How Online Shopping Community sites have taken over Coupon only sites.

These days online shopping is increasing day by day. Now a days, consumer rarely wants to go to physical stores to buy their particulars and this saves not only their time but money also. Where a simple retailer provides you with limited options and high cost and at the same time online shopping sites provides you with an excellent opportunity to grab all the wonderful deals at a single page. 



But to avail the superb discount offers you have two options either you go to an Online Shopping Community site or you go for Coupon only sites. Both provides you with discounts but yes they do have a big difference which you will get to know in later half.

Difference between Online Shopping Community sites and Coupon only sites:

In Coupon only sites you just get the core upon codes which when you will apply you will get discounted rates. But what is lacking in Coupon only sites? Yes, it provides you with numerous coupons but it lacks the user interaction. In Online shopping community site the user can interact with other online shopper. They can ask if they are having any doubts regarding any product review or review of a particular online shopping site. The staff of that online site will surely assist you in finding a perfect deal for you. Also in Coupon Only sites there are no freebies and contests while in Online community sites you get access to exciting deals and along with this you get a lot of freebies like Amazon gift cards and other products. Also in Coupon only sites you just discount price and then you can order the product. Obviously, it saves money. But you lack some of the wonderful options given by online shopping sites community.

How Online Shopping community sites are better?

In Online Shopping community sites you get to know about various deals and offers. Like you will get to know that in New Year sale on Flipkart the Redmi Note 3 was selling at Rs 10,000 where its actual cost is Rs 12,000. So in total user got a discount of Rs 2000. Isn’t it a good discount? Yes, it is. Users got to know through Online shopping community sites where if the user would have visited Coupon only sites he would have got a maximum discount of Rs 500- Rs 600 through Flipkart Coupons and that too not assured. So if you compare 500 Rs to 2000 Rs obviously 2000 Rs is a most fascinating discount. Then who would like to miss that golden shot of buying Redmi Note 3 at 10,000 prices?

Also, the user sometimes gets various contests to play on Online shopping community sites which sometimes help the customer to get rewards in good numbers. Not only this User can set deal alerts or price alerts for a particular product on an online shopping site but that is not possible on Coupon only sites because you never to know when is the coupon for that product going to be launched. So in total Online Shopping community sites are a better option than Coupon only sites.


So after discussing everything we came to notice that online community sites are no doubt good options over Coupon only sites. They let you grab all the exciting deals and also provide you with numerous contests so that you can earn rewards. You can set alerts for a particular product on online shopping site and then you can grab the product when you get the best deal. So all the best for shopping!!

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