How to Run iOS apps on Android using iEMU Apk.

Run iOs Apps On Android – iEMU Apk:

Now you can play iPhone games or use the iPhone apps on your Android Phone with iOS Emulator called as iEMU Apk. Many people wants to use iPhone apps but due to high price of iphone.  people are unable to buy the phone. There are many free apps for Android and you can download apps for Android but it may not a feel like using iOS apps.  The gaming experience of android is better than iOS. Now you can use the iOS apps on Android by iEMU Apk. which made the iOS app Development by the iOS app Developers.

Good News to the people who are willing to use the iPhone apps or games when you are using games you may get issues like ps4 won’t turn on or game got strucked on your Android phone, but you can simply solve them and start playing games. The Dream of using iphone apps are going to be Real with this iOS iEMU Emulator on your Android phone.

How to Download iOS Apps ON Android:

Actually iEMU is used to Run the iOS apps on Android device.Using this we can enjoy all the iOS apps and games on the Android Device. This iEMU Emulator converts iOS apps to Android. These are the best and Cool Apps for Android. Even you can Play iOS Game on PC – Detailed guide is coming soon on Basictricks.Net

Requirements of iEMU iOS Emulator:

  • This iEMU Emulator can access iOS apps on all Android Devices with the some requirements.
  • Same Features like iOS can be accessed.
  • It needs 2.3 or higher Android Versions on your android smartphones.
  • iEMU iOS Emulator takes 61MB for all Apk Files.
  • Your Android Device should have RAM above 512MB for the better experience. 

So these are the best requirements for downloading the apk.

Steps to Download iEMU APK for Android Smartphones:

The steps are simple and using this Emulator you can Download iOS Apps on Android. Follow the steps. Don’t foget to share, like and comment on the post.
  • First you need to Download the iEMU APk on your Android phones.



  • Now Save the file in your known location on your android device.
  • Open the saved file on your android smartphone.
  • Now Click on Install the iEMU Emulator on your Device.
  • After installation. The app will be appear with a name as PADIOD in your android device.
  • Now Click on the PADIOD icon and start using iOS Apps and Games on your Android Device.
  • This PADIOD Emulators supports only ipas or Zip files only.


So the article Run the iOS Apps on the Android Using iEMU iOS Emulators will help you to play ios games or apps on android. So keep in touch for new updates. Share this with your friends and make them happy. Like this post and share the post in social networking sites.


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