How to Delete or Remove Duplicate Contacts on Android Smartphone.

Remove Duplicate Contacts Android – Duplicate Contact Remover:

Hello every one I’m here with an exciting concept on how to delete duplicate contacts from an android phone. Now a day many people are suffering from this issue in their android phones. Even i have this issue in my phone, Now you have an doubt in your mind that How do i Deleted Duplicate Contacts. Don’t worry i’m here to explain the whole process.


In android phones their will be plenty of duplicates files will be found. In order to Find Duplicate Files we can use the Duplicate File Finder tool and find all the duplicate files. In the same way we need to find the duplicate contacts in your android mobiles like android kitkat 4.4 version. This is an easy task by the below process which we are going to explain you. Follow the simple steps to have an successful deletion of Duplicate Contacts Android

Steps to Remove Duplicate Contacts Android :

This an easy process which is going to remove the duplicate contacts from your android phone. So here the simple steps which you should follow in order to remove or delete the duplicate contacts from your android mobile. Here we use App to Delete Duplicate Contacts. Follow the below steps to complete the task successfully.

  • Some many people will delete the duplicate android contacts manually. Which takes a lot of time and our brain. So to complete the task simplely I’m sharing an easy unquie way of doing it.
  • For doing this you need to install an app called SIMPLER MERGE DUPLICATES on your android phone.



  • You can download from this link.



  • After the installation open the app.
  • Now you may use this app to find the duplicate contact on your android and find out all the possible merges like contacts with the same name. 
  • Once you found all possible merges then tap on merge button.
  • By clicking the merge button then the contacts with the same name means duplicate contacts will be deleted and only one copy will be left to use.
  • That’s it you have successfully deleted the duplicates contacts.


I hope this guide will help you to remove the duplicate contacts from your android phone. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask in the comment session. We will help to solve the problem. If you found that this article is helpful then share it with your friends and in social media networks.

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