Improve Your Productivity With Printable Calendars

You can significantly improve your productivity with a printable calendar. There’s so much you need to get done every day, but how are you going to organize yourself to get everything done on time?

With the help of a printable productivity calendar, you can keep yourself motivated and organized every day. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your productivity with a printable calendar.

Printable calendars

The Basics:

To create your productive calendar, you should make a full list of activities that you will fill your calendar with, but before that, you must find a resource from where to choose your templates. Websites like are great if you like to personalize to suit your needs. Some people only like plugging important activities into their calendar, whereas others like putting everything they do into it. You should also get a few markers or highlighters, so you can colour-code the activities you do into different groups.

Create Reminders:

One of the best ways to make the most of your printable calendar is to write in all your reminders, so you don’t have to remember them. For example, do you need to hand in a school assignment next week, or pay a bill?

Your calendar is the best place for these reminders, so they’re front in center, and you can easily see them every day. Also, due dates are an important thing to put into your calendar as well. This way you can keep yourself on track and try getting ahead of your schedule. Other things to put into your calendar to stay productive are reminders for large projects to stay on track with your due dates and break times. You should set a few 20-minute breaks a day to give yourself some “you time.” This way, you don’t get too overwhelmed with work all at once.

Use Color Coding:

There’s nothing worse than looking at a dull calendar all day long. Spice it up with some creative colours by colour coding your activities throughout the day, week, or month. Colors can help visually break up the things you need to do during the day and help you stay alert of due dates and reminders.
Choose a few colours to use for meetings, appointments, reminders, and due dates. Remember, you want separate colours, and write down what each colour represents. You don’t want to mark activities incorrectly, or you may find yourself in a bad position in the future. However, take some time to determine what colours you want to use and create a colour coding system that works for you.

Block Up Your Time:

In your printable calendar, block up your time in chunks. Find when you’re most productive and block off that time to spend on the most time-consuming activities of your day. However, you can also block off other times to work on side assignments, such as work that’s due later in the week to get yourself ahead. Blocking up your time can seriously help you better manage your day and stay productive, even if it feels time-consuming.

Use It to Get Ahead:

We’ve mentioned this a few times already, but a printable calendar is a great way to get ahead of tasks. This can help boost your productivity and offer you more free time. When you block up your time for the future, make sure you give yourself enough time to write the post, and a little extra to get some additional tasks completed. This way, you don’t feel too overwhelmed, especially if you have a particularly busy schedule.

Be Smart About Scheduling Meetings:

If you’re a person who has a lot of meetings to schedule in a given week, it’s important to be smart about them. You don’t want to schedule them too close together, or you may end up losing focus and productivity for them. Before accepting a meeting invitation, make sure you have time for it and have at least a few hours of doing some other activity in between meetings.

If you’re not feeling up to the meeting you have scheduled, make sure you reschedule it. If your day is loaded with meetings with managers or clients, make sure you schedule regular meal breaks. You won’t be able to think if your stomach is growling throughout your entire meeting.

Using printable calendars are a great way to get ahead, as well as improve your productivity. They may seem flimsy to record all your important dates, but once you have it colour coded and arranged to the way you have it, you can back up to your iCalendar, Google Calendar, etc.

In fact, we actually recommend doing this. Nevertheless, using a calendar to record your meetings, due dates, meetings, reminders, and other activities are incredibly important to do to keep yourself productive all-day long. Before you know it, you’ll be able to take more time off from work and give yourself more “me time.”

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