Why Vampr has Created Ripples in the Music Industry

When musicians make an app for all musicians to connect and work together, it gets noticed. That is what Vampr is. It is an award winning app that brings together established musicians from the industry, aspiring and talented musicians, and music lovers on the same platform. An intuitive interface, based on those from the most popular dating apps, makes it stand out in its niche. 



It is an easy-to-use app that gives you the opportunity to connect, chat and even collaborate with the biggest labels in the music industry or find promising new talent for your next project.

In this review, we will explore the main features and functions of this unique app.


Vampr lets you find musicians, leading industry professionals (music producers, directors, and artists), new talent and music lovers – all in one place. The main functions of this app are as follows:

  • Find Musicians: Whether you are looking for a new singer for your project or want to reach out to your favorite band and audition for a vacant spot, Vampr allows you to connect in unique ways. Additionally, it creates a safe environment for music lovers to find new friends and discover new music around existing favorite artists.
  • Connect & Chat: This app allows you to find other musicians and connect with them. You can chat with them right after swiping right to connect.


  • Collaborate: This is what makes Vampr a gem of an app. You can create your own musical work using YouTube and SoundCloud due to this app’s deep integration with these most popular platforms.


Award Winning App:

Vampr is an award winning app. It has won the 2017 Judges Award and Audience Choice Award at the Digital LA pre-GRAMMY Startup Pitch. It is also the 2016 winner of the Audience Choice Award at Silicon Beach Fest.

Vampr is technically a social networking app that connects users from the music industry (and those with an interest in music). Its instant audition features combine not only YouTube and SoundCloud but also Twitter and Facebook. It is available for both iOS and Android users and allows musicians from all genres to connect with contributors with similar interests, from any part of the world.

It takes just a few taps to create your profile. The free app also offers lots of privacy.

How it Works?

Once you download and start using Vampr, you will find a lot of similarity with Tinder, in terms of looks.

  • You can easily and quickly sign-up with one tap Facebook login. 
  • The app then shows you a quick tutorial explaining how it functions. 
  • You will come across a musician and you can decide whether to connect or not. 
  • Swipe right and you can connect with them and swipe left to ignore. You can also swipe up and save the user for later. 
  • Once you tap on the musician’s image, you can see more information about them. 
  • There is an ‘audition’ option where you can see the musician’s work from SoundCloud and YouTube. 
  • You can also chat with that user from within the app. 

There are many options in the settings page including:

  • Edit Media 
  • My Information 
  • Discovery Preferences, and; 
  • App Settings 

This app uses a unique algorithm based matching system to show you other musicians who are most likely to want to connect with your profile. This algorithm works effectively after you have finished setting up your profile. Although it is up to you to determine how much information you want to share with the app, completing your profile will make it easier to discover the best-suited musicians.


If you are a talented musician, don’t forget to create your own Vampr ‘audition’ with your existing YouTube and SoundCloud tracks. Connect with industry-leading bands and musicians and you never know who may fall into your world. The music industry has remained somewhat closed-off for a long time. Gaining entry into it has always been hard. But Josh Simons has made it easier than ever to connect with the biggest names in the music industry.

Whether you are a musician or music lover, Vampr has lots to offer. It provides endless opportunities for singers, violinists, guitarists, and all kinds of musicians to reach out with their talent.

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