Why you Should Start Gambling Online Immediately.

5 Dragons are really one of the best Aristocrat’s game to play for immediate gambling. It is for those people who love to go to casinos and want to earn a large chunk of money. It is nowadays a hot pot in Australia and many casino floors are using this game to captivate people attraction. It is easy for beginners but it becomes complex for the advanced users.

Why you Should Start Gambling Online Immediately.

There are many Asian themed slots in 5 Dragons machine. Dragons are a major part of the game. It has 5 reels which are though very obsolete but it is maintained so that beginners can understand the game in the first go. 5 Dragons video slot is a perfect gambling game to play online at https://free-slots-no-download.com/aristocrat/497-5-dragons/

About the Game:

It has 5 reels and 3 symbol arrows and along with that, you will get 25 pay lines. You will even get a wild spin in which you will be awarded free coins. The minimum number of coins which you can bet is 25 coins and the maximum number is 750 coins. But there is one more condition that if some player activates the “5 reels + Extra” option then the maximum number of coins one can bet increases to 900. When the game is fully loaded you will see 3 dragons and the sound effect is very decent. The 5 reels are purple coloured and they have different symbols embedded in them like Fish, Turtles, Statues of God and dragons.

When you will play it online you will really feel as if you are playing the game in the casino. You can play the game on Android version 2.2 or higher than that. The best part is bonus round in which you can get the best benefit of the game. The game is even compatible with iPhone also. It is compatible with iOS 3.0. You just need a flash enabled the browser to play this game online. Believe me, when you will play this game you are really going to enjoy gambling.

Bonus Round:

When three or more scattered circles are triggered then a second screen appears and you have to select amongst 5, 8, 15, 10 and 20 free spins. Each free spin will multiply your price money by different factors. When you will go for 5 free spins you will get highest multipliers like *10 or *30. While if you go for 2 free spins then the factor will be like *2 to *5. This bound round will also incorporate one red packet icon which can increase bet up to 50 times. So bonus round is the best round in which you can earn a lot of coins. The number of times free spins will be triggered in your game the multiplier will be multi-folded.

Sometimes in the bonus game, you will get red packets which can increase your chances of winning by almost 50 folds. In bonus rounds, you can select the number of free spins and your game entirely depends on that. The game has an excellent sound which increases euphoria in every player. Talking about graphics, it is no doubt best amongst all other casino games. 

How to earn real money with 5 Dragons Game?You can even gamble your coins earned but the biggest hidden point is that you have to select any colour and your amount will be doubled or quadrupled. Player From any country can join and play the game. Casino’s service is fantastic. But if you don’t live in Australia or in the UK you can still play the game online and even you will get bonus points for the first time sign up. You will get almost 300 pounds bonus so that you can play the game without any hassle.


It is an amazing game which every gambler will fall in love with w98ith. In normal casinos, you will get only obsolete gaming experience but 5 dragon Machine game will increase euphoria and make it much more vivid and vivacious. So you can play the game online and get free bonus points. Even you can play the bonus game and increases your earning multifold times. So if you want to gamble go for 5 Dragons video slot, this is the best game to gamble online. All the best!!

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