Wix Answers: Create Your Fully-Operational Customer Support System with Ease!

Wix Answers is a professional customer support solution developed by Wix for supporting its over 120 millions users. This platform is available for free for anyone – Wix user or not – and allows you to create a custom help center, built-in call center, ticketing system, knowledge base, and embeddable help widget. It also provides you with in-depth reports and insights on all your data. Make customer support service simpler and faster for your customers and build stronger relationships with them.

If you want to use Wix Answers help desk software, you will have to sign up for an account. This review introduces you to the main features of this platform and how they can benefit your business.

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Help Center

The help center is the place where your customers can ask questions and access knowledgebase articles, videos, and tutorials. The help center can be customized for a wide range of factors, including design, trending topics, categories, and articles.

Let your customers look for answers to queries using the search bar. Let them explore written content in knowledge base articles. The help center can be customized in so many ways, including the capability to change the template, page colors, text and titles, logo and favicon, background image, header and footer, icons for categories, and adding a custom script to the help center.

Ticketing system with multi-channel support

Create a ticketing system and resolve your customers’ queries and issues in a systematic and well-organized manner. Wix Answers provides a ticketing solution that lets you accept tickets through different platforms, including email and your Facebook business page.

Wix Answers makes it extremely easy for you to set up your ticketing system. You can easily connect your customer support email address with it.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on mailboxes in the side panel
  • Click on the +add mailbox
  • Enter whatever name you want for the mailbox
  • Click on ‘next’

You can also set up forwarding for your mailbox:

  • Enter your email address
  • Set up email forwarding from your mailbox provider to Wix Answers mailbox
  • Click on ‘save’

You can also edit the settings to determine how your customers can reach out to you.

Built-in Call Center

Wix Answers also allows you to create a call centre. Let your teams receive the large volume of phone calls. The help desk software can allow you to queue all the calls and ensure that they are channelled to the agent who is most knowledgeable on the subject.

The Wix Answers Call Center has a wide range of features that further enhance the customer experience.

  • The Callback mode allows your customers to set a time when they want to be called back.
  • They can also add the questions and details that they want to be answered.
  • View the customer name and details when they call. Also, see what they are seeking help with.
  • Multiple agents can respond to and join the same call simultaneously.

The system works by connecting the customer to the first available agent so that your customers will not have to wait for long.

Help Widget

With the Wix Answers Help Widget, it is possible to offer your customers easy-access to your knowledge base and ticketing form from anywhere on your site. The Help Widget offer users highly precise help as they navigate through any page. It also helps ensure that your customers or visitors stay on your website or product. They will not have to navigate out to another page to get help.

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Assign Team Members

When it comes to customer support, you are likely going to have multiple team members. Each team member may be specialized in a different area. Through Wix Answers, you can choose to provide different levels of access and user permissions to each agent.

Wix Answers has two different options for team roles for your members. You can assign them roles based on their functions:

  • Admin: This role can manage the settings and customize the knowledge base. It can also carry out all the functions that an agent can.
  • Agents: This is set as the default role for all new team members. They can carry out functions related to tickets and articles.

Wix Answers is the perfect platform for setting up a comprehensive customer support centre for your website or business. Customer support is a crucial element to the success of any business. With Wix Answers help desk, you can create a ticketing system, provide access to tutorials, knowledge base, or create a call centre. There is no need for you to invest in expensive software programs to create a powerful customer support system. Everything is available from within Wix Answers. And above all, it is easy to use. Create a customized help desk software without any advanced technical know how.

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