How to Remove MyWay Web Search Completely

What Is Myway?
Myway is a publisher of various potentially unwanted programs (PUPS) and malicious browser extensions. This virus replaces your homepage, search setting, new page tab and adds shortcuts with myway website on the domain name.

Once myway browser extension gets adds to your affected browser it causes your browser to start on a myway search engine and redirect to the website when a new tab is opened or a search is operated in the address bar.

When the browser is infected you may notice that the browser setting have been changed and your homepage is directed to myway search engine. This search engine may not show a web address or URL in the address box. The address box is usually blank but the web page contains the logo of the browser extension which is used to alter browser settings.


If your PC gets affected with Myway then you are strongly recommended to remove the browser hijacker infection and repair your internet browser settings to protect your privacy and computer functionality. In case if the browser hijacker infection is not removed, your system will be at a high risk of infection from malware, virus and Trojan.



How MywayDoes Get Installed In The PC?

Unwanted programs and browser attachments that change browser settings to a myway website are typically bundled with free downloadable content. This free downloadable content can be anything from freeware, shareware, and plugins to torrents. Downloading free items online can result in installing unwanted programs, adware, and malware and infection in the system. Even if a commonly used program is downloaded from a malicious website or untrustworthy download manager itcan also lead to computer infection.

Many websites and commercials are embedded by third-party download managers also claim that the program or browser extension used to change browser settings might seek to download some infections with it. These programs and extensions also offer a custom installation which allows users to manually choose to accept or decline the download.


How to Avoid Installation of Myway Virus?

Myway virus can get installed with any free party applications which are bundled with this browser hijacker. IF you don’t want to reset your setting then you can decline it by unchecking appropriate checkbox during the downloading and installation process.However to prevent unwanted changes in browser setting always pay attention while installing a program from the web. Don’t install any kind of new software by choosing quick installation for some unwanted programs. Browser hijackers can take the opportunity to get installed at the same time.

Also watch out for emails that contain unknown attachments or links sent by anonymous mail id. Do not visit malicious websites or click on dubious pop-ups. Always keep your software up-to-date this can reduce the chances of malware infection.

Most importantly keep a powerful and real-time antivirus program and a firewall on your PC. A good antivirus program can protect your PC from infection and malware.


Why You Should Remove Myway?

Myway can harm your PC in many ways:-


  • After myway gets in your PC you won’t get normal search results as the browser hijacker takes over your default search engine and controls what has to be shown while you search anything.
  • Your web browser will be infected by browser hijacker and you will no longer be able to control your web browser. Your browser settings including default homepage, new tab, and search engine can be altered by this hijacker without permission.
  • You may be redirected to dangerous websites, external ads or links which could redirect you to sites that contain Trojans, key loggers, spyware and other malware.
  • You may also suffer from personal information theft. Browser hijacker’s own page which contains cookies can track your online activities and other useful personal information.
  • Your web browser may get slow.
  • Browser hijacker may also install some irrelevant toolbars and search application services on your web browsers.
  • Various applications can also crash from time to time.



How to Remove Myway?

Manually remove Myway from PC?

To remove Myway from your PC you can restore the browser settings which are set by potentially unwanted programs. Uninstalling relevant programs can fix browser hijacking issues.

Uninstalling Myway from Windows 8/8.1:

1. Press the Windows Key to open the Start Screen, locate the MS product you installed recently or other suspicious program and then click on the icon.
2. Now click Uninstall button on the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select the program you want to remove and then click Uninstall button.


Uninstalling Myway from Windows 7/Vista:

1. Click on Start button.
2. Click on Control Panel.
3. Then click on Uninstall a Program under Programs.
4. Search for relevant program and click on Uninstall button.




Uninstalling Myway from Windows XP:

1. Click on Start button.
2. Go to Control Panel and then double click on Add/Remove Programs.
3. Select the program associated with the hijacker and click on Uninstall/Change button.


Remove Myway from Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the internet explorer or click on tools and then click on manage add-ons.
2. Click on toolbars and extensions on the left.
3. Search for the add-on you want to delete and click remove button.


Remove Myway from Google Chrome:

1. Click on customize and control Google chrome button at the top right corner.
2. Click on more tools.
3. Click on extensions.
4. From the list of installed extensions, search for the extension you want to remove and click on the trashcan icon to delete it.

Delete Myway from homepage of Google Chrome:

1. Click on customize and control Google chrome button.
2. Click on settings from the drop-down menu.
3. In the chrome settings page, check open a specified page or set of pages under start-up section and then click set pages.
4. Delete the unwanted item and type the address of the site you want in the editable field and click ok.
5. Under appearance section, check show home button and then click on change.


Remove Myway from Firefox:

1. Click on button or click on Tools.
2. Click on Add-ons from the drop-down menu.
3. In the Extensions tab, search for the add-on you want to remove.
4. Then click Disable or Remove button.


Delete the unwanted homepage from Firefox:

1. Click on button or click on Tools.
2. Click on Options in the drop-down menu.
3. In the Firefox Options page select General tab on the left.
4. Then delete the undesirable website URL and type the address of the desired site in the Home Page editable filed.


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