How to Record Your iPad’s or iPhone’s Screen (No Jailbreak or Computer Required)

Record your iPad and iPhone’s Screen with out any Jailbreak:

Now you can record the iPad and iPhone screen with out any Jailbreak and with out any computer. Due to some security reasons Apple does not allows to record the iOS device screen. Some malicious app will continue recording the screen even you think it is off. It will also capture the accounts and its passwords. Due to this their the accounts may be hacked. So due to these reason apple does not allow to record. So today the tutorial on ” Recording the iPhone and iPad screen“. 



Some Software like Good Screen Recorder Lite and Reflector  will let you record your iPad and iPhone screens, but they will only work through an computer, and usually of some cost. Then the next option is Cydia apps that let you record the screen right from your iOS device. But the only problem is that  you need to jailbreak your iOS device first. If you want to jailbreak you can jailbreak your device in easy steps click here Jailbreak your iOS 8 device  
There is another option and it’s called Emu4iOS,  which allows you to record the screen directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch – without having any jailbreak or use of a computer. This app is not available in the iOS App Store. so follow the steps in the tutorial which i am going to tell.

Step to Record your iOS Device Screen:  

Follow the steps and record the screen successfully.
  • Go to Safari Browser and enter ““.
  • You will see the below page. Click on the install button.



  • The app will be downloading in the iOS device. After the installation.
  • Open the application.
  • After opening you will see an app called “iREC Beta” in the list of apps.



  • Select the app and install it.



  • That’s it you are done.Now you can record the screen of Your iOS device.

This is how you should install the app for your iOS device. Don’t miss any tutorials of iOS in the Basictricks

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You have successfully installed the app called iRec Beta. The Tutorial “How to Record the iPad and iPhone screen ” will help in the recording. So feel free to share the problems of the installation. We will help you. Like us and Share the post with your friends.

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