How to Watch Free Movies with Stremio?

Video streaming has become a reality thanks to fast internet connectivity available everywhere. You can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, live TV or other videos anywhere anytime without any lags. However, there is one issue which continues to lurk in the background. You will have to find the best source of the video to have a flawless experience. This is where Stremio provides the perfect solution. With this video streaming app, things have become even more flawless.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is your intuitive, easy-to-use video streaming hub where you can access all your multiple video content and sources. You will no longer have to visit one site or app to watch movies, another for streaming your favorite TV shows, another source for watching live TV or your favorite series. This is an all-in-one platform where all your different video streams are provided.

And Stremio also brings you many free movies to watch. It works based on add-ons. All you have to do is to integrate the add-ons for your favorite video streaming services and you have to check only one platform to get all your videos.

This add-ons based approach provides you total control over which video streaming services and sources you want to include within your Stremio interface.

There are many features of Stremio that make it so unique and special for everyone.



  • Enjoy HD Streaming Videos: With Stremio you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows, movies, channels, and any other videos in HD quality.



  • Play on any Device: According to latest reports, mobile search has become as big as desktop search. People are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets watching videos and interacting with their social networks. With Stremio, you can access your streaming videos on your mobile device or even on your TV including Smart TV, Chromecast,

    and Apple TV. There is an option to select where you want to watch the video.

  • Adds Subtitles Automatically: Stremio’s algorithm will automatically update the subtitles for the videos. It is so smart, it can do this specifically in your language. 
  • Sync Personal Library: Another advantage of using this app is that it can sync your personal library across all the devices. Create your favorite collection within Stremio or add videos from your local drive or you can even import them from your social network. The collection can be accessed and enjoyed on any device as and when you want. 
  • Notifications: The Stremio board provides you not only notifications but also makes suggestions based on your preferences. You can get notifications for the new videos added within your favorite YouTube channels. It can also give you notifications for new episodes of the followed TV series. Besides, suggestions are provided for the movies which you are most likely to enjoy. It has a smart algorithm behind it that can read your likes and preferences. 


This is where Stremio helps you bring all your video streaming sources in one place.

Once you have setup your account, add all the add-ons for your favorite video services.

Just a few of these add-ons include (there are many more to choose from):

  • YouTube: Within Stremio, you can add the YouTube add-on so that all your favorite YouTube channels can be enjoyed. There is no need to login into your YouTube account every time. And the best thing is this video streaming service allows ad-free experience. No more videos blocking your view when you watch the videos. 
  • Twitch: has captured the live streaming market like anything. You can also integrate its add-on into Stremio. 
  • Filmon TV: Add Filmon TV’s add-on into the service and you will be able to watch more than 300 live TV channels. 
  • Guidebox: Enjoy access to over 200,000 TV shows and movies from the world’s leading video streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes to name a few. 

Stremio is powered by an advanced algorithm that ensures high-quality user experience. You will not have to worry about the video format. If it is available on a service, all you have to do is to integrate the add-ons and you can start watching the video in the highest quality. With this service, there is no longer any need to login into multiple places to watch movies, videos, live TV, TV series and other streaming videos. Get rid of ads from within your YouTube channel videos and enjoy all these videos on any device. Stremio is your one-stop-solution for enjoying all your video streams.

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