Samsung TV Won’t Turn On – Best Methods To Solve This

Your Samsung TV won’t turn on? Don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to fix it. Among the Samsung brands, that offer you the Samsung TV and the Galaxy, smartphone users access the channels that include sports, news, entertainment, and many more. If you need the optimal TV experience then the Samsung TV is essential for everyone. Because of this the TV Samsung TV adds high features and top-notch graphics, where you can by watching the videos on the Samsung TV.

If you have found that when you turn on the TV, it shows nothing but a black screen. Then it is important to check if your TV is switched on and just the black screen is displaying, or check if the TV is powered on at all. If you encounter the issue Samsung tv won’t turn on or my Samsung tv won’t turn on, then the standby light is the first thing you have to look for which can be usually found on the lower right or on the lower middle of your TV.

samsung tv won't turn on

When you turned Off your TV the stand-by light will be lit and it continues to be lit until the TV is turned off. Samsung tv won’t turn on, if you’ve gone through this issue, you may have doubt why it is not turning on but in some cases, my Samsung tv won’t turn on a red light is on or a Samsung tv power light is blinking won’t turn on. but there is not much to worry about. In this article, we will try to resolve it by performing the below-given steps.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On Power Light Blinking: Fix

Without any professional help, you can able to get your television work back again. But simply you have to find out what was the reason and what might have gone wrong. Follow the below-given troubleshooting methods to fix the issue my Samsung tv won’t turn on a red light is on and the Samsung tv power light blinking won’t turn on.

My Samsung TV Won’t Turn on Red Light is On

samsung tv won't turn on blinking red light

When you turn on your Samsung tv, but it won’t turn and the light is blinking, then this might be due to your TV not getting sufficient power. To troubleshoot these methods is very simple and follow the given steps below.

Use the TV Buttons

with the help of the remote if you are unable to turn on your TV, then if there is a problem with your remote, then you need to change the batteries of your remote or there might be some issue that interfering and blocking your infrared signals of your Remote controller.

If you found that this is the reason for Samsung tv won’t turn on, then instead of using the remote controller, use the buttons which are on the side or front of your TV to turn on your TV.

Check the Power

If your TV is not turning, check if your TV plug is connected to the live power socket and if it is securely plugged in.  Sometimes the problem might be with your socket instead of your TV. If this is the reason my Samsung tv won’t turn on, then plug the TV plug into another socket that works perfectly or plug another electrical appliance.

Check if your TV fussed is tripped, if the power doesn’t work. Then you might the help of a professional to fix the outlet. Connect your TV directly to the wall, if you have seen that your TV has been connected to an extension lead and the fuse in this lead may have blown on.

Soft Reset

Even if the television won’t be turned on after performing the above troubleshooting methods, you need to perform the Soft reset. Unplug your TV and wait for 30 seconds and then plug it back in again and switch it. And check if the television is turned on or not.

If the TV is not switching on and the light is still not there

 samsung tv won't turn on no red light

If you have found that your TV is not switching ON and even the light is not turned on then perform the given below troubles shooting methods to Fix the Samsung tv power light blinking won’t turn on.

Press the Buttons

In some cases, it gives an idea that your TV is not switched on, as the TV is actually switched on but the screen goes black. Except for power buttons, it is suggested for pressing different buttons on the screen.  It gives an idea that the TV  has some blank screen issues if something appears. In this situation, you need to call the technician so that he can fix the issue Samsung tv power light blinking won’t turn on or the Samsung tv won’t turn on.

Reinserting Power Cables

 samsung tv problems turns on and off

We suggest opting for the power rest if the Samsung TV is not switching on and the light is not turning on.  Remove the power cable from the TV and from the power outlet, for resetting the Samsung TV. Wait for thirty seconds once you remove the power cable and then insert the power cable back again. And after inserting, turn on your TV and check if the TV is turned on.

Power Reset

It is suggested to opt for the Power reset if your Samsung tv power light blinking won’t turn on or the light is not turning on. For the Power Reset on your Samsung TV, from TV, you have to remove the power cable as well as the power outlet. Wait for thirty seconds after plugging in the power socket and insert the chords again. After the power reset Turn your TV on and check if the issue is fixed.

Change Outlet

You have to remove the power chord for around one minute and then change the outlet, as we already mention that the issue arises due to the power and it is related to the power issue. You can bale to fix the issue, as there is the power outlet issue, you might unable to fix the turn on your TV. Additionally, it is advised to take it off, if you are using the surge protector.

Update the Samsung TV firmware

 how do i reset my samsung tv if it won't turn on

Firmware is an important thing to run the software on your device, be your computer or TV. When we update the Firmware last time, it won’t be recalled sometimes as the TV gets too old. You Might get a software issue on your TV if you don’t update your device Firmware regularly, therefore you need to update your TV firmware that won’t allow your TV to go off time and time again.


The above method troubleshooting methods help you to fix the issue, if you find your Samsung tv won’t turn on or the Samsung tv power light blinking won’t turn on. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts, feel free to text us and stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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