How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows Pc/8/8.1/7.

How to Recover Deleted Files:

Have you deleted your important files or folders in your windows permanently. Want to recover or restore the shift deleted files in your windows??? Then this tutorial will surely help you to get back the deleted files or folders. Even Some people Delete their Gmail Accounts and after a little time they want to recover it. Here is one great article to Recover Deleted Gmail Account. Also Some people unfortunately delete their important files and some causally delete their files. But after deleting, if they want to recover  then it is some what difficult task to do. So i’m here to help the people who are in need. So today’s article is about ” How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows pc 8/7/8.1 “.



Some people may have an doubt that “How to recover deleted photos“. Yes you can recover with process below. The process which i’m going to tell is used to recover Photos, videos, Audios, Files, Folders, Pdf’s… etc. Don’t worry what format file it may be, we can easily recover with this simple steps.
They are many software’s for recovering the deleted files. But we are going to use the best and user friendly software by which the task is going to be more simple. So follow the below simple steps to recover the deleted files. 
Tip For Android Users:

Simple Steps to Recover the Deleted Files from windows pc:

You need to follow the procedure in order to recover the files faster and easier. Three simple steps to be followed. Don’t forget to share, like and comment on the article. 
Step 1: Download Recuva Software:  
  • Just Download the free version of Recuva software form the link below.



  • It is used In windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista and xp.
  • It will work in both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Note 1:

The Procedure is same for 
Step 2: Install Recuva Software:
  • After downloading the Recuva software. Double Click on the downloaded link.
  • You will see an windows pop ups and looks like below image.



  • Click on Next.
  • After Clicking on Next, you will see the same image as below. Now Click on Install.



  • The software installs successfully and a windows appears like below.



  • Click on Finish. That’s it you have done with the installation. 

Have a Look:

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Step 3: Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1:
  • Now when you open the software you will have an image as below. Click on Next.



  • After clicking next you will see an image as below. Here you can see the options available for you. I personal recommend you to click on All files. You can even select the type of file which you want to recover.



  • Select the file type and click on Next button.
  • Now you will see an window like the below image. Here you should be very careful. If you want to recover files from memory card, Pen drive, android or External hard disk. Just connect them and you will those device option select that devices. OR if you want recover files from the particular partition or location then choose those options.
  • Select the correct option and choose next. If you don’t know the location then select “I am not sure”.



  •  Now another window appears and ask you to enable the Deep Scan option. Don’t enable it. If you enable it it will take hours to scan and shows result. So don’t enable it. Directly click on Start.



  • The process will start and the results are shown like the below image.
  • In that windows you will see three types of  color dots.


  • Red Dots: You Cannot Recover that Files.
  • Yellow Dots: Chances are Low to Recover that Files.
  • Green Dots: You can Get these Files back.(Easily you can Restore)



  • Put the tick mark to the files which you want to recover and click on Recover button.



  • Now it will prompt you to choose the location to recover the file. Select the location where you want the file to recover and click on OK.
  • That’s it. you have recovered the deleted file. You will see the file in the selected locations.

Note 2:

From this process you can recover deleted files from 
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