How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account.

Gmail Account Recovery : Steps 

I know you are here to know How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account. Many people have an doubt about How to Recover their Gmail account which was deleted by them permanently. Don’t worry in this article i’m going to teach you an tutorial on How to Recover Gmail Account. I will explain some simple steps which make the process very easy and you can easy Retrieve your account back without any problems. We will not use any software to recover deleted files or any Account Recovery services. We simple follow the google support steps to get back your gmail account.



Some people even want their files with their account so they may have some questions like can we Recover Permanently Deleted Files or How to Recover Deleted Emails. Don’t worry every question will be cleared when we enter the steps for recover. It is very easy to deleted gmail account by going to Gmail Account Settings but recover may need some attention. So follow the simple below steps to have your gmail back with every file.
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Simple Steps to Recover Gmail Account:

Simple follow the steps to recover with out any problems. Let’s move without wasting your time.
Steps 1) Quickly Action:
Google keep your deleted account for short time in their data base. So if you act quickly then you will recover your gmail.
Step 2)Using Google Password Assistance Page:
In this step we are going to use the Google password assistance page. 
  • On sign-in page, Click on Need Help.
  • You will redirect to Having Trouble signing in? page.
  • Click on the 3rd option ( ie, i’m having other problems signing in)



  • Now Enter your recovery email address. I mean your Gmail which you want yo recover.
  • Click on Continue. 

Step 3) Enter your Most Recent Password:

After clicking continue in step 2 you will redirect to a page which ask you to enter your most recent password. Enter it and click on Continue.



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Step 4) Main Points:

After clicking continue you will be redirect to page that shows you that your account was deleted. 



  • You can see an recovery link in the form. Click on it.
  • If you don’t have any link in the form then your account has been permanently deleted.

Step 5) Verification process:

 If you click on the recovery request form. Their will verify you by two simple steps.
  • Their will give you an chance to reset your password by sending an verification code to the phone which you have enter with your Gmail account. I mean phone number attached with your email.



  • Enter the Number and click on continue.
  • Now enter the verification code which you have received.
  • After entering the code click on continue.



Step 6) Check your Gmail: 

They will provide you a link to change your password. Change your password and login to your account. It will take some time to appear.
  • Some times it may send you message as ” Your Gmail has deleted and no longer recoverable”. Then we have no change to recover it.

That’s it these are the simple steps to be follow while Recovering the Gmail Account.
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I hope you have learnt “How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account” from this tutorial. Every step is very important to recover. If you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment session. Feel free to ask the questions regarding the tutorial.
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