced while writing these poems.

 best poems of all time

Mario Benedetti – When We Were Kids

When we were children,
old people were about thirty,
a puddle was an ocean,
plain and simple death
did not exist.

then when boys
the old men were people of forty
a pond was an ocean
death just
a word

already when we got married
the elderly were in their fifties
a lake was an ocean
death was the death
of others.

now veterans
we have reached the truth
the ocean is finally the ocean
but death begins to be

  • At 44 years of age, Mario Benedetti expressed his perception of time, and how it passes and brings maturity. He subtly describes how, depending on the age, the perception of life changes. And the final stanza describes how as we get older, we become aware of the passage of time.

Federico García Lorca – It Is True

Oh what a job it costs me to
love you as I love you!

For your love my air,
my heart
and my hat ache.

Who would buy me
this headband that I have
and this sadness of
white thread, to make handkerchiefs?

Oh what a job it costs me to
love you as I love you!

  • In this poem, the author describes the unconditional love he feels. The love he feels is so much that he says it causes him pain. The relationship you have makes you suffer or it could also be that you are in a situation of unrequited love.

Ruben Dario – Margarita

Do you remember that you wanted to be a Margarita
Gautier? Fixed in my mind your strange face is,
when we have dinner together, on the first date,
on a joyous night that will never return.

Your scarlet lips of cursed purple
sipped the champagne of the fine baccarat;
your fingers plucked the white daisy,
“Yes… no… yes… no…” and you knew she adored you already!

Then, oh flower of Hysteria! you cried and laughed;
your kisses and your tears I had in my mouth;
your laughter, your fragrances, your complaints, were mine.

And on a sad afternoon of the sweetest days,
Death, the jealous one, to see if you loved me,
like a daisy of love, defoliated you!

  • Rubén Darío recalls the first date he had with a woman with whom he had a relationship. The poet makes us understand how much he loved this woman. And as easy as removing a petal from a daisy, one day her death took it away.

Mario Benedetti – Syndrome

I still have almost all my teeth
almost all my hair and very few gray hairs
I can make and unmake love
climb a ladder two by two
and run forty meters behind the bus
so I shouldn’t feel old
but the serious problem is that before
I didn’t notice these details.

  • Once again we have Benedetti and a poem whose main theme is the passage of time. And although at the stage in which he wrote this poem he did not look physically old, what made him feel that way is that he had become aware of certain details.

Heberto Padilla – The Voice

It is not the guitar that cheers up
Or drives away fear at midnight
It is not its round and gentle staff
like a bull’s eye
It is not the hand that rubs or clings to the strings
looking for sounds
but the human voice when it sings
and spreads the dreams of man.

  • Herberto Padilla was a Cuban poet, and in this poem, he describes how the guitar alone does not produce a deep feeling within him. Not even the execution of the instrument is enough to awaken something in him, but rather the human voice that sings using this instrument.

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer – Rhyme IV

Do not say that, exhausted its treasure,
of matters lacking, the lyre fell silent;
there may be no poets, but there will always
be poetry.

As long as the waves of light
throb at the kiss,
as long as the sun tears the clouds
of fire and gold seen,
as long as the air in its lap carries
perfumes and harmonies,
as long as there is spring in the world, there
will be poetry!

As long as the science to discover does not reach
the sources of life,
and in the sea or in the sky there is an abyss
that resists calculation,
as long as humanity always advancing
does not know where it is going,
as long as there is a mystery for man,
there will be poetry!

As long as you feel that the soul laughs,
without the lips laughing;
as long as she cries, without the tears coming
to cloud her pupil; As long as the battling
heart and head continue, As long as there are hopes and memories, there will be poetry!

As long as there are eyes that reflect
the eyes that look at them,
as long as the sighing lip responds to the sighing
lip, as long as two confused souls
can feel each other in a kiss, as long as there is a beautiful woman, there will be poetry!

  • This is a beautiful poem by a great author. The poem speaks of poetry itself, it reflects that no matter what situation is or is not, poetry will always be eternal. This poem is full of allusions to the nature that surrounds man, and his role in the world.

Federico García Lorca – Farewell

If I die,
leave the balcony open.

The boy eats oranges.
(From my balcony I see it).

The reaper mowing wheat.
(I’m sorry from my balcony).

If I die,
leave the balcony open!

  • With this short poem, the author makes known the wish he has for when the moment of his death arrives. He says he wants to see the orange tree that can be seen from his balcony and the harvest of the wheat field. These are images that make him happy, and therefore the last thing he wants to see.

Juan Ramón Jiménez – Autumn

October scatters, to the soft movement
of the south, the golden and red leaves,
and, in the clear fall of its leaves,
it takes thought to infinity.

What noble peace in this estrangement
from everything; oh beautiful meadow that defoliates
your flowers; oh cold water now, that wets
the wind with your shaken glass!

Gold enchantment! Pure prison,
in which the body, made soul, softens,
thrown in the greenery of a hill!

In a decadence of beauty,
life undresses and shines
the loftiness of its divine truth.

  • Juan Ramón Jimenez shows us with this poem how he perceives the arrival of autumn. He expresses that even though autumn leaves fall off the trees and the atmosphere turns cold, the beauty of nature only becomes more magnificent.

Pablo Neruda – I Like It When You Shut Up

I like you when you’re silent because you’re like absent,
and you hear me from afar, and my voice doesn’t touch you.
It seems that your eyes have flown away
and it seems that a kiss closed your mouth.

As all things are full of my soul,
you emerge from things, full of my soul.
Dream butterfly, you look like my soul,
and you look like the word melancholy.

I like you when you shut up and you’re distant.
And you’re like complaining, cooing butterfly.
And you hear me from afar, and my voice does not reach you:
let me shut up with your silence.

Let me also speak to you with your silence
, clear as a lamp, simple as a ring.
You are like the night, quiet and constellated.
Your silence is from the stars, so far and simple.

I like you when you are silent because you are absent.
Distant and painful as if you had died.
A word then, a smile is enough.
And I’m glad, glad it’s not true.

  • Pablo Neruda is considered one of the best poets of the 20th century. In this poem, he expresses that love is contradictory. Like the happy impossibility of possessing the one you love, and accepting that silence and absence are part of it.

Alejandra Pizarnik – Only

I already understand the truth
explodes in my desires
and in my misfortunes
in my misunderstandings
in my imbalances
in my delusions

I already understand the truth
to look for life

  • In this poem, the author states that she has learned the truth about something she did not know, and this has produced a change in her reality. She now, knowing the truth, decides to live life as she wants and feels.

Julio Cortázar – An Idea

An incandescent idea came to me this morning,
a torch that flamed at the top of my mind
but alone and without reinforcements, perhaps I will lose the battle
already waged long ago by your brilliance and a coward

a coward who wavers between oblivion and after nothingness
that wavers after your steps and your melodic gaze
that gets lost dazzled after the cry of your eyes
that dazes blinded after the brightness of your name

who hides behind the letters of some other name
and still does not dare to shout from the one who hides
who bravely faces tangled storms
and escapes like a child when he discovers himself by your side

that wakes up at noon and falls asleep when saying goodbye to
you that whispers so powerfully and shouts so slowly
that walks so fast and with eyes tightly closed
worthless along the cornice that leads to your palace

An idea of ​​courage came to me this morning
to sit face to face and take off the camouflage
of blowing my emotions and transforming them into words
into words that explain how ice waterfalls

An idea as sublime as so many that you gave me
as of late and predictable as so many I have had
but alone and without reinforcements of courage and other allies
has lost the battle
it is already night
you already left.

  • The feeling of smallness that is experienced in the face of deep and broad emotions such as falling in love, courage, and self-confidence is the theme of this poem. The great love that the poet feels for his beloved makes him shrink.

Alfonsina Storni – Peace

Let’s go towards the trees… the dream
will be made in us by celestial virtue.
We go to the trees; the night
will be soft for us, light sadness.

We go towards the trees, the soul
numb with wild perfume.
But keep quiet, don’t speak, be pious;
Don’t wake the sleeping birds.

  • With the image of a forest, the poet symbolizes peace. A place where sadness is appeased, producing a feeling of comfort. The forest is at peace, but you must be careful, as it is very fragile, and the peace can be broken.

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Eternal Love

The sun may be clouded forever;
The sea can dry up in an instant;
The axis of the earth may break
Like a weak crystal.
Everything will happen! Death will be able
to Cover me with its funereal crepe; But the flame of your love
can never go out in me.

  • “Eternal love” is a poem that describes the love of the poet, a love without end. He explains in the brief writing that he could go through anything, such as clouding the sun completely or drying up the sea, but his love would not be affected.

Nezahualcoyotl – I Remember That I Left

How should I go?
Will I leave nothing behind me on earth?
How should my heart act?
Is it in vain that we come to live,
to sprout on earth?
Let’s leave at least flowers
Let’s leave at least songs

  • One of the questions we ask ourselves the most is “what will happen after we die?” The poet does not want his life to have been in vain, he does not want to leave without having left something of value for others. And if any legacy has been left, it must be something beautiful.

Luis De Góngora – To Jealousy

O mist of the most serene state,
Infernal fury, ill-born serpent!
Oh poisonous viper hidden
From green meadow in fragrant bosom!

Oh among the nectar of deadly poison Love,
That in a crystal glass you take away life!
O sword over me by a hair seized,
Of the loving spur hard brake!

Oh zeal, of the eternal executioner favor!
Go back to the sad place where you were,
Or to the kingdom (if you fit there) of terror;

But you won’t fit there, because there’s so much
That you eat of yourself and you don’t finish it,
You must be greater than hell itself.

  • In this poem, Luis de Góngora compares the feeling of jealousy to a dark place, full of negativity and pessimism. But despite the nuance of the landscape, he mentions that there is a green meadow within it as if to say that despite being a negative emotion, it is part of the nature of being human.

Jaime Sabines – Your Name

I try to write your name in the dark.
I try to write that I love you.
I try to say all this in the dark.
I don’t want anyone to find out,
anyone to look at me at three in the morning
walking from one side of the room to the other,
crazy, full of you, in love.
Enlightened, blind, full of you, spilling you.
I say your name with all the silence of the night,
my gagged heart screams it.
I repeat your name, I say it again,
I say it tirelessly,
and I’m sure it will dawn.

  • The poet claims to be in love but does not find a way to express it within reason. He wants to hide his feelings toward the woman he loves, but he is completely in love. And even just mentioning his name makes him emotional.

Jose Emilio Pacheco – The Fire

El Fuego, José Emilio Pacheco
In the wood that resolves itself into sparks and flames
then in silence and smoke that is lost
you watched your life unravel with a stealthy roar
And you wonder if it would have given heat
if it knew any of the forms of fire
if it came to burn and illuminate with its flame
Otherwise, everything will have been vain
Smoke and ashes will not be forgiven
because they could not against the darkness
—such firewood that burns in a deserted room
or in a cave inhabited only by the dead.

  • The poet compares life to fire, as it is born from something so simple and can do great things, but in the end, it succumbs to darkness. He uses this metaphor to make us aware that our life can leave more than just remains.

Vicente Huidobro – Poetic Art

May the verse be like a key
that opens a thousand doors.
A leaf falls; something flies by;
As long as the eyes look created,
And the soul of the listener remains trembling.

Invent new worlds and take care of your word;
When the adjective does not give life, it kills.

We are in the cycle of nerves.
The muscle hangs,
As a souvenir, in museums;
But we do not have less strength for that:
True strength
resides in the head.

Why do you sing the rose, oh Poets!
Make it flourish in the poem;

Only for us
Live all things under the Sun.

The Poet is a little God.

I love you – Luis Cernuda

I have told you with the wind,
playing like a little animal in the sand
or angry like an impetuous organ;

I have told you with the sun,
that gilds naked youthful bodies
and smiles at all innocent things;

I have told you with the clouds,
melancholy foreheads that support the sky,
fugitive sorrows;

I have told you with the plants,
light transparent creatures
that are covered with a sudden blush;

I have told you with water,
luminous life that veils a background of shadow;
I have told you with fear,
I have told you with joy,
with boredom, with terrible words.

But that’s not enough for me:
beyond life,
I want to tell you with death;
beyond love,
I want to tell you with oblivion.

  • This is a love poem where the author tells his beloved everything he feels, and how much he loves her. The innocence of her words is perceived, along with the strength and restlessness with which she expresses them.

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – For A Look, A World

For a look, a world;
for a smile, a sky;
for a kiss… I don’t know
what I would give you for a kiss.

  • To culminate, we have a short poem by Bécquer, and as is constant in his poems, the theme is love. The poet is so in love with his beloved that he relates that for just one look he would be able to give her the world, even much more for a kiss.


Those are the 20 best Spanish poems along with their author names and meaning. These are very beautiful poems of all time written in Spanish but we have translated them for you here. We hope this article on the best poems was of your liking. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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