How to build a website with Wix? Simple Steps to Create Website

If you are looking to create a website to sell your products, for branding, to build your business presence, or for any other purpose, Wix is one of the simplest and most effective platforms to build your site. It has been in use for years and has been used to create millions of websites. The simplicity of use is what makes it so popular.

The process of creating a website begins long before you start using the Wix Website Builder. You have to address the design concepts, plan your website’s navigation and usability, and conduct keyword research and plan the pages and content they will carry before you choose the template and start customizing it. This process doesn’t have to be long and complicated, you can build a very simple website if it suits your needs, but planning ahead is crucial, to make sure you make the right choices along the way.

how to build a website with wix

A good way to start would be to look at other websites in your niche, and see how they are built and designed. You don’t need to copy them of course, but rather get a sense of what are the crucial components that most sites have, and according to that make an informed decision regarding your own website design and structure.

This guide explains to you how to address these different aspects of a website design process while working with Wix.

The Design Phase:

Once you have got a pretty good idea of what kind and style of website you want to create, you should follow these steps:

Select the Best Website Template:
How to create a website with website builders

The Wix Editor offers you more than 500 unique and professionally-designed templates, all categorized into different groups. Select the niche group that best defines your field or industry and then explore the different templates that further match your planned design. The different groups include:

  • Business
  • Online Store
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Restaurants & Food
  • Design
  • Events
  • Portfolio/CV
  • Accommodation
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Blog
  • Community & Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Creative Arts
  • Landing Pages

Edit & Customize the Template:

There are dozens of sub-categories under each group. For example, the business category further has templates for Consulting, Services, Advertising/Marketing, Automotive, Real Estate, Finance, Law, Pets, Technology and other niches. Choose the right niche and then you can look for the template that best suits your needs and start editing it.

website builders to build websites

This is the interesting part because you don’t have to have any previous experience. The Wix Editor gives you a click, drag-and-drop based interface. You can add images, videos, and text. The fonts, colours, and page orders can be edited. Add a wide range of features like:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Wide strips
  • Background videos
  • Create photo galleries

And much more. Everything can be done with a click and by choosing the right option. There is no need to have advanced designing experience or coding experience.

Add Functional Elements:

Every website has a purpose. And Wix makes it easier for you to add all the required functional elements to your website.

This is where you will realize the importance of Wix App Market. There are hundreds of apps to address the specific functions you want your website to complete.

  • Wix Events: Does your business deal with creating and managing events? Wix Events allows you to create all your events and showcase them on your site. Sell your tickets directly from your site, send out invitations, and manage guest lists. You may be dealing with any kind of events, but adding this app will add the required functions to manage them.
  • Wix Art Store: Want to sell your art? Then Wix Art Store app is for you. It allows you display your art, sells it, integrates a print-on-demand service, manages orders, receives payments, creates digital licenses, and everything required to create a successful business.
  • Wix Bookings: Want to take bookings or appointments? Do you have a hotel or restaurant business? Add Wix Bookings to your site and manage all your bookings from your site.
  • Jobs: Want to add a careers section to your website and manage all the applications? Just add the ‘Jobs’ app from the App Market.
  • Live Chat: Want to offer live chat based support to your visitors/customers? Choose Live Chat or ‘ChatBot and LiveChat’ app.
Wix App Market Place
There are hundreds of other apps that can allow you to add functionalities to your website, collect data, get feedback and testimonials, ratings, reviews, and much more. And adding these functions requires nothing more than a few clicks and configuring the settings. Most of Wix templates are mobile ready. You can yet use Wix’s mobile site editor to further ensure that your web pages render effectively on different types of mobile devices. This video tutorial will take you through the step by step process to create your website.

Once your website is set, Wix also offers a series of apps for promoting it. Site Booster is a powerful app that helps your website get found in search engines. ShoutOut is another app that helps address the email marketing aspects. All you will have to do is to find the best promotional app that is perfect for your site and business type.

Thus, Wix provides you everything you will need to create a website. If you want to create a full-fledged online store, Wix Stores is the perfect tool to achieve your goal. You can add all functions that an online store requires, including shopping cart, payments, shipping, and taxes. Whatever the functions and design elements your website needs, Wix has a solution for it.

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