How to Submit Website to Google and Bing/Yahoo

Every Blog and Website should be indexed to the search engines. If you have not indexed then no use of your website or blog. If we index the website or blog then the search engines will display your website or blog to the people your are searching. A lot of traffic will be from search engines only. So every blogger should submit their blogs to the search engines like Google and Bing/Yahoo.


New Bloggers doesn’t know this. So many new bloggers doesn’t submit their blogs to search engines. They don’t know that with out submission they don’t get traffic. So for those people i have created an tutorial on ” How to Submit Website to Google and Bing/Yahoo Search Engines“. I will teach your every step in an simple manner then you can also do this steps by your own. So let us start the tutorial with out wasting the time.

Learn How to Submit Website to Google and Bing/Yahoo for Free:

Here we should simple follow the steps in order to complete the submission of your website to Google search engine and Bing/Yahoo search engines. Here i have separated the tutorial in to two parts to explain clearly. In first part we discuss about the submission of website in Google search engine and in second part we discuss about the submission of blog/website to the Bing/Yahoo search engines.
1) Submit Website to Google:

  • Go to Google Website Submission Page.
  • Now you will have screen like below image.



  • Now enter your website/Blog URL in the URL place.
  • Then enter the Captcha code and then click on enter.
  • That’s it. You have submitted your Website/Blog URL to Google Search Engine.

2) Submit Website to Bing/Yahoo:
Before going to the steps one important Note should be known by you. The Note is here we submit the Website/Blog URL to Bing Search Engine and Not to Yahoo Search Engine, Because the yahoo search engine is mixed with Bing Search Engine. So if we submit the website/blog url to bing will automatically submit the url to yahoo search engine. So now let us see how to submit to Bing search engine.

  • Go to Bing Website Submission Page.
  • Now you will see an screen like the below image.



  • Now enter your Website/Blog URL.
  • After that Enter the Captcha and click on enter.
  • That’s it you have submitted your Blog/Website to Bing/Yahoo search engines.


This is the way you have to submit your website/blog Urls to Google and Bing/Yahoo search engines. If you have an doubts regarding the tutorial ” How to Submit Website/Blog  Url to Google and Bing/Yahoo search engines“. You can ask the questions in the comment session. Feel free to ask the doubts. Like us and share the articles with friends in social media pages. Visit us for Tricks and Tips. 

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