How to Recover Deleted /lost Data from Window and Mac

So one fine day it can be quite normal for you to make one of huge blunders of your life by deleting or losing important stuff from your laptop. So to not make that mistake cost you tons, we have a perfect wondershare guide for you which quite effectively recovers all you data including the precious photos and videos, significant documents and even storage devices. It works for both Windows and Mac and is cent percent safe with wondershare data recovery. 
Recover Deleted Data Window Mac


Before talking about the precise steps how to go about it let us first discuss which all formats of various files are retrievable enough under wondershare.
For Documents, DOC,DOCX, XLS,XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, CWK, HTML, HTM, INDD, EPS. For photos, it can recover almost every file starting from JPG TO RAW, for videos, files like AVI, MOV, MP4, ASF, SWP etc are recoverable. Almost all audio files can be recovered and formats like PST, DBX, EMLX etc are retrievable for Email. 

How to Recover deleted data with Wondershare data recovery:

Once the program starts, it will on its won run the quick scan for the duration of a minute and you can even choose the option of the deep scan if you don’t find the files you were looking for.

1. Scan your Windows device or your Mac PC/Laptop

2. Now you need to select the path or the location from where you think the data has been lost or deleted

3. Well, the final step is just to tap on the Start button to continue with the recovery.

These are the simple steps to recover lost data from windows and recovery data with wondershare data recovery for mac.
The data can be recovered in all the following situations so there is no room left for panic now:
1. Data deleted or lost by accident
2. Data lost due to formatting
3. Data lost due to virus attack
4. Data lost when you do the factory reset but without a backup
5. Data lost due to disc crash
6. Untimely shut down leading to some loss
7. An error occurred due to some kind of an error say, partition error.
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The four recovery modes or modules that require not much technical know-how and are accurately designed under wondershare for this cause are :
1. Lost file recovery
2. Partition recovery
3. Raw recovery
4. Resume recovery
With more than fifty lakh users happily using Wondershare never complained of nay crash downs or errors majorly because of the following qualities that it possess:
1. Provision of several options so you can personally streamline what you want and get the most efficient results.
2. It can retrieve almost all kinds of files with almost all formats available on them and can even recover lost data from external hardware, storage discs and devices.
3. You get the option of previewing your files on screen in order for you to choose whichever ones you wish to recover.
4. It can go as deep as almost every byte on your every disc to give to the best possible search for the lost data.
5. The three steps mentioned above that lead to the recovery are quite simple, efficient and safe for any layman to undertake also.
6. The data is recovered with original file names and paths
7. The scanning process is quite smooth and reliable 

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