Best Alternative Sites like Putlocker {Free Movie Sites}

Sites like Putlocker: Put Locker is a movie streaming site which organizes the movies pretty well in alphabetical order that no user gets the headache of finding some specific movie. It had a simple interface and very lightweight. This is the reason why it doesn’t hang frequently. People used to love Put Locker so much that whenever movie downloading comes to their mind they used to remember only one name i.e. Put Locker.

But unfortunately, this site has been blocked as Kickass Torrent. So now you will not get the site live on the Internet. But we are desperate to get sites like PutLocker. Today’s generation is a penchant to watch movies online. They go crazy when they hear any new movies name and going to the cinema every time is quite costly. So, here we will let you know about Put Locker alternatives.

sites like putlockers

sites like putlockers

We will discuss top 8 websites like PutLocker alternatives which have really done well after the Put Locker has been ended same like free photoshop alternatives. Each one of them is unique in their own respects. They are rid of any kind of malware which can impact your system’s performance. They have their own unique features which we will discuss in the latter part of the article. Let us look at them in detail.

Sites Like Putlocker – Putlocker Alternatives

So now look at best putlocker alternatives which will serve your purpose. You should visit each one of them and then give your feedback. Be assured that you won’t get a setback while visiting the sites. The sites are malware free and are quite reliable. We should look at best Put Locker alternatives which are also good enough to visit.

  • Solar Movie
  • Vumoo
  • Niter
  • Hulu
  • MyDownloadTube
  • Amazon Prime
  • BestAppsLike
  • Vudu

These are the best putlocker type sites which you can use to watch free movies online. Check these websites and enjoy using them.

Solar Movies – Sites Like Putlocker

This site has the best combination of HD films. This site doesn’t store the films on its servers while for making the site fast. It provides you the download link from where you can download the movies without any malware. The site is quite user-friendly also get the alternatives of the solar movie. It has a very cool homepage on which movies are arranged according to alphabets. You can easily navigate through videos to find some cool movies.

movie streaming sites like putlocker

The search interface of the site is such classy that you always get appropriate results while looking for some movie. Especially it is much better than sites where you get wrong links and you end up in malware files getting downloaded in your system which impacts the performance of the system. Here you won’t be getting any such malware. This is the best thing about this site. Isn’t it great? You should add this site to your bookmarks.

Vumoo – Best putlocker Alternative

It has a spanking design just like Putlocker. If you want to find a movie then vumoo is the best site to go for. You can search for a movie in just a click and the intellectual interface of the site is just like an add-on to this amazing site. The movies get frequently updated on this site. So if you are searching for movies which are just released then you can visit vumoo. You will definitely get the latest movies over here. If you want you to be the first amongst your friends to watch the movie then this site is more than perfect for you.

putlocker alternative

Also, information about movies is also displayed on this site and the movies are organized into different genres so that you can find an apt movie for you to watch. You will get almost all genres of movies like science, fiction, drama and much more. Just go for this site if you have love to see the latest movies. Go for it !!

Niter – Alternative of Putlocker TV

Niter is a very beautifully designed site to watch movies like putlocker. The best thing about this site is that you will get a large collection of old as well as new movies. This site has a very good interface and is just like Netflix. The interface is such that you can easily navigate through movies according to genres. Also, the movies which you will download from Niter will be malware free.

other sites like putlocker

This means it will not make your system slow. You should go to this site as this site also don’t have too many advertisements on its homepage which can impact your system’s performance. Also, the movies are there in HD quality so you will really have a very good experience while watching these movies.

Hulu – Best Movies Ever

It is the best alternatives for PutLocker Tv for seeing the latest Hollywood movies and TV series. Yet this is not free but this is worth paying as this will offer you many features which even Put Locker don’t provide. The quality of the movies should not be worried about. The quality is HD. Especially if you are looking for some Hollywood movies then Hulu can be a good option for you with very good quality.

movie sites like putlocker

Also, the movies are devoid of any malware so you can download the movies without any malware. The site doesn’t have infected adds which infect your system. Just go to this site, you will really have a very good experience.

MyDownloadTube – Alternative for Putlocker

This site is absolutely free. Also, you have the option to download the movies in various formats like 720p or 1080p. Though It has restrained number of movies yet the movies are in high resolution and full-length. They are malware free i.e. means they won’t harm your privacy which is our first requirement.

alternative to putlockers

No doubt this site has a very good interface and all movies are arranged alphabetically. So that user can soon find his/her appropriate movie. Also, the home page has good UI so in total it is a very good site similar to putlockers watch free.

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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best putlockers today and any of the individual visits is to watch numerous Tv shows or Movies Online. This is completely similar to the Netflix and just similar to this, the amazon prime also has started Membership Fee.

websites like putlockers

Though this is not available for free like putlockers but Certainly this would be the good choice especially for those who are completely willing to spend some Bucks from their respective Pockets.


This is another most outstanding putlockers new name alternative for Bestappslike. Bestappslike took as the first place like someone will go visit when and they are searching for free movies available online or on Tv shows.

free movie sites like putlocker

They have listed all the apps you are in need on your Mobile related to watch movies free. Also, you can have a look at these apps and download them in order to watch your favorite movies/shows anytime on your Smartphone.


Finally, Putlockers is an awesome site to stream movies. But the alternatives which we have discussed in the earlier half of the articles are also very good. You should visit every site once and then only you should take a decision based on the features which each site provides. You should first use putlockers tv and then give your feedback. So, just go to these sites and enjoy watching movies. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more awesome articles.

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