Will PUBG Get Banned In India?? Is the News Real Or Fake?

Will PUBG Get Banned in India: From a few days there is a news trending and completely viral in India saying “Pubg got banned by India Government”. Even I was a PUBG player play the game every day. Even I was tensed by seeing the viral news that Pubg got banned in India. As we all know that Pubg is one of the most played game in 2018 and it is one the best game ever with high end graphics and all.

Most of the people started worrying about playing the pubg game if they get banned in India. Mainly the addicted pubg players were shocked by seeing this rumor. Most of the people already making their statements as this pubg game was training people how to use guns and this will leads to terrorism. But this is complete Completely Fake. I don’t even agree with these baseless statements.

Will PUBG Get Banned in India

Will PUBG Get Banned in India

Do You Agree with their Statements?? Mention your answer in the Comment section below.

Now lets us know whether the New “PUBG Banned in India” is Real or Fake.

More about Pubg Banned in India:

As the new is viral and many people are spreading the same news on their social media. Within a few hours, the News as got in trending and it has spread all over India in a short span of time.

You can see the letter of Pubg got banned in India by seeing the below image. Even they have created the fake Image that the India Government has taken the action and banned pubg in India. But this News and the Letter in the Image is completely FAKE.

PUBG Banned in India

PUBG Banned in India

As we all know that the game is a game but it is not in real life. So the game doesn’t affect the persons in any way but only the time and the persons work. And that is their complete personal option whether to play or not.

The Actually Story of PUBG Got Banned In India:

As we know that the News PUBG got Banned in India is Fake. But this news got started from some colleges. In India, some of the Colleges Banned the Games in their Hostel Wifi. They put some proxies on their wifi system servers which will stop the player to not play the Pubg game on their mobile or laptop when they were connected to Wifi. So those people started this rumor and it is reaching complete India in a small span of time.

But the Players can play this game on their mobile with Mobile Data. So PUBG players who live in the college hostels can play the game on their mobile with their mobile data.

So the News PUBG Banned In India is completely Fake News

The Thing is Clear Now that Pubg s not Banned in India. It is totally Fake that Pubg will be banned in India.

Now let’s take some Views from the experts “Will PUBG Gets Banned in India”

Expert Views on Will Pubg banned in India:

We have even collected some of the expert advice on the same topic ‘Will PUBG get banned in India”.

They replied in this way:

We don’t think this game gets banned in India because it is not a gambling game or it doesn’t involve any illegal issues. But the only concern why this rumor has started because the youngsters are getting too much addicted too PUBG game and losing their Time.  Many people and Schooling students are not even going to their schools and playing pubg in their phones.  Pubg players are not even giving time to their Near and Dear by playing the game. We wish if the PUBG Players an play the game in the necessary time only then it will be very good for all.

Any Before Ban of Games by Indian Government:

PUBG will not get banned in India because our government doesn’t make any banning in the Gaming Sector till now. Even though there are many games which are addictive. It is all the user who decides which games to play on their own.  There is also a good profit for a lot of sectors like Data Provides, Mobile Companies, etc are indirectly getting benefited by this game.


Outcomes of Banning PUBG Mobile in India:

This Doesn’t Happen. But let’s know what would be the outcome of banning PUBG game in India.

  • The Game will become more Popular and it will reach to the unknown people also.
  • The time spends on the phone will be reduced.
  • People think of doing something Productive or spending time on their real work.
  • Many Teenagers Precious Time will be Saved…

So these are the Outcomes banning PUBG game in India.

I think Government will not really ban it in near future. Unless some people appear on roads holding a real M416 Gun shooting randomly. But I hope this does not happen in India. So it is clear that Pubg will not get banned in India as of Near Future.

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