4 Simple Tips to keep your Home Clean.

Tips to keep your Home Clean:

Isn’t it annoying to come into the house after a hard day’s work and see that it is all messed up. Well, it is so because you left it that way when you were in hurry. And now, it has to be you who will tidy it up.


Many people feel too lazy to clean the house. Especially bachelors living alone. And yes, it is definitely time-consuming and boring. Not to mention that it is going to get equally messed up again in some days.

So here are few tricks to tidy up your home quickly :

Reserved Weekly Time:


Being organized is important. If you have made this decision, stick to it. This is even more important if you are a busy woman who doesn’t spend much time at home.

You can chose three days in a week (not consecutive of course) to clean your complete house inside-out. Keep a checklist and write all the points that you need to do. As you complete each part, mark the things. That helps by giving a sense of achievement and it makes you keep going as there are fewer items remaining on your list.

Reserver Daily Time:

The people in the house are responsible for cleaning it. The truth is, if everyone picks up their belongings after using it, and cleans the table and plates after lunch/dinner, then the house will remain clean. And you won’t have to put special efforts. So that is a habit that you and your home-mates should develop.

It is actually pretty easy. Just keep doing little things every now and then. Just don’t let all the stuff collect on that table or sofa. The moment you open your eyes after sleep, pick your blanket and keep it neatly. If you had left last night’s dress on the table or chair, keep it inside or in the laundry bag. Pick up all the waste of last dinner and throw it outside in the bin.

If you accidentally drop some gravy or any sticky substance on the floor, wash it immediately. Don’t let it dry. If that happens it becomes sticky and starts to smell. And you’ll have to spend even more efforts to wash it completely.

Never leave the bills on the table. If you have paid them, throw them away. Nowadays it is easier to keepa E-Bills. Why do you even need physical copies? Same goes with newspapers and magazines. Once you have read them, throw them away. If you want to keep something interesting, then keep cutouts, not the entire newspaper. People tend to stuff their homes with unnecessary things without even realising.

Make it Smell Fresh:

There are places in your home that have a tendency to produce bad smell. Take special care of such corners, sinks, plants, etc. These areas produce bacteria which causes bad odour.

Many people are unaware that sinks have more bacteria than toilet. An unclean kitchen sink can mean an unhealthy life for you and your family. Clean your dishes regularly. If you wash them once you have finished eating, it will help a lot in keeping that odour in check.

Keep a note of what is in your refrigerator. If there is any food item which has been kept since long, it is better to get rid of it. You are mostly not going to eat it anyway. Food stains can cause odour, so always empty your kitchen shelves once in a while and clean them with a wet cloth.

To get rid of any bad smell left even after cleaning, use a nice air-freshner. You can also make use of natural freshners like certain palm oils, coffee, etc. Yes, coffee can absorb bad smell.

Hire a professional:

Finally there is even a short-cut to cleaning your house. You can hire a professional to do that for you while you relax and eat your popcorn. If you don’t know someone who can arrange a maid on a daily basis, then there are many websites in India which can do that for you – like zimmber and housejoy. And that is not expensive at all. You can even get some coupons from here and here for discounts.

So what we understand is that if we clean our homes smartly and regularly, there is not much to worry about. It feels a lot better to relax at home if it is spick and span. Hope this helps you. Leave your comments and let me know what innovative methods do you employ to keep your house clean.

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