65 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend (Fun and Romantic)

65 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend: Knowing your partner well is one of the greatest success rates to preserve a relationship over time. That’s why we have prepared 65 questions to ask your girlfriend that will help you know her better.

Knowing her implies making the best decisions in your relationship and will help you cope with relationship problems and come out ahead. Communication is one of the fundamental pillars to establish a solid relationship, a tool that will prevent our relationship from hanging by a thread and ending soon.

65 questions to ask your girlfriend

Therefore, it is better to start communicating in a fun and relaxing way. By using these questions to ask your girlfriend, you can have fun and also get to know each other better.

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65 Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Below, you can find 65 of the best questions you can ask your girlfriend to get to know her better and strengthen your relationship. These are all the questions you can ask when you are on step 2 or a dating level.

romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

What do you consider to be my worst flaw?

A good question to give your partner the opportunity to tell you what bothers him that you do, either with him or with other people.

Did you have fantasies about me before being your boyfriend?

Most people like to feel desired in some way and this is one way to ask your partner.

Have you ever gotten drunk?

We mistakenly believe that men tend to drink more than women, but you may be in for a big surprise.

What is your most embarrassing experience?

A question to break the seriousness and an opportunity to get to know a vulnerable part of your partner, as well as a laugh for a while.

Do you ever think about getting married?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your girlfriend. With this question, we can establish a clear idea of ​​the type of relationship to which our partner aspires.

Have you fantasized about someone of your same sex?

You may not like to hear the answer to this question, but it lets you know how closed off your partner is about their sexuality.

Would you tell me your secrets?

A question that we can ask is to know the degree of trust that our partner has over us, a point like this is not covered by the simple fact of being your partner.

Have you ever lied to me?

A question that takes complete sincerity, if you have already asked the question, it is because you must know how to deal with the answer. You will receive the truth to the extent that your partner can trust you.

Do you see yourself with me in the future?

This is an awkward question that can put pressure on your partner, especially if you’ve recently started a relationship with them. It would be a more sensible question if you’ve been with her for a couple of years.

Do many people flirt with you?

A question that we usually ask when we consider our partner attractive, considers that the answer can be very relative. In the end, this can make you feel proud or uncomfortable.

Do you think that you can only desire one person in life?

A good question to find out how your partner idealizes love in a relationship.

Is there something you don’t like about sex?

An excellent question to take notes and correct mistakes, especially in an area of ​​the relationship as delicate as this.

Have you had your heart broken?

A question from which you can learn a lot, for example, what was the cause, and avoid repeating the same situation. It can be difficult for a disappointed woman to quickly trust another partner again, so give her time.

Who do you hate and why?

Curious question to give a name or a face to the person who awakens that feeling in your partner, It would be a shame if that person was a friend of yours.

What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

A good question to know how far our partner is able to go for a person.

What do you think of casual sex?

It will let you know if your partner is open-minded or completely disqualifies such acts.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in bed?

This answer can benefit you a lot, pay attention and try to ask the question in an appropriate situation, it is not something you can ask at any time.

Do you like to make love in the light or in the dark?

It is always important to know the way your partner feels comfortable, that definitely works in your favor.

Have you had any STDs?

This is a type of information that is always important to know, especially if you have an active sexual life with that person.

What did you think when you saw me for the first time?

Many men like to know what their partners thought of them even before they met, which seems to give them confidence.

What do you not like about me?

A good question to start a constructive and feedback talk, learn to listen.

Do you have any pet peeves in bed?

Many couples have a kind of routine or ritual before or after having sex, this question may go that way.

Who is your crush?

This is a question where we will usually hear famous people’s names answered. In it, we can discover certain types of tastes.

Would you like to have children?

It is very common to hear women say that having children is not contemplated in their life plans, something totally respectable, but that you should contrast with your future plans.

Would you change something about yourself?

Here we can know how comfortable our partner feels with his personality and his body. You can help her change little things that make her feel like a change in what she dislikes.

What is your opinion about infidelity?

Normally these types of acts are totally disqualified by many couples, but there are those who handle themselves for other types of conditions.

Do you believe in soul mates?

This is one of the romantic questions to ask your girlfriend. Many women idealize a love or a partner believing that they can find that ideal person. You can contribute to this in many ways.

Who was your first love?

Something that can be practically irrelevant if you do not know the name of the person who gives you the answer, on the other hand, if it is someone you know it can become interesting.

Would you do something you don’t want for money?

A question that can provide us with valuable information about the values, ideologies, or moral limits of our partner.

Do you like to flirt even if you have a partner?

Many people like to flirt or be flirted with, which is not exactly a bad thing.

If I looked completely different, would you still love me?

A question we normally ask to ensure our “security” or whatever that means. The truth is that these types of situations will always be mere assumptions and the answer may always be yes.

Would you risk your life to save mine?

We like to believe that we are really important to her, and this question can help us to know that much.

Do I make you happy?

It is important to know if our partner feels full and satisfied by our side, the answer to this question is very, very important.

Do you have any fear?

An interesting question is to know the vulnerable side of your partner and take it into account in the future.

Do I make you want a future with me?

This is a question we usually ask to find out where we are in the relationship and because we may visualize ourselves with that person later.

Do you think I’m funny?

Laughter is essential in a relationship and many women like it a lot, it’s good to know if she’s having fun with you.

Do you think I’m handsome?

One of the reasons why we think that a woman is interested in a man, the truth is that on many occasions this is not the case. It is better to ask to be sure.

Do you like romantic or cheesy movies?

There are women who definitely do not prefer this type of genre and many times we take it for granted. Asking can save you hours of boring movies.

When you are alone, do you think of me?

We like to believe that we are constantly on our minds about our partner and it literally doesn’t always have to be that way.

Am I the type of guy you would take home to your parents?

Many men are interested in knowing if they are really a good match to be introduced to the family.

Do you have any secrets that you would share with me?

All women have some kind of secret, depending on the level of trust your partner has in you, it will be easier for him to tell you.

Do you talk about me when you are with your friends?

Many like to be boastful with their friends or at least know about him.

Would you get a tattoo?

A decision that should be thought through but that many girls would surely make.

Would you operate any part of your body for pleasure?

Some women are not comfortable with certain parts of their body, in this way you can know what they do not like about it.

Would you go live with me?

Unless you don’t have a good relationship with her, this question is too hasty. This is one of the best questions to ask your girlfriend if you want her to move in with you.

Do you like to cook?

Many people, far from liking it, don’t even know. It is always good to ask, remember that you can also fall in love with the palate.

Do you like to party?

Something that we must keep in mind if either of the two is totally the opposite.

Do you like to travel?

Traveling as a couple is a way to consolidate a relationship, it is always good that you like to go out and see new places.

Would you change cities to live or work?

A question in which you will test their sense of freedom and independence.

What is your favorite food?

This is one of the important questions to ask your girlfriend to know her food choices. An important fact to keep in mind that can be very useful when deciding the place to go out for lunch or dinner.

Do you like that they are detailed?

Most women always appreciate the details but there are those who do not take it much into account and prefer to focus on something else.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

A good question to know your partner’s life perspective, you may not fit into their plans, you never know.

Do you like pets?

A problem when living together is if they do not agree with this. This is one of the important questions to ask your girlfriend if you are a pet parent.

Would you adopt a child?

An issue is if you plan to start a family with her and one of the two really wants it and the other does not.

Are you spiteful?

It is always good to know to be forewarned and take better care of our actions, care one never knows.

Do you like to go shopping?

A big problem if you answer yes. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, a girl who loves shopping can be a nightmare.

What musical genre do you like?

Another important fact to keep in mind is to have fun with your partner.

Are you heartfelt?

It is impossible for your actions or words not to affect your partner, but there are different levels of sensitivity.

Do you like to have your space?

This is something that turns out to be essential for many couples, it is important to know so as not to fall into harassment.

Do you like to dance?

A lot of girls like it and a lot of guys don’t, but it shouldn’t exactly be a problem.

Do you like to exercise?

A perfect activity to share as a couple, and at the same time that it is a healthy lifestyle.

Do you get along with your family?

Something that you should take into consideration since it will be the people with whom you will have constant contact. It is better to know before meeting them, lest at some point you mess up.

Have you cheated on me with someone else?

Possibly one of the most sensitive and uncomfortable questions to ask your girlfriend. You may not be ready for the answer and she may not be ready to say it if that is the case.

Do you have any hobbies?

We all have an activity that we like to do and that reduces stress, knowing what she likes is a good way to approach her to share time.

How would you like to die?

It’s not something we like to think about, but you’d be surprised there are plenty of people out there who know exactly how they’d like to leave this world.


Hope you liked these 65 questions to ask your girlfriend. These questions are funny, interesting, and are very helpful to know more about your partner and also to get an idea of your compatibility with each other. If you have any ideas about questions to ask your girlfriend, then drop them in the comments below. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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