What Is Self-Hosted WordPress? & Its Features??

WordPress Web Hosting is rewarding and fun! Faster loading website, better site security, automatic backups, regular updating to the latest version and excellent customer support are the basic benefits that are indeed rewarding for you! WordPress powers thousands of websites across the world. If you have decided to go with WordPress for powering your website, then you need to choose the right platform.


What Is Self-Hosted WordPress? & Its Features??

WordPress.com and WordPress.org (Self-Hosted WordPress) are different platforms. Beginners get confused with these two platforms. You must know the key differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org (Self-Hosted WordPress). It is crucial to choose the right WordPress web hosting platform for achieving online success. Some professionals working on WordPress consider Self-Hosted WordPress site better than the ones hosted on WordPress.com. Let us have a look at the detailed difference between the two


Difference between Self-Hosted WordPress and WordPress.com
Self-Hosted WordPress
Self-Hosted WordPress allows modifying the source code as well as other elements of the site, and you have control over everything.
WordPress.com doesn’t allow modifying the site though you own the site.
It allows users to pick any design and turn it into a theme which can easily be installed on the site.
WordPress.com brings limitation on the graphical appearance of the site, and you will not get a theme framework.
One can easily find many plugins in the official directory of Self-Hosted WordPress
WordPress.com has no plugin installed in the official directory that prevents you from installing third-party plugins
It allows launching website in the self-owned domain. You are free to pick any domain, and you can create other websites that exist in the sub-domains under the main domain.
For accessing these facilities, you need to pay for the domain as well as WordPress.com for assigning it to the site. Or else your domain will be suffixed with a wordpress.com
Self-Hosted WordPress offers you complete control over the software and hardware which runs the website. No one has the authority to pull the plug on the online presence of your website.
If the website is available through WordPress.com and you are mapping it with custom domain then with just a single click your website can be removed.
With Self-Hosted WordPress, you can have your ads on the website
You need to monetize WordPress.com for getting access to this feature. 

Features of Self-Hosted WordPress :

1. Custom Themes– Self-Hosted WordPress allows you to select as well as customize the WordPress themes. You can also install free themes or use paid themes. You have the flexibility to modify and customize the themes. It comprises of 87 elegant themes and also offers ThemeForest, WooThemes, Headway Themes, The Genesis Framework and other wide arrays of themes.

2. Custom Plugins– With Self-Hosted WordPress you can easily add free, paid and custom plugins to the WordPress site. As per the WordPress plugin portal, there are around 53,163 plugins available that will be helpful in expanding the functionality and ability of the website. The website can be ensured to be faster and consistent with loads of custom plugins.

3. Storage Space– Self-Hosted WordPress allows you to choose the space you want to purchase from your site. With this, you can also ensure the speed functionality of the server.

4. Free Domain- Self-Hosted WordPress allows to launch websites on the self-owned domain, and you can freely access any domain. You can make use of free domain feature and create WordPress websites.


Self-Hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) and WordPress.com have their benefits. Sometimes it is quite confusing for the beginners to choose the right platform for hosting their website. WordPress.org is the preferable WordPress web hosting platform over the free WordPress.com. You need to keep a couple of things in mind while selecting the platform. With the Self-Hosted site, you are free to advertise in the way you wish to. Customize your website with Self-Hosted WordPress platform and optimize every single page that will turn your site more attractive.

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