Points to be keep in Mind when we Buy VPN Services.

Do I need a VPN provider?Today, there are an enormous number of VPN services ready to offer attractive features that meet all your requirements. Before making a choice, there are sore points to consider, namely:


  • Pricing policy. Plan your budget and look for suitable provider;
  • Speed. Find out about amount of servers and its location;
  • Availability of professional customer support 24/7;
  • Ability to have more than one device connected to VPN service as some providers allow to use only one device at a time while you have PC, laptop, tablet, phone, and Xbox;
  • Free trial period presence lets users try the quality of services. Availability of money back guarantees also a benefit.


Living in modern society, everyone needs a reliable service to ensure online safety as every time we use public Wi-Fi our personal information is very easy to find out. Hackers, ad trackers, malware they all use the unprotected open connection to get to your files. Moreover, numerous websites are blocked from accessing by the government, educational facilities. Multiple VPN providers allow access to favorite previously banned resources. With buffered VPN Netflix streaming is possible from any part of the world.


In this case, VPN service is invaluable as every time you use the Internet there is a shield that protects your identity, personal information and unblocks access to other countries, that provide online censorship and ability to visit blocked sites and apps. Who wouldn’t want to have such magical armor? Among most obvious benefits VPN providers offer to its users are following:

  • Your provider hides IP address as well as encrypts user’s real identity;
  • Unblocks websites and able to simulate any country;
  • Provides protection against hackers, snoopers, and identity theft as well as from ad trackers and malware;
  • Creates a feeling of complete online safety for users when they travel.

Read online reviews, ask friends for referrals but don’t stop looking for the most suitable provider.

Fantastic service from best provider:

Among numerous providers available on the market today one surely stands out – Hungary based service Buffered VPN. It ensures complete anonymity online even while using public Wi-Fi; your personal data, passwords are protected from the third parties. The provider also provides unlimited speed and bandwidth, ability to bypass online censorship, hide actual physical location and many other features.  

Buffered VPN has servers in more than 36 countries, and the number of location is steadily growing. Therefore, the provider offers excellent speed and connectivity to every customer all over the world. Simultaneous connection for up to five devices is available along with unlimited bandwidth and server choice. Service supports such platforms as Linux, Mac, and Windows. This is an actually appropriate solution for everyone who is in search for reliable service and values quality and safety.

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