How to Transfer Balance from Idea to Idea: Idea Balance Transfer

As we all know that Idea is one of the best and largest mobile networks in the present days. Idea offers many new offers to the people to continue their growth in the mobile networking industry. Many people use idea and they don’t know how to transfer balance from idea to idea.

So today in this article, I’m going to show you the process of transferring mobile talktime balance from one idea mobile to another idea mobile. So many people asked me doubts like how to transfer money from idea to idea?? You will get all the answers to your doubts today.

Transfer Balance from Idea to Idea

You need to type one Ussd code for Idea to idea balance transfer. Just Ussd code, Amount and Mobile of the person to whom you need to transfer amount. Just follow according to the steps below. So that you can simply do it.

What is Balance Transfer?? 

A balance transfer is nothing but sending mobile talktime to other people within the same network is known as balance transfer. For an example, You and your friend are using Idea sims on your phones. Once your friend needs some as a talktime you can send from mobile. Your friend receives and your money will be deducted. Balance Transfer in idea is as easy as possible when you transfer for your friend who is using Idea Network.

Balance Transfer in idea

These are the Similar Questions I have received:

  • Transfer balance from Idea to Airtel?? & Vice Versa??

Ans: NO

  • Transfer Balance from Idea to BSNL?? & BSNL to Idea??

Ans: NO

  • Transfer balance from Idea to Vodafone?? & Vice Versa??

Ans: NO

  • Transfer Balance from Idea to Aircel?? & Aircel to Idea??

Ans: NO

  • Transfer balance from Idea to Jio?? & Vice Versa??

Ans: NO

  • Transfer Balance from Idea to Tata Docomo?? & Tata Docomo to Idea??

Ans: NO

Keep in mind that you can only transfer mobile talktime when you are the same network. You cannot transfer balance from idea to airtel or you cannot transfer money from idea to vodafone.

Step by Step Process to Transfer Balance from Idea to Idea:

As I said above, the option for transferring balance from idea to idea is an awesome service which is provided by idea. If in n emergency, if you need money to talk with other then you can use this service and ask for your friends, Family, etc. This way it has helped many people who are in need.

Follow the step below:

They are 2 methods which we can perform the task.

Method 1: USSD Code to Transfer Idea Balance

  • Dial *151*<Mobile Number>*<Amount># (Example: *151*9876543210*50#)

Where Mobile Number: Phone where you want to send idea talktime

Amount: Amount which you want to send.

Method 2: By Calling

  • Dial *191#
  • Now Just Select Talktime Transfer option & follow the steps.
  • Enter the mobile Number to which you want to transfer the balance.
  • Now it asks you to enter the transfer amount. Enter the Amount

That’s it!! This is how simple it is. Just simple steps can do your work easily.

Every Company has some terms and conditions for every service they have. Let’s see some of the Terms & Conditions

Rules to Keep in Mind before Transfer of Money from Idea to Idea:

Keep an eye on these Rules before transferring amount.

  1. You can Transfer Balance only once in a day to the same number.
  2. You can send the balance to people who are using the same network as you. (In our case, it should be Idea both)
  3. You can Transfer any amount as Rs 100, Rs 80, Rs 60, Rs 10 & Rs 5.
  4. The Sender should be a user of Idea for at least 3 months to make the transfer of balance.
  5. The Receiver should be the User of the idea for at least 30 days
  6. Idea will charge 20% as service Tax


As a Result, You have learned how to transfer Money from Idea to Idea within few simple steps. Just follow that steps that are real enough to get the work done simply. If you face any problem feel free to comment below. We will help you out. Stay tuned to Basictricks for More Awesome Updates.

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