Great Tips for Anytime, Anywhere for Every People

Everyone loves to share life lessons that they’ve learned.  Some of these lessons are major — for instance, how to repair relationships, how to create financial stability or how to raise a family. These are the best tips which many people mentioned.

There are other tips that simply make your life easier. What’s interesting is that, when you put enough of these little tips together, you’ll be calmer and will save time……..two things that can boost your success as you tackle the “big life lessons.”


Some of our favourite “little” life tips:

Tips for the Kitchen:

One of the biggest causes of the obesity epidemic is the habit to eat restaurant food. Regardless of whether you’re eating at a restaurant, grabbing some take-out or going to a fast-food joint, you are probably adding unneeded salt, sugar and calories to your diet. Not to mention racking up too many charges on your credit card.

Set up a situation that gets you cooking in your own kitchen with some kitchen hints.

  1. Get yourself an immersion blender — appliance stores are stacked full of kitchen appliances which are designed to make your life easier and allow you to cook better meals with the least amount of effort. Probably the most helpful kitchen appliance is an immersion blender. These little sticks fulfil numerous tasks from pureeing cheese sauces to smoothing soups.

One advantage of the immersion blender is that it’s much easier to clean than a food processor or a countertop blender. You also don’t need to move hot good from the pot in which it was cooked into a blender or food processor bowl — just stick your immersion blender in the pot or bowl and blend.

You can work with large or small quantities of food. Some of the uses of an immersion blender include:

  • Soups
  • Homemade mayonnaise
  • Smoothies
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Baby food
  • Spreads
  1. Work clean:

Clean up after yourself while you work to work more efficiently and effectively. You can move more easily and multi-task when you don’t have a mess in front of you. Wash dishes every 15 minutes or so and put away those pots and pans that you don’t foresee using again during that specific cooking session.

Plan your steps out ahead of time so that you use the least number of steps as possible. For instance, if you’re planning on making a soup and a sauce, both of which require chopped onions and garlic, chop your onions and garlic for both dishes at once. If both will need to be sauteed, you may want to saute them together and then divide them up into two separate pots where they’ll serve as the base for their respective dishes.

  1. Buy pre-peeled garlic: Peeling garlic takes a TON of time. In fact, some people use less garlic than needed because of the effort involved.  Yet garlic is super-healthy and adds a lovely taste to many different dishes.

Solution? Use the pre-peeled garlic that can be found in the supermarket freezer section. Some of the companies that prepare pre-peeled garlic also sell the garlic after it’s already been chopped which adds another time-saving step to your cooking efforts. Pre-peeled garlic lasts for several weeks and tastes as fresh and tangy as the stuff that you peel yourself.

  1. Use sharp knives: It’s easier to use sharp knives so you don’t dread slicing, chopping and dicing tasks.

Actually, it’s safer to use a sharp knife. Dull knives often slip off the food item that you’re trying to prepare and cut a finger but with a sharp knife, your cuts are surer and more secure.

It’s recommended that you sharpen your knives once or twice a year. You can do it yourself with a good sharpening stone or you can take the knives to a professional. Experts suggest that you refrain from using an electric grinding machine because those machines strip the metal of your knife which wears the knife down, shortening its lifespan.

Tips for Job Hunting:

How many time have you heard someone say “I’d love to get a new job but I can’t face the process of job hunting?” Or maybe you’ve said something like that yourself.

Fear of job hunting isn’t a great reason to stay stuck in a dead-end job. Use some of these great job-hunting tips and give yourself a better chance at a better job.

  1. Make yourself an obvious fit: When you fill out a job application, try to finagle your experiences and background to meet as many of the employer’s stated job requirements. The more bullet points that you hit, the better your chances become to get a call-back for the next round.
    Do a bit of homework. Study the job description and check out any other information that you can find about the position. Then craft your application in a way that shows you to be a perfect fit for the position. Mirror the words and phrases that appeared in the job description as you showcase your strengths in the areas that seem to be important to the employer.
  2. Make yourself known to the potential employer:

    Once an employer advertises a job, he’ll receive dozens, even hundreds of applications. You need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Visit the company and ask questions. Meet the Ask for a meeting with the Human Resources staffers to ask questions about the company and learn more about their work. That’s not the time to promote yourself, but you will, in fact, be promoting yourself by getting yourself noticed.

  3. Keep your resume updated to reflect all of your latest successes and challenges: Your LinkedIn profile is a good window to your professional life and it’s likely that a  potential employer will be reviewing that profile to get a better idea of who you are and how you might fit into the company.
  4. Speaking of social media: these days, potential employers are just as likely to be looking at your Facebook and Twitter feeds as they are to review your application.  So make sure that your social media profiles show you in the best light. Remove any unflattering conversations from your timeline and keep the photos clean and modest.

Tips for Travel:

Seasoned travellers remind us that there are tips that can make it easier and more pleasurable to travel.

  1. Bring something to occupy yourself on a long flight: Don’t rely on the plane’s entertainment. Sometimes the movies on a plane are good and sometimes…..not. Not to mention those times when there aren’t any movies at all. Bring a book, a book of crossword puzzles or a gaming device where you can play free online games.
  2. Read the reviews before you book: Make your reservations at a hotel or guesthouse that has a proven record of providing service and hospitality.
  3. Travel light: You’ll want a room in your suitcase to bring back purchases so it’s best to start off with as light a suitcase as possible. Whatever you think that you’ll need to wear – take out half before you stick it in your suitcase.  You’ll manage with what you have…..that’s what travelling is all about!

Ease up on life with tips that allow you to use your energies more wisely.

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