How to Retrieve IMEI Number even your Android phone is lost.

Lost Your Android Phone?? Even you can Retrieve the IMEI number:

A very useful trick to get the IMEI Number even your Android is Lost. Every phone has it own unique identity called an International Mobile Station Equipment Identity

(IMEI) number. This IMEI number can identify your phone within the mobile network. If your phone is lost then you should give the IMEI number to the operator to backlist your device. You can also trace the mobile using the IMEI number. So today I am going to tell you “How to Retrieve IMEI Number even your Android device id Lost

retrieve imei number
It is very easy to know your Android phone or other phones IMEI number using this simple trick. This trick is done when your phone is with you. The Below are two tricks to know your IMEI Number
  • Open your Phone Dialer and dial *#06# and click on call. A pop up will be opened, In that pop up you will see the IMEI number.
  • Open ..>>Settings..>>About Phone..>>Status and Long press on the IMEI number to copy it. Store it with you.

But if you lost your device and don’t know Your IMEI. Then How to know your IMEI number. So read the below article to know the trick.
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The trick to Know your IMEI number without your Phone: 

So using this IMEI number you can easily track the device and found your lost device. 
If you have lost your phone but did not record the IMEI number, you can still retrieve the IMEI number from your Google Account.
Steps to retrieve the IMEI number.
  • Go to
  • Sign-in with your Google Account
  • Expand Android Tab.
  • Here you can see all the Android device list which you used and IMEI numbers of the Device.



  • For iPhone you can note the IMEI number from the Box itself.
  • For Android phones and Normal phones also the IMEI number is printed on the Box itself. If you don’t have the box then go to the above trick.


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