How to remove “powered by Blogger” attribution in new HTML editor

Remove “Powered by Blogger” Attribution in your Blog:

We all know well about Blogger platform. Blogger is a free platform for blogging. So every blogger template has an attribution called “powered by Blogger”. So many blogger doesn’t know how to remove it. 


So to day i am going to tell you the trick to “Remove the Powered by Blogger Attribution from your blog“. It will be present at the end or Footer of the blogger blogs. Our home page link juice will also be lost due to that external link. So follow the below steps to Remove it.

Steps to remove the “powered by blogger”: 

Follow the same as below and get a success in to your hand.
1) Go to Blogger Dashboard
2) Go to ..>>Template..>>Edit HTML
3) Here drop-down jump to widget option and from that list select Attribution1 as shown below.

4) Now in the html editor press ctrl + F and then find for the line <b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>



5) Now you should replace the locked=true’ in to locked=false’ as you can see below image.
6) Once you have done click save template
7) Now go to ..>>layout option and at the below you can see attribution gadget, click edit.

8) Then a popup window will appear then click remove and you are done.



so these are the steps to be done to remove the “Powered by Blogger” Attribution. 

These are the Recommendations giving by a Basictricks to the Bloggers to develop themselves by reading the below Articles.



So you have learned how to remove the “Powered by Blogger” Attribution in blogger blog. So if you feel any thing doubt or not clear in the post then ask me. I will clear your doubts, Feel free to ask me. Like us if it works for you.



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